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Confessions of a Vampire's Lover - cover

Confessions of a Vampire's Lover

Kelli A. Wilkins

Publisher: Kelli A. Wilkins

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Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover 
The moment Brian spotted Anya sitting on the moonlit beach, he was hooked. 
Beautiful, smart, and sexy, Anya was the girl of his dreams. She didn’t mind that he spent the hot summer days riding the ocean waves, because once the sun set, he belonged to her—all night long! 
Everything is perfect between them—until Brian discovers Anya’s shocking secret. 
Can Brian give up the sun, sand, and surf to be with the woman he loves? 
Read Brian’s first-hand account of their unusual love story in… Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover! 
This e-book was previously published by Amber Quill Press. It has been revised and re-released by the author.

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    Purr Scent Volume 1 (Parts I, II, III) 
    A woman awakening to her sexuality... 
    Mariah Olsen dates her vibrator, avoids online dating, and harbors a secret crush. 
    A man hot on a submissive's trail... 
    After negotiations turn sour, Clark Mannings seeks to win Mariah over. 
    A female executive who moonlights as a Domme... 
    Britta Akerman ascends to a seat of power and breaks her own rule: Don't kiss the subs. 
    Three worlds collide. Buckle up for a wild ride. 
    Purr Scent I: The Meeting 
    Business is Business, Personal is Personal 
    Hip young up-and-coming executive Mariah Olsen has mastered separating work ambitions from personal desires in her climb up the cut-throat corporate ladder. The one thing she didn't count on was being caught mixing the two when daydreaming in a board meeting with visiting executive Clark Mannings. 
    Self-made billionaire Clark Mannings has had his eyes set on Mariah ever since she transformed the flailing FoodCom into the mega-earning Heartisan Foods. When he confronts her, tempers flare and handcuffs appear. 
    Although their board meeting ends, their real meeting begins. Purr Scent I: The Meeting is the first part of a five-part story. The other female protagonist will appear in Purr Scent II: The Makeover. 
    Purr Scent II: The Makeover 
    The Mistress Meets Ms. Gypsy 
    Utilizing the aid of a college friend with a not-so-innocent proposition, a grief-stricken Mariah Olsen flees from her old corporate cut-throat humdrum and starts a new life away from the prying eyes of Dominant CEO Clark Mannings. 
    Only, the aimless wanderer ends up meeting Dominatrix CEO Britta Akerman—executive by day, Domme by night. Is trading one life from a Dom for another with a Domme any better? 
    Purr Scent II: The Makeover spans almost one year in time. The male lead will meet the females, and girl-on-girl action heats up in Part III: The Mistress. 
    Purr Scent III: The Mistress 
    Submissive Awakening 
    Trying to figure out her penchant for pain and pleasure, a new and disguised Mariah Olsen caves in to exploring her thresholds for submission at the hands of a well-trained Dominatrix, Mistress V. Their scene does not last for long before an unexpected Dominant drops by not once but twice. 
    Clark Mannings, on the cold trail of the submissive woman he desires as a mate, visits an old friend to relieve the ache. Instead, he gets a rude awakening that throws him back to that one fateful afternoon in Seattle months ago. 
    Britt Akerman, irritated from filling the last open position in her company, goes to a BDSM club to relieve an itch. Only, the itch finds her and the fun—and punishment—begins. 
    Purr Scent III: The Mistress takes place mostly in a BDSM club. Although the three protagonists meet in this story and the girl-on-girl action heats up for the female leads, the three will meet for an unplanned scene in Part IV: The Mastered and consummate their relationship in Part V: The Menagerie.
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    Nearing the end of his sexciting holiday journey, Splooge visits a graveyard and sees two strangers on the down-low having great gay sex.  Will the Christmas spirit help the two studs turn a random hookup into something more permanent? 
    Editor's Note: For the best value, this story and the rest of the series are available as one ebook.  Please look for the title A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol: The Complete Collection.
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    Fast, dirty, kinky. 
    Eighteen-year-old Patricia is earning her way to a higher education by providing evocative services through the use of a webcam and computer-controlled toys. 
    When billionaire Dominic Grant offers her money in exchange for her body, she accepts without realizing how much humiliation and pain she will be put through. Raw physical desire consumes her and she finds herself surrendering to the rich patrons in a 5-star restaurant, pleasure licking at her very senses. 
    This unapologetic short story features alpha males eager to impregnate an innocent, embarrassed young woman in broad daylight.
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