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Undiscovered Origins - cover

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Undiscovered Origins

Craig A. Price

Publisher: Claymore Publishing

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Jade is a 16 year old slave in a traveling circus who wants nothing more than her freedom. She finally believes she has found someone special when she meets the new fire-breather, Drake--until she sees him commit murder, and he didn’t look human when he did… 
When Drake discovers what she witnessed, Jade becomes panicked. Drake buys Jade from her master, but what Jade once hoped would be freedom becomes imprisonment as he forces her to flee with him. As they journey, Jade realizes that Drake is indeed not human at all. She witnesses Drake creating real fire from his mouth and transforming into a horrifying beast with wings and sharp teeth. Harder still, she must come to grips with the reality that she may not be human either after discovering she can control all the plants in the forest. During their journey, they are attacked by a barrage of creatures, and Jade wonders what mysterious world she has gotten herself caught up in. Drake confesses to her that there are lots of half-humans across the sea, and it’s the only place half-breeds are truly safe. A threat is growing that is killing all of the half-breeds in the shadows, and nobody yet knows why or who it is. All that Jade ever wanted was her freedom, but now with new friends by her side, she must discover how to use her powers to save her friends and discover who her enemies truly are.