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Unshod - cover

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P.C. Zick, Staci Troilo, Michelle Jones, Jan Morrill, Pamela Foster, Joan Hall, Joanna Hall, Francis Guenette, Lorna Faith

Publisher: AIW Press

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An anthology of traditional and contemporary western short stories where the characters are lain bare. 
Feel the pain of a young Japanese girl who comes home from an internment camp after World War II and learns it’s easier to go with the flow than to fight the current. 
Struggle with an expectant mother on the cold winter prairie while she waits for her husband to come home from a hunting trip. 
Journey with a young woman to the Four Corners as she tries to connect with her Navajo ancestors. 
Try not to believe in the superstition of the blue moon—if one dies, three more will follow. 
Know that one way or another, life will change inalterably that day. 
Walk in the footsteps of an old cowpoke who thought he made the deal of a lifetime. 
Suffer the torments of a young lady who wants desperately to marry but seems destined never to wed. 
Walk the wild western paths and run from unimaginable dangers. 
Choose between an unhappy life of luxury or a happy life of simplicity. 
Nine female authors pen western tales that you’ll want to retell around a campfire. These aren’t your granddaddy’s westerns. They’re the next generation’s, and they’re darn good.
Available since: 05/13/2016.

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    The play was first produced at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, in October 1990, directed by Michael Boyd.
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    There is no artistic license, no manipulation of facts and figures, no rearrangement of events for theatrical effect. Nameless witnesses stand and recall their appalling memories of Auschwitz, allowing us to bear witness to their painful and painstaking search for truth and ultimately justice. What emerges is a chastening and purging documentary of deeply moving power.
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    Poems about modern romance by a modern romantic
    Moving through a human landscape that exists both in the past and present, the speaker/speakers in This is the Emergency Present attempt to unearth an understanding about love, romanticism, and connection. Using chemistry and physics, the early works of Pablo Neruda, and the abstract broken language around him, Vincent Pagé attempts to define something tangible about presence and absence. By asking "at what point in a transition/ does one thing become the other thing?" he challenges us to consider what it means to be here, and at what point are we finally there?
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    Rhyme A Dozen A - Friendship -...

    Jane Austen, Michael Drayton, A...

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    ‘A dime a dozen’ as known in America, is perhaps equal to the English ‘cheap as chips’ but whatever the lingua franca of your choice in this series we hereby submit ‘A Rhyme a Dozen’ as 12 poems on many given subjects that are a well-rounded gathering, maybe even an essential guide, from the knowing pens of classic poets and their beautifully spoken verse to the comfort of your ears. 
    01 - A Rhyme A Dozen - 12 Poems, 12 Poets, 1 Topic - Friendship - An Introduction 
    02 - Mock Panegyric On A Young Friend by Jane Austen 
    03 - To My Most Dearly Beloved Friend by Michael Drayton 
    04 - My Friend by James Elroy Flecker 
    05 - The Lost Friend by Amy Levy 
    06 - The Best Friend by Meribah Abbott 
    07 - Friendship's Mystery To My Dearest Lucasia by Katherine Philips 
    08 - To My Best Friend by Francis Ledwidge 
    09 - The Value of Friendship by Confucius 
    10 - Friendship by Pieter Cornelisazoon Hooft 
    11 - Friends Departed by Henry Vaughan 
    12 - From Love To Friendship by Voltaire 
    13 - A Shropshire Lad LVII - You Smile Upon Your Friend Today by A E Housman
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