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Whispering Vines - cover

Whispering Vines

Amy Schisler

Publisher: Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing

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When Alex O Donnell's world falls apart, she finds it hard to imagine that a door to a new world will open.  Leaving everything she knows behind, Alex moves from her Baltimore apartment to a villa in Italy where she discovers the inherited vineyard she never knew existed and a life of possibilities beyond her hopes and dreams.   Arriving at the villa, Alex is taken aback by the animosity and scorn of the vineyard's co-owner, Nicolas Giordano.  Resentful of Alex's sudden appearance, Nicolas struggles to maintain his control over his business and his feelings for his new partner. The discovery of a journal from World War II becomes the tie that binds Alex and Nicolas as they work to secure their future while putting together the pieces of a puzzle from the past.  Unlock the hidden secrets among the Whispering Vines. 
Whispering Vines was the recipient of a 2017 Illumination Award as one of the best Christian romance novels of 2016 and the LYRA Award for Best Romance of 2016.

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    ". . . four stories from four wonderful authors about the unpredictability of life, the amazingness of the Lord, and the wonderful ways He works within our lives to find that special someone He's picked out for us." ùCBA Retailers + Resources
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    Addresses issues that children deal with daily, and written on a simple, child’s level
    Sets a positive, uplifting tone for the school day for elementary students
    Follows the school year in format, and includes holidays and special school activities which students relate to
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    Able to be utilized by not only administrators/teachers, but by parents, as well
    Teachers often look for a tool, like these thoughts, to reinforce ways to solve an issue in the classroom in a Christian way
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    “Save the Date is a sweet romance filled with laugh-out-loud moments. Jones breathes new life into the clichéd ‘relationship of convenience’ plot with characters to root for.” —RT Book Reviews 
    You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom. Save the date . . . and say your prayers. 
    When funding for Lucy's non-profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why. Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir to Sinclair Enterprises—the primary donor to Lucy's non-profit organization. 
    Both Lucy and Alex have something the other desperately wants. 
    Alex has it all . . . except for the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition: pose as his fiancée in return for the money she desperately needs. Bound to a man who isn't quite what he seems, Lucy finds her heart—and her future—on the line. 
    Save the Date is a spunky romance that will have readers laughing out loud as this dubious pair try to save their careers, their dreams . . . and maybe even a date. 
    “There are few things I love more than curling up with a Jenny B. Jones cast of characters. Save the Date was no exception.” —Kristin Billerbeck, author of The Theory of Happily Ever After 
    “Jones’s sassy style is merely one of this romance novelist’s many endearing talents . . . Some subtle faith messages about trusting God despite painful pasts round out this fast-paced, lighthearted romantic escape.” —Publishers Weekly 
    “If you love novels with real characters wrestling with life and faith while they find love, this is the book for you.” —Cara Putman, author of Delayed Justice
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