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Make Me Salt-lite in 30 minutes! - My Cooking Survival Guide #3 - cover

Make Me Salt-lite in 30 minutes! - My Cooking Survival Guide #3

Nelly Baker

Publisher: Red Herring Press

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Does your stroke mean no more salt? CHANGE THE RULES with this book and keep your doctor AND your tastebuds happy! 
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is no joke. Not only can it lead to stroke, heart disease or even heart failure, but having to cut salt from your diet means every meal is just bland and boring, right? 
This low-salt cookbook will change everything! Change the rules with the medically approved DASH Diet and not only GET HEALTHY but enjoy scrumptious and healthy PIZZAS, BURGERS, FAJITAS, STEAK CHICKEN AND CHILI –every day! 
Click the buy button to take charge, reduce your risk of stroke and put taste back into every meal! 
Suffering from high blood pressure and need to cut your salt intake to stay healthy? 
Do you want to eat delicious recipes featuring pancakes, waffles, steak, pasta, tenderloin, cheesecake or apple crumble every single day? 
Then this no-fuss stress-free low-salt DASH DIET cookbook is just what you are looking for! Backed by the Mayo Clinic, the DASH Diet has repeatedly been declared the world’s best diet by doctors across America! 
Make Me Salt-lite… in 30 Minutes! will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about reducing the salt and keeping the taste in every single meal you eat! It includes a complete two-week flexible DASH Diet meal planner with EVERY recipe for full-flavored breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. 
This cookbook makes it a breeze to cook any one of 54 original and scrumptious low-salt meals! 
And every meal is interchangeable! Don’t feel like pizza today? Then swap it for steak or pork chops – it’s that easy! 
Click the buy button to get yourself a copy of Make Me Salt-lite 30 minutes! and you’ll be enjoying the most delicious low-salt meals in next to no time! 
In this book YOU’LL DISCOVER:54 Simple step-by-step instructions and clearly-formatted easy-to-read original recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessertDetailed breakdowns of all three DASH-Diet diet optionsFull medical information explaining why the DASH Diet is supported by the best hospitals in America, including the Mayo Clinic!A full two-week flexible meal plan listing complete recipes and meal plans for 54 unique and original meals, including all breaksfasts, lunches, dinners and dessertsGuides on baking fantastic breakfasts, including 14 different recipes for pancakes, waffles, muffins, scones, fritattas and breakfast bars!Lip-smacking lunches, including pastas, quesadillas, burgers, fajitas, wraps and chili’Proven tips to create perfect dinners, including pizza, steak, beef stroganoff, pork chops, calzone and chicken breastUnbelievably easy desserts, that will make you beg for more, including cheesecake, cobbler, soufflé, tart and chocolate cake 
DON’T MISS OUT … Get yourself a copy of Make Me Salt-lite… in 30 minutes! and you’ll be enjoying lip-smacking low-salt feasts in no time at all!

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  • Ketogenic Diet: 30 Paleo Easy Recipes For Quick Weight Loss And a Healthier Body - cover

    Ketogenic Diet: 30 Paleo Easy...

    Jane Sullivan

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    Then I believe you need these SIMPLE YET DELICIOUS Ketogenic Diet recipes(snacks, desserts, meals etc) packed with keto fuels to increase your ketosis levels and get you feeling amazing in no distant time. 
    I would simply show you the simple science behind every ketogenic diet, little steps to follow to stick to your diets and still not crave for carbs and how to know the exact calories you need to eat for your daily carbs, proteins and fats to feel better, look better, be healthier without those unexplainable body symptoms and reverse the signs of aging naturally. 
    I have designed this book to take anyone from absolute beginner to expert (and anywhere in between) so you can discover which foods to avoid and which to eat in plentiful supply to help properly nourish and support anti-aging, long lasting weight loss, an abundance of natural energy and an improved mood.  
    This book is not about trying to push you into the diet. It’s all about YOU, it’s about helping you achieve your desired body goals and expectations within a manageable one month period without any strict ‘rules or instructions’ but simply eating healthy. 
    In this book I promise you that I will not suggest hours’ worth of exercise or eating schedules that are not attainable. I promise you that this routine will fit into ANY lifestyle or schedule; or even easier than your current dietary plan and still give the required result within a short period. 
    I have found out during my years as a nutritionist that most people cannot distinguish between keto foods and high carb containing ingredients and foods, for this reason I assure that downloading this book will give you a simple but comprehensive list of all ketogenic foods. 
    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within the book:What Ketogenic diet is all about, reason for being the most practiced diet and why popular celebrities follow it.Over 30 nutritious recipesFree Bonus: 14 day diet planAnd so much more….. 
    This recipes not only stands out but unlike other weight loss diets which you could easily dread because of how tasteless it would end up to be, they are diets you would actually look forward to relishing every day. 
    Get ready to see a whole new you in front of your mirror in the next few weeks because the results you will see in the mirror are going to be indisputable. 
    It's time to give your body the best nutrition possible without pills! 
    GET THIS COOKBOOK NOW => KETOGENIC DIET: 30 PALEO Easy Recipes For QUICK WEIGHT LOSS and a Healthier Body to explore this amazing lifestyle.
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  • The Farmhouse Cookbook: 35 Delicious Country Classic Farmhouse Favorites - Comfort Food - cover

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    The Farmhouse Cookbook: 35 Delicious Country Classic Farmhouse Favorites 
    Do you find yourself craving for some well-deserved comfort food? Are you looking for something else than complicated and difficult to prepare dishes? After a long stressful workweek or during a lazy weekend, do you want to reward yourself with delicious meals? Are you looking to recreate a country classic that will bring you back to childhood memories? 
    Farmhouse recipes are the answers to all your comfort needs. They are relatively easy to prepare even for beginner cooks. They are the perfect reward for those nagged by diets all month long. They make you remember or give you a taste of the simple life. 
    This book will share with you 35 recipes to help you achieve all the benefits of farmhouse recipes. 
    Inside you will learn about recipes for:7 Beef and meat7 Chicken7 Veggies7 Fish7 Snacks, Sides and Desserts 
    Once you have learned the recipes in this book, you will realize what comfort food is really all about. You will never look at farmhouse cooking the same way again! 
    Don’t wait another minute! The sooner you learn these recipes, the sooner you can have the classic foods that you have always wanted! With enough recipes to last you for more than a month, you will have a new recipe every day! 
    Don’t delay. Download this book now.
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