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Wilderness Child - Texas: Children of Destiny #4 - cover

Wilderness Child - Texas: Children of Destiny #4

Ann Major

Publisher: Major Press LLC

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Old flames burn the hottest in USA Today bestselling Ann Major’s passionate, Wilderness Child (Book 4, Texas: Children of Destiny).

She betrayed him once … now it’s his turn to pay her back in kind.

Sizzling desire and old betrayals meet in a conflagration in the Australian wilderness when a transplanted Texas cattleman’s old love walks into a trap he’s set just for her.

Tad Jackson is a rugged Texan with a raw sensuality as untamed as the Australian wilderness he now rules. But his outback kingdom is under assault from an unseen enemy, and his wife and beloved daughter are missing, feared dead. He’s lost what’s most important, now he’s about to lose the rest.

And it all began with his betrayal by the one woman he wanted above all others.

Years ago, Tad fell desperately in love with beautiful Jessica, but on his honeymoon he discovered that she'd set him up - he'd married her identical twin sister! Now Tad is widowed, and when he learns Jess has his niece, he has Jess right where he wants her—in his power.

Dr. Jessica Bancroft gave Tad up for her twin sister, believing it a noble self-sacrifice. Now she wants to raise her niece and keep her safe from the war zone that is Tad’s cattle station, but Tad refuses to give up his beloved child. To stay involved in her life, Jess must return home to the outback with them.

She’ll do anything for her niece, and maybe for Tad – but can she trust him? Long-ago passion still smolders between them, and when it finally flares out of control, will either of them survive the flames?

Praise for Ann Major: 

“No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major.” Romantic Times

“Ann Major’s name on the cover instantly identifies the book as a good read.” –New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown  

“Want it all? Read Ann Major.” –New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts 



What a terrific story! The dialogue is fast-paced and snappy, the storyline is exciting, the characterization is great and the love scenes singe the pages. 

— KW  Rendezvous

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    Now Penny has to explore the city on her own. She tries her best, and meets new friends along the way, but even the City of Lights is not a replacement for Matt's warm embrace. 
    A new friend, Gaël tries to cheer her up, but Penny isn't sure about him. Does this handsome black Frenchman have pure intentions? Or is he planning something that neither Penny nor Matt could even imagine? 
    Tied to Him is the fifth part in With Her Billionaire, an interracial (BWWM) romance series following the story of Penny and Matt. The series contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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    The night I really want to talk about. We both vowed to keep our secret. 
    It’s just getting harder and harder to keep it to myself. 
    I need to come up with a plan. 
    And I need to come up with it now because every weekend it’s getting harder and harder to tell myself that I’m not falling for my best friend’s brother.
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