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Inner Girl Rising - cover

Inner Girl Rising

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Thirty-five year old Paisley Violette has returned to the secluded Canadian tourist retreat where she was once involved in a scorching ménage relationship. 
 Getting back in touch with her inner girl free spirit is Paisley’s main focus as she heals from being in an abusive relationship. She's also remodeling an old building she and two close friends have just purchased. But when Paisley unexpectedly runs into her two ex-flames, they re-kindle her naughty ménage cravings and re-ignite her love for them. But before she can let herself fall fully in love, she must relearn how to risk her heart all over again. 
Andrew Greg hasn’t seen his first love since she took off with another man over ten years ago. Now she’s back in his life, blazing his protective instincts and lashing his desires. This time he’s not going to let the one who got away, get away. 
Adam Cowie always wondered what happened to the gorgeous free-spirited young woman he and his best friend, Andrew, had been with in a relationship. With Paisley back in his life, he can’t allow her to deny that their attraction is burning hotter than ever...

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    The One Less Traveled - The...

    J.C. Wittol

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    This anthology features the first five erotic stories from the celebrated series, The One Less Traveled, a steamy collection of books involving a gorgeous hotwife, a dominant black man, and a reluctant husband who evolves into an eager cuckold.
    Nick and Nicole are the quintessential married-with-children suburban couple. Nicole seeks a boyfriend. Nick wants a happy wife. When they search for excitement outside their marriage and connect with a rich, handsome black stranger who desires control, a tempestuous erotic ride through the rapids of a carnal cuckold relationship ensues.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    “I thought you got lost out there. I was going to send a search party and maybe call 911,” I said sarcastically.
    Irritation flashed in her eyes. “What did you think was going to happen? Besides, you don’t like to dance, and I do.” She grabbed her drink, and finished it in two swallows.
    “You’re right, honey. Please don’t be mad. You stayed out there a little longer than I anticipated, and I felt neglected. I’m sorry.” I handed her another drink, and took her hand. “I want us to have fun tonight, so feel free to dance your ass off.”
    She took a sip of her drink, then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. “Are you sure? Because I don’t want to upset you.” She paused and met my eyes. “So you’re sure you’ll be okay if I dance a lot with other men?”
    “Absolutely.” I put on my most reassuring smile, and made the decision to open up and confide in her. “Actually, watching you dance with him turned me on. You looked hot, and he was clearly into you.”
    “Good.” A playful smile curved her lips. “So,” she added, and cocked her head at me. “It turns you on to watch me, huh?”
    Just as she finished her question, and a strong, deep baritone voice sounded over my shoulder.
    “I apologize for interrupting, but you are absolutely gorgeous. May I join you two?”
    The voice came around from behind me, and I got a chance to see the speaker, a well-dressed black man with sharp, expressive eyes and an easy smile. I stood as he moved around the table, and I realized that he towered over me by at least six to eight inches. Nicole stood, too, and smiled widely at him.
    “Hi. My name is Collin,” he said, and took her hand. “I noticed you on the dance floor, and I had to come over and meet you. You are an amazing dancer.”
    “Thank you.” My wife beamed up at him, and made no effort to take her hand back. “I’m Nicole. We don’t get out as often as we used to, and I really miss dancing.” She paused, and then motioned at me. “Sorry, this is my husband, Nick.”
    He finally broke eye contact with her as she finished and mentioned my name.
    “Nick,” he said, repeating my name as though he wanted to remember it. “Nice to meet you. You’re a lucky man.”
    “Nice to meet you, too…and yes, I’m the lucky husband. Thanks for coming up and introducing yourself.”
    I wanted to be gracious, and at first glance, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I figured it must take courage to approach a couple in a swingers club.
    Nicole was devouring him with her eyes, so I motioned to the empty chair. “Why don’t you join us?”
    His smile widened, and he nodded his thanks before all of us sat down. We were at a small round table that had three chairs, so we were able to carry on a conversation despite the music.
    When the next song came on, he motioned at the dance floor. “Would you like to dance?”
    “Yes.” Her reply was out of her mouth almost before he stopped speaking.
    “Do you mind, Nick?” he asked, turning to me.
    “That’s fine,” I surrendered with a forced grin. “You two kids have fun.”
    My wife’s reaction surprised me. She’d always said that she didn’t find black men attractive, but she looked at Collin like a starving person at a buffet. I didn’t know if her taste in men had changed, or if she’d kept her taste for black men a secret during our marriage. Either way, my heart started racing as they walked away.
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  • Upton All Night (The Complete Series) - Upton All Night #7 - cover

    Upton All Night (The Complete...

    Reina Stowe

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    Six erotic romance short stories about men and women looking for love and lust in the city of Upton.  
    OPEN ME: Sabrina and Jonathan are co-owners of a commercial photography studio and they are going through a dry spell - creatively, financially and sexually. When they receive three boxes simply marked Open Me, things start looking up as they start seeing each other for the first time.  
    *Warning: Open Me is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/F scenes involving sex toys, Cup-O-Noodle and a really sturdy table.  
    TWENTY QUESTIONS: Trudy and Adrian have sat next to each other at their grief support group for over a year, working through their feelings of loss and trying to heal. But they don’t really know each other, even though they’d like to.  
    After a couple of drinks at Adrian’s place, they decide to play a game of Twenty “Ask Me Anything” Questions.  
    It turns out to be the most satisfying game either of them has ever played.  
    *Warning: Twenty Questions is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/F scenes involving fires in some serious need of stoking.  
    CHEATING HEARTS: Before Caroline McHugh married Rand Duncan, she was a rising star on the country music scene.  
    That was fifteen years ago.  
    For her big 4-0, Caroline's sister gifts her lessons with a hot vocal coach and the chance to remember that she's more than a cheated-on trophy wife.  
    She's strong. She's talented. And if her coach, Grayson Tate, has anything to do with it - she's his.  
    *Warning: Cheating Hearts is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/F scenes involving two great characters making beautiful music together...on the stage and in the bedroom.  
    THE FIRST TIME: Casey and Bobby are used to being "accidentally" set up by her sister and his best friend. It's not that they don't like each other or don't find one another attractive - it's just that there isn't any spark between them.  
    Or so they thought...  
    Turns out the spark is a guy named Kellen.  
    *Warning: The First Time is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/M/F scenes involving three hotties up in da club and each other.  
    CRAZY ON YOU: Aimee and Kent have admired each other from afar for years. Putting their careers at Duncan Global first, they've both let their unsatisfying marriages crumble, leaving Kent divorced and Aimee on the cusp of separation. Now, after months of sexting and sending hot videos, they're going to meet for one night of take-no-prisoners, boundary-pushing, crazy-on-you sex.  
    *Warning: Crazy On You is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/F scenes involving two characters who are finally getting what they want - at work and in bed...and in an elevator, the shower, on a marble counter top...  
    FLINGING IN THE NEW YEAR: Mikka and Oliver have both been dumped on New Year's Eve by the people they thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with.  
    Ice cream helped them drown their sorrows a little.  
    Blowing twenty bucks on the slots sure was fun.  
    Getting drunk at a concert and making out at midnight went a long way to soothing their pain.  
    But what happened after the concert?  
    Mikka and Oliver take "loving the one you're with" to a whole new level.  
    *Warning: Flinging In the New Year is for ADULTS ONLY due to sexually explicit M/F scenes involving two characters starting the New Year off with a bang.
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  • Dominating My Master - cover

    Dominating My Master

    Buck Wilde

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    The tables are turned when an obedient submissive yearns to dominate his adored Master. This book contains very naughty erotica themes of gay alpha male BDSM, bondage, spanking, punishment, domination, and submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    The submissive’s eyes close as he is sitting there waiting for his Master. His mind goes off to dream. Will his Master let him to live out one of his own fantasies tonight? Fantasies he has not yet confided. Fantasies that this submissive has thought long and deep about, but is afraid to confess to his Master with. The submissive is anxious to see what his Master would think of them and of his submissive for thinking them.
    The submissive has everything planned and ready. His Master will be there soon, everything is laid out as planned, creating the desired effect.
    The cuffs and black silk blindfold are on the nightstand, the chains and their bindings are already fastened to the bed posts. The candles are already lit, flickering in the background, along with soft music playing to complete the ambience for the evening.
    He anxiously awaits for the knock on the door that he knows is coming at any minute.
    There’s a feeling stirring inside this submissive, that of power and it’s starting to gnaw at him. He has never felt like this before. Lost in his own selfish feelings for control.
    Tonight, will his Master let him lead?
    Download ‘Dominating My Master’ right now!
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  • Bound for Pleasure - A First Time Dark BDSM Fantasy - cover

    Bound for Pleasure - A First...

    Nicola Diaz

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    “Tie me up and ravish me senseless” her words drip with enthusiasm 
    Pamela’s fantasies start getting the better of when during date night with her boyfriend, she watches a roleplay scene in a movie where the female character’s hands are tied behind her and she is taken hard and fast by her partner. 
    Busty young Pamela lips salivate at the mere thought of swapping places with the lucky female and having her hands bound and her fertile young body taken without limits. 
    Later that evening, the free flowing alcohol overtakes her thoughts and she whispers her newly formed fantasies to her partner Leo. 
    Months later, during the first year anniversary, Leo surprises Pamela……. 
    … she is thrust into an unforgettable night of roleplay, bondage and submission for the first time. 
    Advisory: This 3300 word insanely hot erotic short story will set your emotions alight 
    This book contains explicit sexuality and adult situations including first time bdsm, spanking, object insertion and a submissive women submitting her body and should be purchased and read by adults only. The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.
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  • Sleep Serenity - cover

    Sleep Serenity

    Ember Brim

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    Insatiable couple can't get enough of each other, even waking each other with their passion.
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  • Ghost in the (Sex) Machine #3: Ridden Rough by a Living Doll - cover

    Ghost in the (Sex) Machine #3:...

    Jade Bleu

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    The doll looked so real…then it took me for a hot ride!  
    I was admittedly a little embarrassed to try out a sex doll, but I was desperate for relief. I had no idea it was possessed-quite literally-by the singular urge to pleasure me until I screamed! I’d never had it so good as when that silicone masterpiece pinned me down and rode me like no man had ever done before. 
    An erotic short featuring a haunted sex doll, DP, and rough, raw, supernatural creampie.
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