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Riding the Rainbow - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have more than 500,000 other books you can enjoy!

Riding the Rainbow

Genta Sebastian

Publisher: Shadoe Publishing

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Plump, clumsy Lily is miserable in fifth grade where bullies torment her on the playground and in class because she has two mothers.  Across the room Clara sits still as a statue, never volunteering or raising her hand, answering only in whispers with her head down to avoid curious eyes, keeping her family’s secret that she has two fathers. 
One girl with two out-loud-and proud moms, another with in-the-closet dads.  What could go wrong, right?
Available since: 05/13/2015.

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    Love Waits

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    High school sweethearts . . . and nobody knew. 
    Ashleigh Pence had been the all-American high school girl: cheerleader, prom queen . . . and in love with another girl. Gina Granbury hasn't thought about Calloway High in twenty years, but the arrival of the invitation to the class reunion brings back memories of Ashleigh and the betrayal that drove them apart. 
    With no real choice, Ashleigh has to go the event, hoping that it's not the one reunion that Gina decides to attend after all these years. Gina had expected to dismiss the possibility as easily as she has during all the years since, but the curiosity is suddenly strong. Her long-broken heart has never mended, but that's no reason to go back in time . . . is it?
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  • A Light in Winter - A Sweet Omegaverse Romance - cover

    A Light in Winter - A Sweet...

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    Alone and trapped by a dangerous arctic storm, two young men have no choice but to confront their feelings for each other. 
    It’s always been Kotzebue and Selawik against the world. Well, not the world, but their pack’s conservative elders and the wilderness of the arctic. 
    But for six months his cousin hasn’t said a word to him, not since Kotze’s foolishness almost cost him his life. Trying to tame his own wild side with chores for the pack seems like the least he can do to make amends, but when the elders reject his request to join the annual whale hunt, Kotze has had enough. 
    When he goes into the wild, he just means to get away from them all for a while. 
    For Selawik, keeping his distance from his impulsive younger cousin is as necessary as it is painful. But when Kotze leaves their territory on the eve of the first big storm of winter, Selawik’s determination breaks and he goes after him. 
    But their reunion in the harsh isolation of winter might be hotter than either of them expected and in the dark eye of the storm, they might at last see the light. 
    “A Light in Winter” is a short Omegaverse romance about two best friends forced to confront their secrets.
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    An enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance about sexy, smart doctors cutting to the heart of what matters.
    Skilled surgeon Veronica Mallick runs her London hospital department like she runs her surgeries: with hawkish efficiency. Then her perfect world is turned upside down by the arrival of a new Head of Trauma.
    Cassie Taylor is a brash, no-nonsense army surgeon, fresh from the front lines, and trying to find her way in civilian life. She's all action and sharp edges, not too interested in rules. She's even less interested in bureaucracy, or playing nice with her uptight, paper-pushing colleague, Veronica.
    While they're circling each other warily at St. Sophia's hospital, Cassie becomes entangled in some shady financial dealings. Their shared search for the truth draws them closer together, sparking heated moments as they try to see justice done. But in exposing a scandal, can they also find some common ground? How will they both deal with being attracted to a woman they don't even like?
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    Justice Won

    Kim Pritekel

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    In 1890, seventeen-year-old Justice Kilkoyne and her mother, Ninny, are one bad decision away from living on the streets of Azrael, Pennsylvania. Ninny's propensity for the bottle has left Justice to play the adult, her androgynous good looks helping her pass as a young man to gain employment and keep them—if just barely—above water. 
    Determined to find a better life for them, Justice saves every penny to get them on a train headed west to the sunshine of California. Before they can leave, the bigotry of one shopkeeper sends Justice on the run, chased by the police for a crime she didn't commit and straight into the unwitting arms of a stunning young prostitute, who, after an unexpected connection, becomes Justice's Angel. 
    The day arrives to leave Pennsylvania for good. As Justice and Ninny get settled, they're surprised by the appearance of Angel, also wanting to start anew. When the trip is violently interrupted in Colorado, Angel just may be lost to Justice forever. 
    Can Justice find a new life when she makes her way to the fledgling mining town of Wynter, Colorado? Can her heart ever be whole again?
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  • Not Quite Hunter - Harem Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy - cover

    Not Quite Hunter - Harem Reverse...

    Kaye Draper

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    What’s more fun than dragging a politician, an ogre, a leprechaun, and a hired killer across the wastelands to retrieve a human passenger? Anything. Anything would be more enjoyable than this—even hunting hungry fiends. 
    Sam is questioning their life choices. Maybe it would just be easier to murder the idiots and leave the bodies in the wastelands. 
    But, growl as Sam might, everyone knows the hunter will do the right thing. And helping the idealistic human sovereign move his family member and closest advisor from Golding to Westhold is the right thing to do. 
    Too bad the raiders, hyena beasts, and giant death worms don’t seem to think so…. 
    Tension grows, emotions run high, and heads roll…uh, literally…as Sam takes one more step away from their solitary life and toward actually caring about people—or terrifying monsters, whatever.  
    Author’s Note: 
    I love reverse harem, but I got sick of reading the same old tropes. In my books you will find atypical characters and varied sexuality. In general, you probably won’t find many alpha males or fainting females, and relationships are more poly. 
    The Not Quite series are novellas (between 35,000-45,000 words) and contains the following: 
    *adult language 
    *moderate levels of violence/gore/action 
    *graphic sexual situations 
    *polyamory/multiple lovers 
    *LBGTQ and straight themes (the main character is intersex and will have both male and female lovers, M/F, M/M, F/F, MMMFF etc.) 
    *Books MAY contain mentions of abuse, unpleasant situations, etc. Please do not read if you are triggered by things like this. This book in particular has several mentions and flashbacks to past abuse. 
    *occasional “cliff-hangers” or lead-ins to the next book may occur, though generally at least one major plot arc shows completion or at the very least, forward progress. 
    *word count does not include teaser chapters or other material
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  • Techromancy Scrolls - New Cali - cover

    Techromancy Scrolls - New Cali

    Erik Schubach

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    Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to As the aftermath of the war against Avalon settles, and life in the lands of Sparo return to a semblance of order, the matron of the library, Emily, also known lovingly as the Queen of the Scrolls, decides it is time for her to return home.It was revealed in the war that Emily possessed magic, and had come from lands faraway to observe the people of Sparo and document their culture as the First Seeker of her Sect. Her homeland, New Cali, lay far to the south beyond the Fringe and out into the Uninhabitable Lands.The diminutive librarian had determined that Sparo had surpassed New Cali in both knowledge and technology, even though they were still a people capable of great violence, and thus it was time that the two people met, to share their cultures and knowledge with each other.An expedition is arranged, led by the Great Mother of the Mountain Gypsies, Laney of Wexbury. Laney faces her greatest challenge to date while confronting dark buried within her that is fighting to get out.Old and new enemies abound, and if she survives what is in store for her, Laney will never be the same again.
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