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The Plaid Skirt - cover

The Plaid Skirt

HollyAnne Weaver

Publisher: Shadoe Publishing

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Aly Lockewood, 24, never having told anyone that she is a lesbian, meets Sasha Aronov, 31, who has been out since Junior High school, in a clothing store, both wanting to buy the same plaid skirt.  Alison breaks the ice in a most bizarre way, completely taking Sasha off-guard.  Meeting over coffee, Sasha won't admit her instant feelings, saying she isn't in a relationship and isn't looking for one, yet offers to mentor and support Aly.  Aly admits to being gay for the first time, trusting Sasha not only because she also is a lesbian, but because she gets a good feeling from her, along with feeling sparks of her own toward Sasha.  Can the immovable force move the immovable object?  Only time will tell...

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    Praise for Bill Berkson: 
    "A serene master of syntactical sleight and transformer of the mundane into the marvelous."—Publishers Weekly 
    Wide-ranging and experimental, Expect Delays confronts past and present with rare equilibrium, eyeballing mortality while appreciating the richness and surprise, as well as the inevitable griefs, inherent in the time allowed. 
    Dress Trope 
    Critics should wearwhite jackets likelab technicians;curators, zookeepers' caps;and art historians,lead apronsto protect them fromimpendingradiant fact. 
    Bill Berkson is a poet, critic, and professor emeritus at the San Francisco Art Institute.
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    Combining a lyrical text, immersive staging and an enigmatic and compelling performance style, Autobiographer draws us into the unravelling mind of its central character, Flora. Voiced by multiple performers, Flora reveals a curious and evocative portrait of a life refracted through the lens of dementia, layered from fragments of stories and pulses of memory. This tender, poetic and thrilling performance features a cast of four and a bold and electrifying score of voice and sound.'Autobiographer successfully presents us with one reality of dementia and our attitudes to it… deeply poetical' – Exeunt Magazine 'Wilson uses an unobtrusive vocabulary to say something quietly surprising. It is the beauty of telling stories, even when there is no narrative. And it is the importance of people connecting, especially if we don’t know who we are' 4 stars - Spoonfed 'This show is a long poem, shakily and delicately sketched in our minds by four women, who in similar clothing represent the life of one woman… A clear amount of loving research has gone into this work, which considers the terrible nature of dementia without making it overly sentimental' 4 stars – The Public Reviews ‘Heartfelt and lyrical’ – Guardian ‘Autobiographer is a work of vivid poetry’ –Time Out London
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    Upon the rack
    her limbs stretched taut
    she groans in pain
    yet I care naught,
    for she is here
    to serve My need
    cater to Me
    and take My seed.
    her breath cut short
    by one more notch
    and by the hemp
    which splits her crotch,
    her eyes emit
    a silent plea
    that I will grant
    her no mercy.
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    Celebrated for her exquisitely crafted poems revealing an alternate female reality, award-winning poet and bestselling author Robin Morgan gives us, in this fifth collection, her most intimate work yet The poems gathered here trace a stunning spectrum of love, betrayal, loss, pain, rage, and survival. Skirting madness in the wake of a tempestuous relationship’s end, these poems slice language with knife-edge bitterness, but within the deliberate constraints of form. Individual poems have become famous: “Add-Water Instant Blues” is the most anthologized; “Cave Dwellers” and “Acrobats and Clowns” have been widely translated; and the various “disguised,” subtle sonnet forms throughout the book have been used to teach the art of writing poetry. Art itself becomes the healing theme, and a number of the poems here are in dialogue with other poets, including Marianne Moore, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Muriel Rukeyser, Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, William Blake, and Robert Graves. The wise voice that emerges dares celebrate a quiet joy, tempered only by fire.
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  • An Oak Tree - cover

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    Tim Crouch

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    ‘Since your daughter’s death I’ve not been much of a hypnotist.’
    A man loses his daughter to a car. Nothing now is what it is. It’s like he’s in a play – but he doesn’t know the words or the moves.
    The man who was driving the car is a stage hypnotist. Since the accident, he’s lost the power of suggestion. His act’s a disaster. For him, everything now is exactly what it is.
    For the first time since the accident, these two men meet. They meet when the Father volunteers for the Hypnotist’s act. And, this time, he really doesn’t know the words or the moves… 
    An Oak Tree is a remarkable play for two actors. The Father, however, is played by a different actor – male or female – at each performance. They walk on stage having neither seen nor read a word of the play
    they’re in…until they’re in it. This is a breath-taking projection of a performance, given from one actor to another, from a hypnotist to their subject, from an audience to the stage. An Oak Tree is a bold and
    absurdly comic play about loss, suggestion and the power of the mind.
    Winner of a Village Voice Obie for its autumn 2006 Off-Broadway run.
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    This completely original collection of poetry and prose will not only delight her avid fans but is sure to capture the imagination of a whole new audience. With the turn of every page, Sea of Strangers invites you to go beyond love and loss to explore themes of self-discovery and empowerment as you navigate your way around the human heart. 
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