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Tina Tracks a Trail Boss - Brides with Grit #8 - cover

Tina Tracks a Trail Boss - Brides with Grit #8

Linda K. Hubalek

Publisher: Butterfield Books Inc.

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A sweet historical romance set in 1873. Widowed Tina Martin and her two young children were moving from Texas to her brother’s place in Kansas, when their train wrecks near Austin. Suddenly, Tina, soon to be a mother for the third time, loses her children, and is severely injured. 
Leif Hamner lost his wife and son in childbirth last year when they were returning home to Texas after driving cattle up to Kansas. He’s back alone in Texas, until finding a tiny newborn baby hidden in the back of his wagon. This sets off a chain of emotions and events as Leif hunts for the infant’s mother—the injured Tina—and nurses them back to health. 
Acts of fate put the two damaged souls together, healing deep wounds as they travel north to join their families in Kansas. But his family has secrets which could ruin their tender love. Can Tina and Leif weather the conflicts, or will they be torn apart?

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    How far should you go for success? 
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    How far should you go for love? 
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    When danger comes knocking on Andie’s door, Nigel decides to intervene, but it may be at his own expense. Powerful people want Andie dead, and he will die if he defends her. 
    But how do you defend someone who thinks she can defend herself? And how do you love someone who constantly drives you crazy? 
    Nigel’s relationship with Andie has been turbulent since day one, but as they get closer, his love only grows despite their differences. 
    True love is sacrificial, but if it came down to it, could he really lay down his life for her?
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    A kiss is just a kiss…or so some say. But I disagree…this kiss, can change a life. It did mine. 
    YOU are officially invited to the wedding of Shar Sinclair to the man of her dreams, Gage Lancaster…if the groom ever makes it to the wedding. 
    Where is Gage? 
    There’s only an hour until the wedding ceremony and no one has heard from Gage, and he’s not answering his phone. Now, Shar’s ready to go looking for her man, because something just doesn’t feel right. 
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    But, things quickly spiral out of control and everything about this wedding day is about change… 
    Don’t miss this Windswept Bay short story! It is a companion story to Somewhere With You book 2 and a prelude to Forever And For Always, book 4 coming in October! 
    Anything can happen With This Kiss!
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    Graham and Donna Caldwell, Colin and Tanya Campbell, and Brett and Kelly Mitchell are werewolves. All three couples long for children, something their species often has difficulty accomplishing for reasons no one seems to understand. 
    #1 Shattered Hope - Graham and Donna Caldwell desire a child. Just when hope takes root, tragedy strikes, putting Donna's life in jeopardy. 
    #2 New Life - Despite the hurdles they may face, Tanya and Colin want a child, but joy leads to doubt and fear. 
    #3 Precious Gifts - There's nothing Kelly wants more than to have a child with Brett, but she knows the odds. When her worst fear comes to fruition, she doesn't know how Brett will react.
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    doubts about Christian faith. In this thoughtful eight week study
    Bishop Scott J. Jones, author of The Wesleyan Way, partners
    with his son Rev. Arthur Jones, to address hard questions that all of us
    face when considering faith, religion, and the church.
    This Leader Guide includes everything a group leader needs to plan
    and facilitate the eight sessions, helping participants to explore what
    they have read, to view a video, and to discuss the reading and video
    with the group. The guide walks leaders through the study format and
    provides options for tailoring sessions to the time-frame and style of
    each group.
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    Clarissa Marsh suspected she was with child…she couldn’t wait to tell her husband, Jeremiah, but before she got his hopes up or her own she wanted to talk to her sister and get a second opinion. On her way to see her sister, fate intervenes. Tragedy strikes, and the only person there who can save her is her husband’s grown son who just so happens to be in love with Clarissa, and bitter towards his own father and her. Will Colton rise to the occasion? 
    Meanwhile, there’s another family that Colton may have come in between. Jessica thought her flirting with the young handsome man was “harmless” then, she thought that maybe she had made a mistake marrying Clint, maybe Colton was the man she was supposed to be with. The problem was she already loved Clint’s children as if they were her own….If only he would give her the attention she needed. 
    Hannah Granger, busy running a ranch and raising her three sister’s finds a woman in the creek. She’s sick and Hannah brings her home to nurse her back to health. Little do any of them know that her presence in their lives will change things for them all…permanently.
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