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The Joke's On Who? - cover

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The Joke's On Who?

Patricia Otto

Publisher: Patricia S. Otto

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He had a plan. In retrospect, not a great one, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do when she’s out of options. 
Surgical technician Charlee Smith is guardian to Megan, her fifteen month old niece. Megan’s paternal grandparents, people the toddler has never even met, want to change that. Charlee needs quality child care and a bigger apartment. Stat. 
A few fibs and Megan is in the hospital daycare. Things are going well until handsome, deliciously-enticing surgeon Evan Smith—no relation—mistakenly gets the bill. 
Hence, the pressure to go along with his plan. 
Evan is not the long term relationship type, something his mother nags him about constantly. So when the opportunity to play a joke on his mother by telling her he’s married ends up with his mother telling him to bring his bride that weekend to his grandmother’s eightieth birthday party, the joke is on him. 
He needs a wife. Stat. Maybe Charlee, who used his status as an attending surgeon to get her niece in daycare, can help him out with that. Now they’re at the family estate, sleeping in the same bed, pretending to be married and fighting the attraction that is anything but a joke. 
The jokes are piling up, the lies are getting harder to keep straight and the plan hasn’t even started unraveling yet.
Available since: 04/20/2016.

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