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Journey Through Life Lists - cover

Journey Through Life Lists

April D Brown

Publisher: April Brown

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Journey Through Life Lists offers a workbook style opportunity to keep up with what matters most in your life, now, and in the future. There are eleven different sections, with a total of fifty-five different worksheets to organize your obligations. 
Whether as a new adult, who needs to track education, employment, vehicle, home, and tax information. Or as a near end of life individual, who wants to prepare for the future, and make the process easier on themselves, and their descendants, there are dozens of helpful worksheets in this book. They can be printed, filled in, and kept as a scrapbook multiple times over.  
Use this workbook to track your goals, and your obligations to yourself, and others. Remember to live, to do the things that matter. This book will help you with that, by doing all the hard work of remembering vital trivia for you! Leaving you the time and opportunity to read, travel, and be with other people. 
Table of Contents: 
New Beginnings 
Volunteer History 
Employment History 
Self - Employment History 
Publishing History 
Financial Pages 
Fire and Water Proof Safe CheckList 
Important Phone Numbers 
Monetary Budget 
Social Budget 
Monthly Bills 
Bill Contacts 
Annual Credit Reports 
Home and Vehicle 
Home Information 
Rental Property 
Shut Off Locations 
Vehicle Information 
Vehicle Repairs 
Self Care 
Favorite Books 
Favorite TV Shows 
Favorite Movies 
Frequently Forgotten Words 
Frequently Misspelled Words 
Semi Annual Events 
Special Events 
Pet Care 
Child Care 
Adult Care 
Emergency Preparedness Kit 
Home Care 
Meal Planner 
Grocery List 
Pantry List 
Computers and Electronics 
Computer Operation and Cleanup 
Password Lists 
Remote Controls 
Gaming Systems 
Battery Check Lists 
Specialty Batteries 
Holiday Decorations 
Warranty Paperwork 
Health Care 
Doctor List 
Immunizations, Certifications, and Exams 
Symptom Duration and Intensity 
Mental Symptom Duration and Intensity 
Medical Insurance 
Current Medications 
Food Diary - 7 Days 
Over Night Travel List 
Weekend Travel List 
Week Travel List  
POV Characters: None. 
Length: 242 pages. 16,039 words

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