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His Master's Bride - A Novel of the Djinn chronicles #1 - cover

His Master's Bride - A Novel of the Djinn chronicles #1

Claudia Herring

Publisher: Claudia Herring

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There is a newer edition of this book available: OBSESSIONS OF A DJINNI (new title and cover). 
A troubled djinni seduces his master's young wife, forcing her to make a fateful choice. 
The djinni Yasir, imprisoned in an urn by a jealous magician, searches the centuries for his lost love. He finds Lavinia reborn in 1811 England, only to discover she's his new master's bride. 
Desperate to have her, Yasir spell-casts Lavinia's husband to forget he is master and give her the urn. When she opens the ancient vessel, Yasir emerges, terrifying in his magnificence yet somehow familiar, but she fails to recognize him. She distrusts this djinni even though his very presence enchants her. 
Yasir's spell is fading. Lavinia's husband has changed. Now he's violent as he struggles with returning memories of when he possessed the urn. Lavinia strives to keep the two from encountering one another, while torn between fidelity for her husband and her increasing attraction to the djinni. 
Impatient to win Lavinia's confidence, Yasir must convince her of her true identity so they can reclaim their life together. He dare not reveal a deeper reason: Only with Lavinia can he regain his freedom and exact revenge on the magician who confined him to the urn— 
If she does not go mad from the spell to awaken her memories. 
If her husband does not escape the djinni's magic and discover her secret. 
If the magician does not find them first.

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