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M&K Tracking - Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker #4 - cover

M&K Tracking - Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker #4

Kate Danley

Publisher: Katherine Danley

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M&K Tracking is finally up and running, but business has been the pits for Maggie and Killian... that is until someone tries to open a portal to the pits of the Dark Dimension via Father Killarney's church.  When it comes to vanquishing evil, who are you going to call?  M&K Tracking.  It is a hell of a job, but someone's gotta do it. 
WARNING: This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior.  Proceed at your own risk. 

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    It's the 1950s. There's always something good on the radio, cherry red Cadillacs cruise the streets and everything is always perfect. Marilyn is still alive and the War is over. America goes to bed, nuclear annihilation postponed another day. 
    Welcome to the American Nightmare. 
    Nuclear families dabbling in the occult. Little League games in the summer, old blood spilled in the dust. Unspeakable things hiss and crawl, unseen along the 38th parallel, camouflaged under muzzle flashes. This is what happens behind the white picket fences and waving flags.
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    Set in the early 1900s, the novel follows young Lucia Rutkowski who, thanks to the influence of her beloved grandmother, escapes the Warsaw ghetto to work as a kitchen maid in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the bustling city of Paris. Too talented for her lowly position, Lucia is thrown out on the street. Her only recourse is to take a job working for two disorganized, rather poor married scientists so distracted by their work that their house and young child are often neglected. Lucia soon bonds with her eccentric employers, watching as their work with radioactive materials grows increasing noticed by the world, then rising to fame as the great Marie and Pierre Curie.Soon, all of Paris is alit with the news of an impending visit from Eusapia Palladino, the world’s most famous medium. It is through her now famous employers that Lucia attends Eusapia’s gatherings and eventually falls under the medium’s spell, leaving the Curie household to travel with her to Italy. Ultimately, Lucia is placed directly in the crosshairs of faith versus science –what is more real, the glowing substances of the Curie laboratory or the glowing visions that surround the medium during her séance?
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    What happens when four boys confess to the murder of a woman who died a hundred years ago…? 
    The violent encounter Rowan Everly survived in college jolted awake her psychic power to see past images while holding a related object. At the behest of a friend, she comes to the privileged prep school town of Millburn, New York, to investigate the current rape and murder, and hopefully clear her friend’s son’s name. 
    Rowan’s not sure she’s up to the task. Her deeply ingrained mistrust of men makes her question where her loyalties lie. The deeper she investigates, the less anything makes sense. The boys seem truly horrified by what happened—almost as if they hadn’t had control over it. 
    Her initial encounter with sheriff Toby Candusco isn’t pleasant for either of them. But his calm support of her, and his unwavering desire to see justice done, gives her the strength to not only face her fears, but to reexamine the core beliefs that shape who she is. 
    Only then can she face and destroy the real menace…and save everyone around her.
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    Death Keeper, I want to make a deal. Eight words can change the future. 
    With a wedding to plan, Esmerelda thinks her past is where it should be... in the past. But one woman who thought her future was safe, bound with a spell, has different plans for the bride-to-be. 
    Sending Esmerelda to the spirit world seemed like the perfect deal, but there is someone waiting on the other side who has a vendetta all his own. 
    Nothing on earth, not even the bonding love between guardians, can stop a deal once it's been made. 
    Who will have the last word so seal their fate?
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    An exciting new Urban Fantasy series, set in the world of The Claire Wiche Chronicles. 
    Reese Pierpoint is half human, half fae, and one hundred percent trying to figure out how to live with both sides of her heritage. 
    When the deaths of three local kids turn out to be sacrifices, Reese finds herself plunged into the world her overprotective mother had been protecting her from all her life. 
    Bran Malcolm - half human, half demon PI - is on the hunt for the creature responsible for the deaths. A creature who is using the dead children's blood to create a doorway to escape his prison. 
    But when Bran crosses paths with Reese, he falls for her - hard - and the distraction has him off his game. Until Reese becomes the focus of the killer's plan. Now Bran's on a mission to do anything to keep her safe. 
    Even if it costs his life. 
    Beyond The Veil: 
    Book One - Trial By Fire 
    Book Two - The Enemy You Know 
    Book Three - Dancing With Demons (coming soon)
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  • Ghast Me Gently - Wicked Good Witches #4 - cover

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    Hell hath no Fury like a Witch Bride Scorned... Wicked Good Witches Book 4, Isle of Souls 
    Anthony Jordan is missing. Along with a magical map he's told no one about, including his partner and daughter, Eva, until it's too late and she's forced to call upon her enemies for help. 
    The Howard Witches get the call and rush to aid in the search—it is their duty after all. 
    But can Eva be trusted? 
    Or is this another trap—another move in her secret game? 
    Or is there an even more threatening force at work on The Demon Isle? 
    Please Note: There are two versions of this series. Same Story—Choose Your Rating!  
    We Witches Three (The Demon Isle Clean Read Cut. Teen Friendly—think TV14 type rating) 
    Wicked Good Witches (The Adult Cut—contains strong language and sexy stuff) 
    Please Read This Series in Order…
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