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Hell Struggle - 2018 #2 - cover

Hell Struggle - 2018 #2

King Samuel Benson

Publisher: King Samuel Benson

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A New World born of an annihilated Earth... 
Five innocent teenagers caught up in a death game... 
A New Government with a dark, deadly mission... 
A young man who may be the key to redemption... 
A prophesy which transcends place and time... 
The most guarded secret of all time... 
What shattering otherworldly event took place eons ago, and now lies in a prophesy that must not be fulfilled? 
When death survivor Alex King, together with his electrifying companion Mercy Damalie, refused to sign the contract to dedicate their lives to the services of the 
New Government, and walked out of the initiation ceremony, little did they know that they were triggering a powerful 
opposition that had lurked in the shadows for many centuries, waiting for his time on Earth. 
In a strange new world filled with werewolves, fiery alien creatures and cyborg soldiers, Alex must come to terms with his true identity. He races against time and Fate to save his widowed mother and half-sisters, while struggling to maintain the love and respect of the only girl that drives his passion. But there's something about Fate; if you refuse to follow it where it wants you to go, it will drag you there. 
An intriguing sci-fi thriller set to the back drop of an imaginative, futuristic world. Filled with heart pumping action scenes and surprising plot twists, this latest book from the '2018 Series' leaves you breathlessly waiting for the next installment. 
-- Peter John, Author Of Dead Medium.

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    Together they discover what it truly means to be life mates. That’s it’s about doing what’s best for the other even if it’s not best for you. That you have to do more than just love, you have to trust and be willing to sacrifice things you never thought you would. And if you are lucky and the ancestors are watching over you, you just might get everything you’ve ever dreamed of...
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    Katrina is a Defender, not a princess. And there is no way she wants to return to a planet she hates for some stupid ceremony. Not when she could be out killing Erebus with her squad. 
    But when a new enemy threatens both their lives, they must work together to survive.
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    My demons will come for you. 
    Portland, Oregon: a modern melting pot of wizards, witches and stranger things. Where conjure man Heath Cyr solves problems with a quick mind and a backpack full of magic. 
    Heath won't kill. Not for all of his rich, beautiful client's money. Not even to save himself from an enemy's demons. 
    But as Heath's enemies close in, he may have to do something worse than kill... 
    The Price of Demons, an exciting urban fantasy novel full of magic and mystery. Fans of Grimm and Harry Dresden won't want to miss this! The second Ars Portlandia novel, from Stefon Mears, author of the Rise of Magic series.
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