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Disarmed - Disarmed Trilogy #1 - cover

Disarmed - Disarmed Trilogy #1

M.S. L.R.

Publisher: M.S. L.R.

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Kyle Simmons is the CEO of Simmons Manufacturing  by day. Contracted by ex-girlfriends that were treated badly by their boyfriends, Kyle is the best at ruining lives. And that's her second job, to give those scumbags what they deserve.  
But when she meets her next assignment - Damian Alexander, her whole world is turned upside down. She must find the strength within her to get through the job. That is until Damian introduces her to his adopted brother Kaden.  
Kaden is the bad boy. He screams sexy and dangerous. He may be every woman's fantasy but he's Kyle's worst nightmare.  
Kyle is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she learns more about Damian and Kaden. She has a job to do but there's a hot-devilish rebel that she can't stop thinking about.  
What's a girl to do?  
*A story about two souls that have been through a lot.  
Kaden can't let go of his past. Kyle wants to escape hers and never look back.  
Together will they be able to move on or will they end up destroying each other?*

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    I'd signed up to be a star of a breast-milking website for some extra money but when I get there I'm in for a shock as I lay blindfolded on the table ready to be drained.  I enjoy the sensation of a beautiful milking, but when my co-star turns out to be my own father I'm more than a little shocked.
    The next scene calls for some hardcore sex but we don't want to let the crew know we're family.  Instead, Daddy and I keep up the ruse and he claims be in a bout of lactation erotica that sees him finish all over my face as the crew look on!
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    With my eyes shut I could feel them working their way in to position, clambering under the table and arcing their head up towards my big, full tits.
    The milking part of the deal was something I'd been able to achieve with only a few days stimulation.  I guess my breasts were quicker to adapt than others because I had them dispensing milk in no time.  The guys had given me a website with instructions but were surprised when I got back to them so quickly.  I guess I was really keen for this money!
    As soon as the lips latched on to me I could tell it was a guy beneath me.  I guess it kind of had to be for the last scene, although I did tell them I wasn't averse to some girl-on-girl if they wanted.
    I closed my eyes as my tits were massaged in to my co-stars mouth, feeling my milk begin to drip from me in double-quick time, as though my tits knew it was their day to perform.
    He mouthed over me with wild abandon, letting them hang at intervals and dragging his hands over them like they were two huge udders, lapping up the dispensing cream and coming back hungry for more each time.
    With my eyes closed and overwhelmed by the serene sensation I damn-near fell asleep, but the juices flowing in my pussy were keeping me alert, and the thought of tackling the man beneath me was driving me wild.
    He sucked ferociously as all around us the crew watched.  At times I'd forget they were there and I'd let out soft moans that goaded my assailant on, enchanted by his stubble as it grazed over my nipple.
    He bit and squeezed at my bountiful tits, sending long jets of my milk coursing past his lips.  I could hear the squirt of cream hitting liquid as he held it in his mouth, swallowing it gladly and returning for more as my nourishing udders fed him.
    This went on for some twenty minutes before the director yelled cut, and I rose from the makeshift table, eager for the next scene.
    I jumped down to see the back of my pleaser as he talked to the director, and I was excited to see he was already completely naked.
    He had a large tanned back and black hair and looked quite muscly.  He was clearly one of the more attractive older guys and I couldn't wait to take his cock inside me.
    As I bit my lip at the thought my co-star span around, and it was then that my whole world dropped out from underneath me.
    I was stunned.  Words failed me and I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't say a word.  What the hell would you say if you'd just had your tits drained by your own father?
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  • His Sleeping Slut - Book 2 of 'Sexed-Up Fairy Tales' - cover

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    Prince Warin has searched long and hard for the fabled sleeping beauty of the enchanted castle and, at last, he’s found her. A kiss doesn’t wake her from her magical sleep, neither does claiming her virginity. She fulfills his every desire, but what happens when she wakes up?
    Adults Only! 18+!
    This short includes depictions of a horny prince having his way with a sleeping barely-legal princess. There is bareback creampie sex, deep-throat oral, and breeding.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    Prince Warin calmed his nervous horse as they approached the thorn barrier surrounding a majestic, vine-covered castle. At last! After years of searching, chasing rumors and dead ends, he’d found the fabled castle that held the sleeping princess—Briar Rose.
    Tales of her beauty and her cursed plight had thrilled him for as long as he could remember. Nearly a hundred years had passed since a spiteful witch had placed a curse on Princess Briar Rose—a curse that doomed the princess to death, but a good witch had dulled the curse so the princess would only sleep, as did those around her.
    A hedge of thorns had grown around the castle to protect the slumbering occupants. The skeletons of those who had tried to pass it now decorated the hedge in macabre warning to those who came next. The threat of death by the cursed tangle that wouldn’t release anyone it caught had deterred all thrill-seekers wishing to claim the glory of waking the princess.
    Warin wasn’t one of them. He didn’t want glory. He had plenty of his own. He didn’t want a kingdom because he would inherit once his father stepped down. And his kingdom had riches aplenty that he was sure outdid Princess Briar Rose’s fortune by far. No, all he wanted was her.
    He’d searched long and hard for the castle that had fallen out of the memory of the living because so many had died attempting to enter. That number wouldn’t include him. His purpose was of the purest intent and magic bowed to purity.
    Warin dismounted and approached the thorns. He didn’t draw his sword. It wouldn’t do any good anyway, if the stories were to be believed. Either he would pass or he would die, but he wasn’t leaving this castle now that he’d found it.
    The thorns creaked and shook, making Warin stop short. To his amazement, the thorns pulled apart and opened a clear path for him to the castle gates. Was it a trick? Had the thorns done this for others and that had been why they thought they would pass?
    It didn’t matter. Pass or die—those were his only options. Warin walked forward. The thorns continued shaking with each step he took. The gate swung open when he neared it, screeching as rusted hinges worked for the first time in decades.
    The age and decay ended at the gate. Warin stepped over the threshold and entered a world untouched by time. The courtyard was filled with people who were frozen mid-action. A man had started to mount his horse when the curse was enacted and now stood with one foot in the stirrup and the other dangling in the air. A woman was frozen with a permanent expression of surprise etched on her face because the man behind her had grabbed a handful of her ass.
    He took the stairs three at a time when he found the tower. The door at the top of the stairs swung open for him just like all the other barriers had. The castle wanted him there. It was giving him Princess Briar Rose and he gladly accepted her.
    After catching his breath, he approached the canopied bed where she slept. He peeled back the sheer curtain and saw that she truly did sleep. She wore a flowing gown the color of daffodils that was out of place for the bedroom but perfect for the party she’d failed to attend because of the curse.
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  • Secrets Revealed - Unexpected Connections - cover

    Secrets Revealed - Unexpected...

    Paige Kelley

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    Krista Lindell stops to unwind after a difficult work meeting. She's never been to the seedy place before, but all the motorcycles in the parking lot tell her it's the kind of place she can go to be someone else for a while. 
    Nick Avery's one way to escape the pressures of his job on Capital Hill is spending Saturday nights at Diesel. The biker bar is full of men who drive Harleys with gray beards and leather vests. Nick doesn't really fit in, but it still works for him. 
    When Nick sees Krista at the bar in Diesel, he ditches his biker friends without a second thought. The unexpected attraction is more than either of them expected. Neither really wants more than a quickie - until the quickie turns into much more. When Nick finds out the secret Krista has held close, he's angry. Their budding romance is ruined. Over. Completely done. 
    Or is it? Will Nick's own logic talk some sense into him before it's too late?
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  • Heather's Story - cover

    Heather's Story

    Elliot Silvestri

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    Heather willingly goes to bed with a man she meets at a business conference which is a very typical and very middle-class America thing to do, even for a single woman who knows the man she is bedding is married. The short term affair is thrilling, not just for the wicked fun, but because of the secrets she finds out about Nick and how his wife controls his sex life even from afar…Heather starts an affair with a married man and discovers his wife keeps him in enforced chastity so that he can’t cheat on her. This draws Heather even closer to Nick and she finds that she’s willing to do anything at all to get him to love her and leave Rebecca. And then she encounters Rebecca’s boyfriend and starts making strange connections all her own. Just to enjoy a little chastity…This is a 52,000 word novel intended for adult audiences.Content warning: features graphic sex, enforced male chastity, cuckolding, cheating spouses, body piercing, dominant female-submissive male roles, strong language, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.Excerpt:Slipping on her shoes she inclined her head at him, pausing at the door to the hallway. “Coming to breakfast?” she asked. Before he could answer she started to open the door. Moving quickly Nick got up behind her and pressed his hand against the hard wood, closing it once more. With his other hand he reached up underneath her skirt and ran his hand over her smooth skin.“I’m going to check you several times today,” he informed her. “And I’m going to make sure you don’t slip on any panties.” He pinned her against the door. “Are you going to follow my orders?”It was so easy to give in to him. “Yes.”He continued to explore her with his hand. She didn’t resist. She opened up her legs to give him easier access.“You like this?”“Uh-huh.”“Do you want more?”“Yeah.”
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    Giselle Renarde

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    At nineteen, there are quite a few things Melanie's never done. She hasn't learned to drive, for starters. During a stay in the country, her neighbor Mrs. Rose offers to give Melanie a lesson or two. But will the older woman give the girl an education she's never dreamed of? 
    A sizzling lesbian erotica short featuring roadside lovin' under the hot summer sun!
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    In this sequel to Welcome to the Club, Mr. P, the newest member of an exclusive men’s club (for those “who enjoy the Greek side of things”) is tasked with setting up the next quarterly meeting. And by “meeting,” they mean gay orgy. After running into an old college buddy who’s now at the D.O.T., Mr. P is able to rent an aging interstate rest area slated for demolition. On a hot summer evening, the old men’s room will be the site of the first annual members-only glory hole shebang.
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