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Future Perfect - Pinnacle Point #3 - cover

Future Perfect - Pinnacle Point #3

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Three years ago, Logan Harker quit his job and moved sight unseen to Pinnacle Point. With his cousins living there already, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Somewhere along the way, the no-brainer turned into a WTF?!? With one cousin now haunting the local hotel and the other a sex-crazed zombie, Logan’s wondering if it’s time to hang up his pocket protector and get out of Dodge. He’s all set to turn in his resignation when a new project crosses his desk. Unable to resist, Logan throws himself whole-heartedly into one last, mind-bendingly complex algorithm.

Given he’s planning on leaving, Logan doesn’t expect to see any results. When he comes face to face with a future version of himself it’s a shock. Finding out he’s a bona-fide sex machine in the future blows his mind. Having his future-self lure an intern into a threesome with him is beyond believable.

Faced with the incontrovertible truth of his perfect future self, Logan has to decide if leaving Pinnacle Point without exploring all the possibilities it has to offer is something he’s willing to do. Throwing away this potential future seems downright wrong to his mathematical mind.

And Logan is nothing if not thorough about his calculations.

Warning: This book contains a threesome. Kind of. I mean, is it really a threesome if two of the people are the same person? You’ll have to decide that on your own.

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    Finalist in the 2015 Heart of Denver Romance Writer's Aspen Gold Reader's Choice Award 
    4 Flames 
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    Rebound, Book 1 
    Dragonfly Kisses, Book 2 
    Smoking Holt, Book 3 
    Heart of Ask, Book 4 
    Devlin's Dare, Book 5 
    Parker's Passion, Book 6
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  • Erotica: Fun for All: 16 Erotic Short Stories - cover

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    Javin Strome

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    She was a fun woman, and he wanted some of that fun. 
    No one was going to stop him as long as she was close by. 
    Nothing else mattered at this particular time; they were both happy to be here. 
    16 Erotic Short Stories.
    1. Taken By Best Friend's Husband
    2. Massage Parlor Fun
    3. More Fun With The Neighbor
    4. Pool Encounter
    5. Sexy Spanish Maid
    6. Knowing His Neighbor
    7. The Girl with No Name
    8. The Interview
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    11. Helping Her Best Friend
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    14. The Perfect Surprise
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