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Haunted World - cover

Haunted World

P. M. Griffin

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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When Ranger-Colonel Dermot O’Donnell’s Fourth Regiment sets out to prevent inevitable invasion by fortifying the one breach in the otherwise impervious barrier separating them from their enemies, he expects to encounter trouble from the savage environment and is not disappointed. What he does not realize is that the super volcanoes which ravaged the continent, taking out almost every living thing on it six centuries previously, did not erase every trace of its victims. The spirits of a massive column of refugees remain, guarding the place to which the soldiers have come. When the anticipated invasion begins early, long before effective defenses can be prepared, the Fourth’s only hope of survival lies in the favor of the ghosts and their willingness to wield the terrible force that exterminated them. Can O’Donnell win their aid?

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    Breaking the rules can be deadly. Following them can be worse. 
    The Ten Golden Rules: They are simple. 
    Do not mistake humble for weak, nor meek for frail. 
    Don’t confuse empathy with stupidity, or honesty with foolhardiness. 
    At no time underestimate the power of gratitude. 
    Always be appreciative and sincere. 
    Forever hold true the virtues of integrity and patience. 
    Never assume. 
    The Ten Rules of Karma: They are certain. 
    Expectations based on pretenses often come with a price tag too high for even the loftiest of egos. Arrogance is certain to find its way back to powerlessness. 
    Those who put themselves first always die unaided, afraid, and eventually overlooked. 
    Honor comes not with manipulation or forced servitude. 
    What you give is what you receive tenfold. 
    Truth is in action and intention alone. 
    The Word: 
    The meek shall inherit the earth.  
    Or so they said…
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    Glasgow private investigator Derek Adams can't seem to get away from the otherworldly, especially not when it seems to be the only paying gig in town. So when an old widow offers him two grand to find her son-who isn't exactly missing...just not himself-it's not long before things start to get weird, and a road trip to the rural village of Skye turns into a detour to the twilight. Before long, Derek is on a remote island, hip-deep in mermaids, stalked by shape-shifters, and tangled in the nets of a diabolical fisher cult intent on waking an ancient god and unleashing the apocalypse. In other words, it's business as usual.
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    My black market blood dealer, Emmet Carson, is dead. So are three other people, all found in Lake Lanier. No one had to hire me to unravel this mystery. This was personal.  
    Or it was, before the Head of the Talmadge Family, Jedediah, requested my presence once again. This time a magic cup is missing, stolen out of the New York safe house, a place that holds Night Walker artifacts. It was stolen by another Ghoul, and Jedediah wants me to find it. After all, she and I were in the same club of previously owned humans.  
    Throw in a Vampiric Countess, a sleeping Ancient and a myth even I didn't believe existed, not to mention, there is something in the water... 
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  • Primitive - A Bone Bonebrake Adventure - cover

    Primitive - A Bone Bonebrake...

    David Wood

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    Some legends are true.
    It is a myth out of history, spawned by Native American lore and the stories of Spanish Explorers. But what if the legends are true? Former Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter Uriah "Bones" Bonebrake sets off on his first solo adventure in this action-packed novella.
    When television host Joanna Slater hires bones to help investigate one of Florida's oldest and best-known legends, their crew gets more than they bargained for. Mystery and thrills abound in PRIMITIVE!
    Praise for David Wood and the Dane Maddock Adventures
    “A brisk read, reminiscent of early Cussler adventures, and perfect for an afternoon at the beach or a cross-country flight. You'll definitely want more of Maddock.” Sean Ellis- Author of Into the Black
    “A non-stop thrill ride triple threat- smart, funny and mysterious.” Jeremy Robinson, author of Threshold
    “David Wood has done it again. An expedition that leads down a trail of adventure and thrills.” David L. Golemon, Author of LEGACY, THE SUPERNATURALS, AND EVENT
    “Ancient cave paintings? Cities of gold? Secret scrolls? Sign me up! A twisty tale of adventure and intrigue that never lets up and never lets go!” -Robert Masello, author of BESTIARY and BLOOD AND ICE
    “Let there be no confusion: David Wood is the next Clive Cussler. Once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until the last mystery plays out in the final line.” Edward G. Talbot, author of 2010: THE FIFTH WORLD
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  • Urban Legend- A Story from the Dane Maddock Universe - cover

    Urban Legend- A Story from the...

    David Wood

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    Urban legend: a horrific story or piece of information circulated as though it was true. 
    When Willis Sanders is called upon to locate a missing person, he comes face to face with a real-life urban legend…but can he escape with his life? 
    Praise for David Wood 
    “David Wood has done it again. Within seconds of opening the book, I was hooked. Intrigue, suspense,monsters, and treasure hunters. What more could you want? David's knocked it out of the park with this one!”-Nick Thacker- author of The Enigma Strain 
    “Dane and Bones.... Together they're unstoppable. Rip roaring action from start to finish. Wit and humor throughout. Just one question - how soon until the next one? Because I can't wait.” 
    -Graham Brown, author of Shadows of the Midnight Sun 
    “What an adventure! A great read that provides lots of action, and thoughtful insight as well, into strange realms that are sometimes best left unexplored.” -Paul Kemprecos, author of Cool Blue Tomb and the NUMA Files 
    “A page-turning yarn blending high action, Biblical speculation, ancient secrets, and nasty creatures. Indiana Jones better watch his back!” -Jeremy Robinson, author of SecondWorld 
    “With the thoroughly enjoyable way Mr. Wood has mixed speculative history with our modern day pursuit of truth, he has created a story that thrills and makes one think beyond the boundaries of mere fiction and enter the world of 'why not'?” -David Lynn Golemon, Author of the Event Group series 
    “A twisty tale of adventure and intrigue that never lets up and never lets go!” -Robert Masello, author of The Einstein Prophecy 
    “Let there be no confusion: David Wood is the next Clive Cussler. Once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until the last mystery plays out in the final line.”-Edward G. Talbot, author of 2012: The Fifth World 
    “I like my thrillers with lots of explosions, global locations and a mystery where I learn something new. Wood delivers! Recommended as a fast paced, kick ass read.”-J.F. Penn, author of Desecration
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  • Anubis Key- A Jake Crowley Adventure - Jake Crowley Adventures #2 - cover

    Anubis Key- A Jake Crowley...

    David Wood, Alan Baxter

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    Some doors should never be opened. 
    When Rose Black’s sister goes missing, she once again calls upon Jake Crowley for help, but the two get more than they bargained for. The search takes them on a twisting journey, where danger lies at every turn. From ancient pyramids to lost cities, deadly cultists and conspirators lie in wait as Jake and Rose navigate depths few have dared on a pulse-pounding search for the ANUBIS KEY! 
    Praise for Wood and Baxter! 
    “A genuine up all night got to see what happens next thriller that grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go until the last.” Steven Savile, author of Silver 
    “Mixing history and lore with science and action, David Wood and Alan Baxter have penned a thriller that is hard to put down.” —Jeremy Robinson, author of Island 731 
    “Bone-cracking terror from the stygian depths, Primordial explodes off the page!.” –Lee Murray, author, Into the Mist 
    “One of the best, the most thoroughly delightful and satisfying, books that I've read in quite some time. A serious out-of-the-park type of home run hit.” —Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review 
    “A sinister tale of black magic and horror – not for the faint hearted.” - Greig Beck, bestselling author of Beneath the Dark Ice 
    “With mysterious rituals, macabre rites and superb supernatural action scenes, Wood and Baxter deliver a fast-paced horror thriller.” -J.F.Penn, author of the bestselling ARKANE thriller series 
    “Wood and Baxter have taken on the classic black magic/cult conspiracy subgenre, chucked in a toxic mix of weirdness, creepshow chills and action, and created a tale that reads like a latter-day Hammer Horror thriller. Nice, dark fun.”-Robert Hood, author of Immaterial
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