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Highly Successful Stock Investment Formula at Short-term - Equation of Stock Investment in Which Even Beginners Learn and Make Profits Easily - cover

Highly Successful Stock Investment Formula at Short-term - Equation of Stock Investment in Which Even Beginners Learn and Make Profits Easily

YoungMin Kim

Publisher: PENREEVE

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This book introduces a formula for safe stock investment.Do you think investing in stocks is gambling?Or do you think simply good luck will make a profit, and bad luck will make a loss?There\'s a formula for safe stock investment.The forces that move the sport do not simply manage the sport by luck, nor do they decide whether the sport goes up or down like gambling.There may be a deviation from one stock to another, but the power does not simply leave the huge amount of money it has invested to chance to manage the stock.A formula that goes up when it has to go up, falls when it falls, and rebound when it\'s going to rebound, when power is in control.Only then can other investors pay more attention to the stock and buy it, so the forces can see big returns.The reason for gambling is lack of knowledge and experience,He is possessed by a delusion that, on the spur of the moment, will make him rich.With the expectation that the stock will continue to rise despite the fact that it has already finished rising,It\'s a gamble because you can\'t cope with it when you go up, but when you go down.The investment formula that this book introduces1. It\'s a short-term stock investment formula.There are only so few regular items that can be invested for many years.When the formula in this book is over and the rise is over, change it to another category.2. I\'ll show you how to buy it on your right knee and sell it on your left shoulder.Buying from the soles of the feet, selling from the top of the head, can only be done by force.Reduce your greed.Sometimes the gap between the right knee and the left shoulder can be very large, or the gap can be very narrow.But it still makes a profit, and you can apply the equation to other stocks, so you can continue to make a profit.3. Just as memorizing math formulas makes solving problems easy, memorizing formulas for stock investments makes stocks easier.If you don\'t know the formula or know-how for anything, it\'s several times more difficult than someone who has experience.However, if you memorize a formula and solve a number of problems, it becomes easier to solve most of the problems that apply to that formula.There\'s such a formula in this book, so memorize it and study it.4. Explain how individual investors apply formulas to the largest number of Kium securities programs.If you follow along, you can set up a securities program and apply it to short-term investments.Please empty your head and reduce your greed if you have anything to say.Even if you leave your money in the bank for a year, you only pay 2-3% interest.Even if the profits are low sometimes, it\'s a great way to keep the principal and make a steady profit.Of course, there are times when it\'s profitable, so you\'ll end up feeling financial ease.Lists1. Formula of MACD453 strong section attack 2. Formula of Ichimoku chart baseline 26 day, 130 day line attack 3. Formula of start-up decline on 3-day or 3-week moving average4. Formula of targeting stocks fall -60% from highest point after new listing 5. Formula at order of 20-day line, 5-day line, Ichimoku chart baseline of 130, and 60-day line6. Formula for targeting at the closing price of the largest trading volume

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