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The Summerhill Manor - Blood Curse - cover

The Summerhill Manor - Blood Curse

Wyatt Allen

Publisher: Book-Art Press Solutions LLC

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On top of a mountain in North Carolina surrounded by hundreds
of miles of beautiful countryside, lies the Summerhill Manor. it‘s an
old plantation that was once the center of society back in the 1800's
owned by George and Margaret Summerhill, which was maintained
and cared for by their slaves. The plantation was a big part of the
unimaginable wealth that gave Margaret Summerhill the standing
in society she so desperately desired. 
But after the war ended, something sinister and dark came over
the Summerhill's. changing their lives forever. Now more than two
centuries have come to pass, and a new chapter in the story of the
Summerhill Manor is about to unfold. 
Located in the big city of Detroit, a young couple struggles through
life living from one paycheck to the next. But this couple‘s lives
were about to change. Cindy. the wife of James Parker, was soon
to discover that not only she was adopted from the wealthy
Summerhill's, but that she was in fact the last living descendent;
and she not only inherited their fortune, but their manor as well,
After Cindy and James travel to North Carolina to meet with lawyer
Marcus Wilcox to claim the estate, they soon discover they've
inherited much more than a beautiful plantation. 
After several unexplainable events, James becomes withdrawn and
cold. Cindy starts having strange dreams and turns to her lifelong
friend. Tracy, for help. 
Tracy is a reporter for a large newspaper in Detroit and gets in
contact with a team of paranormal investigators. After researching
the history of the manor, Ashley Michaels and her paranormal team
come to the plantation to rid it of whatever it is that will not let its
new owners live in peace. But upon starting their investigation, they
soon discover they‘re dealing with something much more sinister
than any of them had realized.

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