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Bab Ballads and Savoy Songs - cover

Bab Ballads and Savoy Songs

W. S. Gilbert

Publisher: Project Gutenberg

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Available since: 03/15/2005.

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  • A River of Crows - cover

    A River of Crows

    Shanessa Gluhm

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    In 1988, Sloan Hadfield’s brother Ridge went fishing with their father and never came home. Their father, a good-natured Vietnam veteran prone to violent outbursts, was arrested and charged with murder. Ridge’s body was never recovered, and Sloan’s mother—a brilliant ornithologist—slowly descended into madness, insisting her son was still alive.
    Now, twenty years later, Sloan’s life is unraveling. In the middle of a bitter divorce, she’s forced to return to her rural Texas hometown when her mother is discharged from a mental health facility.
    Overwhelmed by memories and unanswered questions, Sloan returns to the last place her brother was seen all those years ago: Crow’s Nest Creek. There, she is shocked to hear a crow muttering the same syllable over and over: Ridge, Ridge, Ridge.
    When the body of another boy is found, Sloan begins to question what really happened to her brother all those years ago. What she discovers will shock her small community and turn her family upside down.
    A River of Crows is a tale of family secrets, deception, and revenge perfect for fans of Julia Heaberlin and Jennifer Hillier.
    Praise for A River of Crows
    “In A River of Crows, Shanessa Gluhm spins a complex web of murder and family revelation that propels the reader forward at a breakneck pace. Just when you think you know where the story is headed, she reveals another thread. If you haven’t yet read Shanessa Gluhm, you need to put her on your to-be-read list.”—Allen Eskens, USA Today bestselling author of The Life We Bury
    “A twisted family dynamic and complex personal history combine with a touch of romance . . . grabs on with the opening pages and holds a reader tight to the very end.”—Elena Taylor/Elena Hartwell, author of All We Buried and the Wait, Wait, Don’t Query (Yet) series
    “. . . one of the strongest new voices in mysteries. [Gluhm] has invented what could be a new genre: the family-driven mystery.”—Rob Samborn, author of The Prisoner of Paradise and Painter of the Damned
    “. . . peels away layers of family secrets in this dual timeline narrative, right up until the climatic final reveal, a twist that truly surprised me.”—Laura Kemp, award-winning author of the Lantern Creek Series
    “. . . a thought-provoking story of revelation, family ties, discovery, and murder. Readers who choose A River of Crows for its mystery will find an unexpected draw and value in the emotional components which keep the plot action-packed and charged with transformation.”—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
    "Shanessa Gluhm, with literary panache, expertly shows what happens when a family strays from respect and honesty, with the consequence of it all, as dark as a crow’s wing, unfurling, touching, and changing everything and everyone in its path."—Lone Star Literary Life
    “Like the tumultuous river flowing at the center of this gripping tale, Shanessa Gluhm has crafted a pulsating story that is just waiting to pull you into its chilling depths and slowly reveal all its darkest secrets”—Indies Today
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  • After the Fall: Dirges Among Ruins - cover

    After the Fall: Dirges Among Ruins

    Eric Tinsay Valles

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    This collection explores the creative space of poetry as a means to unravel feelings evoked by the violence of war or by everyday traumatic events. One may come to terms with uncomfortable, including unspeakable, feelings by describing them with imagery from nature and one’s immediate environment. By participating in grieving, the self can better face any lingering effects of trauma. In this creative space, dramatic speakers retell stories and give vent to contradictory feelings through silences and free play. Their accounts attest to the dappled beauty of the human condition even if the full nature, scope and effects of traumatic memories are always beyond their grasp.
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  • Finding My Elegy - New and Selected Poems - cover

    Finding My Elegy - New and...

    Ursula K. Le Guin

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    This poetry collection by the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author presents selections from across fifty years of verse—plus more than seventy new poems. 
    Though internationally celebrated for her imaginative fiction, Ursula K. Le Guin started out as a poet, and since 1959 has never ceased to publish poems. Finding My Elegy distills her life's work in verse, offering a selection of the best from her six earlier volumes of poetry as well as powerful new poems written in the first decade of the twenty-first century. 
    The fruit of over a half century of writing, the seventy selected and seventy-seven new poems consider war and creativity, motherhood and the natural world, and glint with humor and vivid beauty. These moving works of art are a reckoning with a whole life. 
    "She never loses touch with her reverence for the immense what is.” —Margaret Atwood
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  • Jazzy's Story - cover

    Jazzy's Story

    Zakiya Coleman

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    Ha you ever woke up and wondered what the hell happend well in Jazzy's Stroy that's excatly what happend to her she's been lied to rapped and left for dead and left to raise a child of her own. How will Jazzy survive this? As for for a little about me I'm 30years old I've been writing for some years now and I've gotten really well at it what ever I write comes from the heart I do have other books I want to be published but I said let me start our with this one First I'm from New York and I could use all the support on how to become a better writer and please show me some love and help my book grown feel free to leave Postive comments please 
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  • The Rape Of Lucrece (Zongo Classics) - cover

    The Rape Of Lucrece (Zongo...

    William Shakespeare

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    The Rape of Lucrece (1594) is a narrative poem by William Shakespeare about the legendary Lucretia. In his previous narrative poem, Venus and Adonis (1593), Shakespeare had included a dedicatory letter to his patron, the Earl of Southampton, in which he promised to write a "graver work". Accordingly, The Rape of Lucrece has a serious tone throughout.
    The poem begins with a prose dedication addressed directly to the Earl of Southampton, which begins, "The love I dedicate to your Lordship is without end.” It refers to the poem as a pamphlet, which describes the form of its original publication of 1594.
    The dedication is followed by "The Argument”, which is a prose paragraph that contains a synopsis of the story and some background.
    The poem contains 1,855 lines, divided into 265 stanzas of seven lines each. The rhythm of each line is iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme for each stanza is ABABBCC, a format known as "rhyme royal”, which has been used by Geoffrey Chaucer, John Milton and John Masefield.
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  • For a World Without Rape - Female Poetry - cover

    For a World Without Rape -...

    Women against RAPE

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    As you open it, you may think it is a booklet: a booklet with a collection of poems. But closer examination will awaken your senses and you will see it for what it is; feel the pain it represents: and hear the desperate cries emanating from the depth of devastated female souls.
    The cries are neither imaginary nor utopian, but part of a struggle, an ever- growing struggle emphatically shared and passionately voiced by women all over the world: women unequivocally opposed to any form of rape.
    The rape of women has been a heinous reality throughout history with consequences that include violence requiring hospital treatment; an initial reaction of disassociation and emotional numbness; fear resulting from various factors including a reluctance to tell family and friends, becoming pregnant, or contracting a sexually transmitted infection; feelings of embarrassment, shame, and even guilt; depression while coming to terms with, or recovering from such a traumatic event; and recurrent dreams and nightmares as the brain endeavors to process, understand, and recover from what has occurred.
    Rape has been anchored within the souls of all women since childhood irrespective of country, culture, ethnic group, or society. It is anchored in all women whether they have or have not been the victims of rape. Just opposing rape, however, is not enough because rape is a barbaric violation that has to be focused on and stopped.
    Focusing on the depravity of rape and the ominous shadow of violence it casts over women requires the heartfelt voice of women to be passionately expressed and universally heard. Such expression can be elevated to the level of significant relevance with poetry wrought from the anguished words of women whose souls are crying out for a rape-free world where respect for human rights also includes the rights of all women.
    Milena Rampoldi, Founder of ProMosaik
    William Hanna, Human Rights Activist
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