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House of Cards - The Chronicles of Kerrigan #3 - cover

House of Cards - The Chronicles of Kerrigan #3

W.J. May

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

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House of Cards  
Book III in the Chronicles of Kerrigan by USA TODAY bestselling author, W.J. May 
Rae Kerrigan is three months away from graduating from Guilder Boarding School. She is now moonlighting as an operative for the Privy Council, a black ops division for British Intelligence. She's given a mento, Jennifer, who fights lie a demon -- fast, tough, and incredibly strong-willed. Rae finds a strange maternal bond with her. At the same time, she finds a new friend when Devon disappoints her once again. 
Childhood memories surface and evoke hidden secrets she is determined to solve. When the Privy Council ask for her help, she is forced to try and find a link to the Xavier Knights -- another agency similar to the Privy Council. Through the mysteries and secrets, she begins to question what the PC represents and where she stands.    
Will she lose herself in the confusions of the past and present? What will it mean for her future? 
Series Order: 
Rae of Hope 
Dark Nebula 
House of Cards 
Royal Tea 
Under Fire 
End in Sight 
Hidden Darkness 
Twisted Together 
Mark of Fate 
Strength & Power 
Last One Standing 
Rae of Light 
Prequel: Christmas Before the Magic

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