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Desperate Times Desperate Measures - A Litter of Pups No1 - cover

Desperate Times Desperate Measures - A Litter of Pups No1

Wilson Harbour

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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A Litter of Pups is a series that not only explores the forbidden sexual acts of men with their loyal canines but the shocking consequences of their forbidden desires. In this passionate quickie Alex, an gay eighteen year old muscle stud, tries out his first ever pussy, a tight piece that happens to belong to his loyal German Shepard Lilly. Cocks thrust, cunts squeeze and cum blasts in a frenzy of sin and debauchery.

Alex always had some piece lined up, a few a day actually and sometimes more than one lover at a time. The most he ever fucked together was three.  This Saturday evening however the bulky muscle hunk found himself quite lonesome. Things had popped up everywhere and everyone seemed to be busy. It was getting late and his car had issues starting so going out and acquiring some new tail was out of the question. Alex had steady ass every night for the past two years so his cock was aching for some soft heat, some tight wetness and somewhere to unload his ever growing reserve of spunk. As he slipped two of his fingers into a tight, leaking cunt he gasped a little, it being weird but the gay stud had no other options and a slicked up hand just wouldn't do. He was about to try his first pussy, maybe his only ever pussy and at least it wasn't an actual girl's. Alex was about to fuck his loyal, loving, sweet German Shepard Lilly.

“Fuck...” He commented with a breath, his Southern accent thick and sweet to loving Lilly's ears as she felt her human's fingers start to explore and stimulate her aroused flesh.
Alex began to undo his skin tight tan jeans, his large muscles all bulging, especially his enormous biceps as he unfastened his belt. Lilly turned to her master, eyeing his body, so much solid bulk that barely fit in the tight, black polo shirt he wore, glancing up to his sweet, adorable face, his green eyes set on her in an intense hedonistic gaze. He was going to fuck the shit out of her, something she had seen him do to so many men, her eyes moving to his hands as they started to undo and unzip his jeans, that thing inside she had often seen used on others, so big and so thick, now all hers. She nuzzled the massive erection he had through the denim, causing pleasant sensations for him as he bit his bottom lip and petted her head affectionately. His horny, wet bitch was about to get her virgin pussy busted wide open, the dog eager it seemed as he extracted his huge cock, pulling down the front of his black briefs to let it extend out and grow to its full length.

Lilly was quick to start licking at his warm shaft, Alex crying out some as she licked up to his tip, slurping up the pool of pre-cum that was forming there. He had to stop her, so close to busting right then and there on her tongue and snout, turning her as he caressed her body with one hand, feeling through her soft coat. He then held up her tail and set the tip of his thick schlong at her dripping, tiny opening, not waiting as he pushed into his dog slowly. He knew this was wrong but he needed to fuck something, and hers would be the only pussy he'd ever try. If he liked it he'd surely fuck her again, she was after all his devoted pet.

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