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PT 109 - An American Epic of War Survival and the Destiny of John F Kennedy - cover

PT 109 - An American Epic of War Survival and the Destiny of John F Kennedy

William Doyle

Publisher: William Morrow

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The extraordinary World War II story of shipwreck and survival that paved John F. Kennedy's path to power – hailed as a “breathtaking account” by James Patterson, “masterfully written” by historian Douglas Brinkley, and “the finest book” ever written on the subject by Lt. Commander William Liebenow, the man who rescued JFK and the PT 109 crew in August 1943. 
In the early morning darkness of August 2, 1943, during a chaotic nighttime skirmish amid the Solomon Islands, the Japanese destroyer Amagiri barreled through thick fog and struck the U.S. Navy's motor torpedo boat PT 109, splitting the craft nearly in half and killing two American sailors instantly. The sea erupted in flames as the 109's skipper, John F. Kennedy, and the ten surviving crewmen under his command desperately clung to the sinking wreckage; 1,200 feet of ink-black, shark-infested water loomed beneath. "All hands lost," came the reports back to the Americans' base: no rescue was coming for the men of PT 109. Their desperate ordeal was just beginning—so too was one of the most remarkable tales of World War II, one whose astonishing afterlife would culminate two decades later in the White House. 
Drawing on original interviews with the last living links to the events, previously untapped Japanese wartime archives, and a wealth of archival documents from the Kennedy Library, including a lost first-hand account by JFK himself, bestselling author William Doyle has crafted a thrilling and definitive account of the sinking of PT 109 and its shipwrecked crew's heroics. Equally fascinating is the story's second act, in which Doyle explores in new detail how this extraordinary episode shaped Kennedy's character and fate, proving instrumental to achieving his presidential ambitions: "Without PT 109, there never would have been a President John F. Kennedy," declared JFK aide David Powers. 
Featuring castaways on a deserted island, a spy network of Solomon Island natives, an Australian coast watcher hidden on the side of a volcano, an S.O.S. note carved into a coconut, and a daring rescue attempt led by Kennedy's fellow American PT boats, PT 109 is an unforgettable American epic of war and destiny.

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    In 1984, a young pop musician with a few hits under her belt gave an energetic performance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. After the performance, Dick Clark asked of the young woman: "What do you hope will happen, not only in 1984 but for the rest of your professional life? What are your dreams? What's left?” Without missing a beat, Madonna replied that she wanted "to rule the world." Twenty-eight years after her bold response, Madonna’s accomplishments and popularity demonstrate that, in a way, this proclamation proved prophetic.
    Madonna is undoubtedly an international celebrity. Thanks to the spread of MTV and the Internet, Madonna’s music has become a fixture in the lives of people as far away as Zimbabwe. She has achieved a level of fame that causes her to be known by people across the world, regardless of culture, age, or sex. Even those who don’t listen to music know who Madonna is. 
    Right from the start, Madonna seemed to have a plan on how to dominate the world. She wasn’t just satisfied with having a successful music career. Right after her first two albums, both of which were blockbuster albums that produced numerous hit singles such as “Like a Virgin,”  “Holiday,” and “Material Girl,” she dabbled in movies and became a movie star. With her messy chic style that was mimicked by girls everywhere, she also became a fashion icon. Her presence and influence was so great in the 1980s that her style and music has come to characterise the decade.
    As time went on, the world saw that Madonna wasn’t just some entertainer who loved to shock people. Of course, she did a great job of that over the years, by doing things such as wearing scanty clothing while draped in crucifix necklaces, kissing other women, and releasing a soft porn coffee table book. But perhaps the real reason why she hasn’t disappeared yet is because Madonna is extremely smart and shrewd. 
    Her accomplishments in the music industry alone include selling more than 300 million records worldwide, ranking as the world’s top-selling female recording artist and top solo artist, several sold-out tours, and multiple Grammy awards. This hardly scratches the surface of what she’s done with her life.
    By reinventing herself over and over again and diversifying her talents, she had managed to keep herself relevant and exciting. Not only is she a singer and actress, she’s also a movie producer, songwriter, author, philanthropist, and business entrepreneur. She is one of those rare people who have become a part of American culture itself. 
    So after struggling for several years in New York City, Madonna finally hit it big in the early ‘80s. Her first album, the self-titled Madonna, featured several Billboard top hits, including “Holiday,” “Borderline,” and “Lucky Star.” 
    At MTV’s very first Video Music Awards, she performed her new song “Like a Virgin” to promote her upcoming album of the same name. Performing on top of a giant wedding cake and writhing around on the floor while dressed in a wedding dress fitted with a bustier, she became a national sensation. She also caused parental and religious outrage, who thought her blatant displays of sexuality rather offensive. 
    Like a Virgin demonstrated that Madonna wasn’t just a one album wonder. It took the number one spot on the album charts for three weeks straight. Seven million copies of the album were sold worldwide by May 1985. Her music video for “Material Girl,” inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” song routine from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, showed that Madonna could do the glamorous look as well just as good as any other celebrity.
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    Where do I start?
    Over the years of psychic medium work I have frequently been asked,
    "When did you know you were psychic?"
    For me it was very early in my childhood. I believe we are all born with psychic abilities and as a child my mother supported my gift. Many people ignore or are in denial about their psychic ability as they're just not ready. Believe it or not, all of us to some degree have psychic abilities.
    Throughout my family history our psychic abilities are well documented. My children also have the gift and choose to use their abilities at their own discretion.
    Over the years I have trained many talented people who have become Spiritual Teachers, Reiki Masters, Clairvoyants and Healers. Other students have done my programs for their own personal spiritual journey. I love my students as they come from all walks of life and beliefs.
    I love that spirituality has no denomination.
    The work I do is active, interactive and thought provoking. During my 'Evenings with Spirit', I speak to those who have passed over in front of a live audience. What comes through from time to time is both exciting and riveting. Some come to my live shows with reservations or skepticism and leave wanting to come back or to make a booking for a personal consultation.
    All I ask is that people approach what I do with an open mind.
    I am pleased you have taken the time to read my introduction. My invitation for you to come into my world through this book is genuine as I know many of you with natural psychic ability will be curious to know my story. Having the gift can be a lonely and confusing path to follow at times but through my book I hope to be able to help you to find some of the answers you may be seeking.
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    Girl in the Dark

    Anna Lyndsey

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    'An astonishing memoir' Sonali Deraniyagala, author of Wave 
    'Oh, what can I not do, in my dreams. In my dreams I travel on trains and climb mountains, I play concerts and swim rivers, I carry important documents on vital missions, I attend meetings which become song-and-dance routines. My body lies boxed in darkness, but beneath my closed eyelids there is colour, sound and movement, in glorious contrast to the day; mad movies projected nightly in the private theatre of my skull.' 
    Anna Lyndsey was living a normal life. She enjoyed her job; she was ambitious; she was falling in love. Then the unthinkable happened. 
    It began with a burning sensation on her face when she was exposed to computer screens and fluorescent lighting. Then the burning spread and the problematic light sources proliferated. Now her extreme sensitivity to light in all forms means she must spend much of her life in total darkness. 
     During the best times, she can venture cautiously outside at dusk and dawn, avoiding high-strength streetlamps. During the worst, she must spend months in a darkened room, listening to audiobooks, inventing word-games and fighting to keep despair at bay.  
     Told with great beauty, humour and honesty, Girl in the Dark is the astonishing and uplifting account of Anna's descent into the depths of her extraordinary illness. It is the story of how, through her determination to make her impossible life possible and with the love of those around her, she has managed to find light in even the darkest of places.
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    May, 1992. Hana is twelve years old when her older sister Atka puts her on a UN evacuation bus fleeing the besieged city of Sarajevo. Thinking they will be apart for a short time, they make a promise to each other to be brave. But as the Bosnian war escalates and months go by without contact, their promise becomes deeply significant. Hana is forced to cope as a refugee in Croatia, while Atka and their younger siblings battle for survival in a city overwhelmed by crime and destruction. Then, when Atka manages to find work as a translator, events take an unexpected turn, and the remarkable events that follow change her life, and those of her family, forever.
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    Corinne Hofmann falls in love with a Masai warrior while on holiday in Kenya. A hopelessly romantic love story, a gripping adventure yarn and, incidentally, a fine piece of meticulously observed social anthropology.
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