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The Mayor's Daughter III - Miller's End - cover

The Mayor's Daughter III - Miller's End

Will 2017-06-28

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

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Will Versuch, author of The MayorÕs Daughter: Draft Pony and The MayorÕs Daughter 2: Stablemate has brought us the end of this thrilling storyline. In the third and final installation of the Mayor's Daughter trilogy, Jessica and Allison's struggle inside the Mill continues. Both girls have known what it means to be a Draft Pony, locked in leather and forced to toil under the control of their owner. Life as a Draft Pony means little rest, strict bondage, and cruel punishment for every infraction of the strict rules.  Jessica has tasted life as a Show Pony and the improvements that it offers. Allison, while serving as a Draft Pony herself, has seen how much better the life of a Show Pony can be, and yearns to reach that level. But there can be only one Show Pony, and the two girls must compete to see who will earn it. The arrival of Officer Kate Morgan adds a new wrinkle to the workings of the Mill. But is she there to free the girls and end their torment? Or is she just another player in the Mill Owner's game? The Miller's End will bring Jessica Miller's story to a close. Will she end up as a trained pony slave, sold to the highest bidder as the Mill Owner promised her? Will she find freedom from the Mill? What will her fellow ponygirl AllisonÕs fate be? And what about the MayorÕs involvement? Will he face justice for his part in his daughterÕs torment or will he move on with his political career?  Readers of the first two books will find the same intricate bondage that filled the first two books in this thrilling conclusion.

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