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Becoming Native to This Place - cover

Becoming Native to This Place

Wes Jackson

Publisher: The University Press of Kentucky

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In this essay collection, one of the foremost voices in sustainable agriculture sets out a new approach to farming and community engagement. 
In these six compelling essays, Wes Jackson lays the foundation for a new farming economy grounded in nature's principles and located in dying small towns and rural communities. Exploding the tenets of industrial agriculture, Jackson seeks to integrate food production with nature in a way that sustains both. 
Jackson’s radical vision is directly at odds with a modern consumer culture that deprives us of any meaningful connection to our natural and social environments. His essays, anchored in his work with The Land Institute, offer an authentic and practical approach to topics that often fail to escape the realm of theory.
Available since: 04/23/2014.
Print length: 144 pages.

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    Beyond traditional binary frameworks, "Beyond Binary: Navigating the Era of New Age Artificial Intelligence" thoroughly examines the complex field of artificial intelligence (AI). This ground-breaking book, written with thorough research and perceptive analysis, urges readers to embrace the complexity and nuance inherent in this transformative technology of artificial intelligence (AI) and to move beyond fundamental dichotomies in their approach. 
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    The book "Beyond Binary" makes responsible AI development and application one of its main concerns. The book invites readers to embrace a balanced and informed stance on AI, appreciating its potential for innovation and advancement and the ethical and societal issues it offers rather than giving in to fear or irrational enthusiasm. By promoting a more profound comprehension of AI's intricacies, the book enables readers to actively mold the field's future by supporting laws and procedures that put human welfare and ethical concerns first. 
    In summary, everyone looking to comprehend and negotiate the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence would find "Beyond Binary: Navigating the Era of New Age Artificial Intelligence" a must-read. Using its careful examination and moral reflection, the book provides a guide for accepting AI's potential while being aware of its associated risks
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    Be sure to read the other books in the Kids Learn With Pictures Series.
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    More than fifteen years ago, Tamar Geller began hercareer as a dog trainer by observing a scientific studyof wolves in the wild. She realized that thesocialization and parenting techniques they used toraise their cubs were rooted in bonding,communication, and play—not in aggression,dominance, or punishment. If people used thesetechniques when training their dogs, she realized,there would be no need for prong collars, chokechains, or any kind of physical or verbal aggression.She realized we can make it "fun" for our dogs tolisten to us and behave as we want them to.Tamar went on to train the dogs of many celebrities,including Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Nicollette Sheridan, Owen Wilson, theOsbournes, and others. Her nonaggressive methodsare so revolutionary that the Humane Society of theUnited States approached her to be a consultant, andshe now teaches animal behavior at PepperdineUniversity.In The Loved Dog, Tamar shows anyone how tochildproof a dog, teach him vocabulary, use treats theright way, play "tug of war" to build trust, make it funfor him to come when called, teach him not to jump onpeople, and much more—using only playful bondingand positive reinforcement.
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  • Ultimate Snowflake Architecture for Cloud Data Warehousing - Architect Manage Secure and Optimize Your Data Infrastructure Using Snowflake for Actionable Insights and Informed Decisions - cover

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    "Unlocking the Power of Snowflake: Unveiling the Architectural Wonders of Modern Data Management"
    Book Description
    Unlock the revolutionary world of Snowflake with this comprehensive book which offers invaluable insights into every aspect of Snowflake architecture and management.
    Beginning with an introduction to Snowflake's architecture and key concepts, you will learn about cloud data warehousing principles like Star and Snowflake schemas to master efficient data organization. Advancing to topics such as distributed systems and data loading techniques, you will discover how Snowflake manages data storage and processing for scalability and optimized performance.
    Covering security features like encryption and access control, the book will equip you with the tools to ensure data confidentiality and compliance. The book also covers expert insights into performance optimization and schema design, equipping you with techniques to unleash Snowflake's full potential.
    By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Snowflake's architecture and be empowered to leverage its features for valuable insights from massive datasets.
    Table of Contents
    1. Getting Started with Snowflake Architecture
    2. Managing Organizations and Accounts
    3. Virtual Warehouse Compute
    4. Role-Based Access Control
    5. Snowflake Data Governance
    6. Snowflake Security Framework
    7. Deployment Considerations
    8. Data Storage in Snowflake
    9. Snowflake Marketplace:
    10. Snowpark
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  • Healthy Mental State Coaching sessions & meditations Self-help toolkit Stop overthinking - beat the negativity break the unhealthy pattern maintain balance Positive mindset happy lifestyle - cover

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    We all know that when you are in a bad mental state, you completely lose control in all areas of your life. Your physical health, emotions, and daily activities are affected. You cannot function as who you want to be. 
    It is important to take care of yourself to get your life in balance. This is an empowering state rather than you give your power away to things people circumstances. Learning the tools like meditations and following coaching sessions help you not to drill yourself down the road of negative thinking. 
    A healthy mental state is not simply the absence of mental health problems but is the ability to stay in positivity. When you are in a healthy mental lifestyle, you can let go of the stresses, anxieties, and worries of the day. You know how to manage your anger which we normally have during our day-to-day life. You can eliminate toxic thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You focus on your NOW rather than the past and the future. 
    In this course, we will Manage your angerRelease stress & anxietiesMaintain a peaceful stateIncrease mindfulness & awarenessFocus on the present momentAffirm your self-value and esteemBalance your mental bodyEmpower yourselfLet go of toxic throughPromote positive thinkingAnd much more 
    When you have tools to balance yourself quickly, you are the master of your life. You can cope with any challenges or situations and bounce back to balance quickly. You are able to realize your potential more than an average person can do. This has far more beneficial effects than any attribute in life.
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  • Best Care Anywhere - Why VA Health Care Would Work Better For Everyone - cover

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    Phillip Longman

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    “An outstanding book . . . documents how the VA’s system of integrative care outperforms the models used by private insurers.” —USW Blog (United Steelworkers) 
    Phillip Longman tells the amazing story of the turnaround of the Department of Veterans Affairs health-care system from a dysfunctional, scandal-prone bureaucracy into the benchmark for high-quality medicine in the United States. Best Care Anywhere shows that vast swaths of what we think we know about health, health care, and medical economics are just plain wrong. And the book demonstrates how this extraordinarily cost-effective model, which has proven to be highly popular with veterans, can be made available to everyone. New to this edition is an analysis of how the shortcomings of both so-called Obamacare and Republican plans to privatize Medicare reinforce the need for applying the lessons of the VA. Also included are completely updated statistics and research, as well as examples of how the private sector is already beginning to learn from the VA’s example. 
    “Among the most important social policy books published in the last decade.” —Ezra Klein, The Washington Post 
    “Read Best Care Anywhere not just to learn about one of our public health agencies that is a global star in terms of cost effective, evidence-based results, but also to learn how your own health care process can be improved by adopting the Veterans Health Administration’s methodology for transparency and patient-centered care.” —New York Journal of Books
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