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Marching Spain - cover

Marching Spain

V.S. Pritchett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Reader

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In spring 1927 V.S Pritchett set out to walk 300 miles across Spain. The country was almost completely isolated, and Pritchett describes a timeless country on the cusp of being riven by civil war, populated by a wonderful selection of characters.

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    Here is everything you need to know to create natural, luxurious soaps at home. Bestselling author and professional soap maker Melinda Coss shows how to make a wonderful range of bar and liquid soaps as well as exquisite creams, lotions, and balms. With a wide choice of design, color, and scent there’s a perfect soap here for everyone. More than 40 easy-to-follow recipes focus on natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Discover how to make pure and gentle soaps that soothe allergy-prone skin. You’ll enjoy mixing, molding, and packaging indulgent delights like Fig and Honey Exfoliant Bars, Sleeping Beauty Heavy Night Cream, Gardeners' Skin Balm, Dead Sea Mud Spa Treatment, and many more. Natural Soap, Second Edition includes a basic tutorial on soap making techniques, a well-organized guide to ingredients, and beautiful color photography. All of the equipment needed is fully explained, so even a beginner can start making soap in no time. The author reveals her trade secrets to creating the perfect aromatic blends, and even offers valuable advice on setting up your own soap making business.
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  • 101 Flawless Pick up lines! - Dirty secrets to get inside of her - cover

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    101 Flawless Pick up lines! - Dirty secrets to get inside of her
    Enclosed are some the worlds best kept secrets……….. the worlds greatest pick up lines!
    By mastering the enclosed flirt tips, you’ll become just a flirt and become one with yourself.
    Use these line 
     - pick up women 
     - flirt for fun and meet the one 
     - pick up single ladies 
     - pick up girls (by this we mean women) 
     - pick up single parents 
     - pick up a single mom 
     - pick up a single white vampire 
     - pick up men (wheather you are gay or lesbian, most of these lines are universal)
    If you fall flat on your face flirting with disaster then simply get up, pick up the pieces, and keep flirting fearlessly, if you can’t do it in person,, then pick up the phone , pick up the line, try some flirt texting. These chat up lines will work anywhere in the world.
    Some of these are chat up lines are so powerful and dirty that you’ll become the guru of the following 
     - speed dating 
     - webcam sex 
     - dating a cougar 
     - speed dating with the dead 
     - flirting with fortune
    Your friends will be amazed by your techniques and flock to you for your advice on a range of topics
     - dating advice for men 
     - dating advice for women 
     - dating after divorce 
     - single parenting 
     - flirting with love 
     - Understand the meaning of the universe
    Married friends will beg to join you during your pick up conquests, they will file for divorce, hoping to be single by saturday and join on your speed dating crusade to your new adult romance.
    Note that we do not take responsibility for any of the following as a result of using applying our sage advice - 
     - Broken promises 
     - Broken hearts 
     - Bruised but broken arms 
     - Swollen feet 
     - Falling victim to a ballbuster 
     - Loss of innocence 
     - Loss of control
    Note that these are tried and tested golden chat up lines, but as with any pick up attempt, there is always a very small possibility of rejection.
    Download your copy today 
    Simply scroll up and click on the buy link, the ebook is delivered almost instantly to you for your reading pleasure and calculated verbal attack.
    Were you Satisfied? 
    If any of the following happened to you after you purchased this ebook 
     - Got laid 
     - Were physically abused 
     - Had a laugh 
     - Smiled 
     - Simply enjoyed our book 
    ...then please leave a review behind………
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    Cooking  Your  Way  to  Good  Health  Getting  Healthy  the  Right  Way  From  the  time  you  wake  up  in  the  morning   to  the  time  you  sit  down  at  the  dinner  table   choosing  the  right  nutrition  is  one  of  the  most  important  things  you  can  do.  Good  healthy  foods  may  be  hard  to  come  by  these  days   but  if  you  are  willing  to  spend  a  little  extra  money  and  look  through  this  book   you  will  find  that  living  healthy  doesn't  have  to  be  hard.  One  of  the  most  common  concerns  amongst  those  who  are  getting  ready  to  hop  into  their  next  diet  is  the  taste.  How  will  these  new  meals  taste?  Are  there  any  tasty  healthy  recipes?  This  book  answers  that  questions  with  a  resounding  yes!  Before  you  know  it  you'll  have  plenty  of  easy  healthy  meals  that  will  not  only  provide  you  with  a  healthy  alternative   but  keep  your  stomach  full.  These  days   that's  a  bit  of  a  tall  order!  Not  only  does  this  book  provide  you  with  incredible  healthy  dishes   but  also  plenty  of  incredible  meal  plans  which  will  help  you  to  outline  every  single  day  of  your  week.  As  you  try  all  of  these  recipes  and  incorporate  them  into  your  daily  life   you  will  be  able  to  swap  different  meal  items  to  make  your  days  a  bit  more  unique.  It  might  sound  a  bit  complicated  at  the  moment   but  soon  enough  you  will  be  diving  headfirst  into  these  diets   ensuring  that  oyu  not  only  live  a  better  life   but  that  you  don't  give  up  your  sense  of  taste  to  do  it.  While  you  may  experience  different  results   you  will  undoubtedly  find  that  you  feel  healthier   and  that's  the  most  important  thing  of  all.  You  can't  go  wrong  when  you're  trying  the  detox  diet  or  one  of  the  many  detox  meal  routines  provided  by  this  book.
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  • Familiars - Poems - cover

    Familiars - Poems

    Fred Chappell

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    Solitary, graceful, and contemplative, cats have inspired poets from Charles Baudelaire to Margaret Atwood to serve as their chroniclers and celebrants. They have appeared, wrapped in their inscrutability, in verse both sensual and spiritual, weary and whimsical. With Familiars, Fred Chappell proves himself a worthy addition to the fellowship of poets who have sought to immortalize their beloved cats.
    Here are cats as personalities, cats as art objects and historical figures, cats as reflections of human temperament. Chappell salutes the literary cats of decades past -- George Herriman's happy-go-lucky Krazy Kat, Don Marquis's grande dame mehitabel -- and the imagined cats who claim as their companions the characters from Chappell's own past poems. The cats in Familiars are alert and affectionate, equal parts cherished friends and unknowable mysteries.
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  • How to Grow Avocado Trees - cover

    How to Grow Avocado Trees

    Sam Farrell

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    The next time you eat an avocado or use one in a recipe, save the stone or pit. Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is perfect for all ages - for the garden, for indoors and it also makes a great project for class or at home...
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  • Advanced Swearing Handbook - cover

    Advanced Swearing Handbook

    Mark Leigh, Mike Lepine

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    Uncut, uncensored and totally outrageous, this guide to profanity old and new includes the most offensive song titles, the nastiest names for private parts, and the most unfortunate place names from Arsoli to Wetwang. Prepare to be amazed, shocked and highly amused, as the unapologetic Kings of Cussing show that swearing can be very funny indeed.
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