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Mistress For Sale - The Greenbrier Trilogy Book III - cover

Mistress For Sale - The Greenbrier Trilogy Book III

Victoria Morris

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media

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The high-spirited Lucy and husband Beauregard Addams are taking a long awaited honeymoon in France. But this was not be the romantic honeymoon Lucy envisioned. When they arrive at the Le Chateau de la Rose Noire (Castle of the Black Rose), Lucy is shocked to discover that the luxurious castle is a BDSM training establishment and Beau has brought her there for further instruction as his submissive and obedient wife. Lucy is incensed when ordered to submit her brother-in-law Thaddeus and their old friend Vivianne. Then further humiliated when Beau arranges for her to be trained by a cocky, young British Dom, Sir Benjamin Strathmore, who she finds utterly repulsive. Over the next few days, shes punished for her resistance, forced into a chastity belt and trained as a puppy. When she refuses to sign something called The Registry, intended to deepen her submissiveness to Beau, she earns another painful punishment.

Later, during a submissive hunt on the Chateau grounds, Lucy is assaulted by Sir Benjamin leading to a duel that sends the arrogant young Dom away in disgrace. Days later, when Vivanne turns up missing while on a trip to Paris, the shady Sir Benjamin becomes a prime suspect in her kidnapping. The once self-possessed Mistress finds herself bound and battered by a ruthless assailant who intends to enjoy all this luscious female has to offer before he takes her to a slave auction in Algeria. After a rough scene of abuse, she's completely restrained in a coffin-like box for transport. Having been further debauched and humiliated while on the ship to Algeria, the disconsolate Vivianne then languishes in a squalid prison awaiting her terrible fate. Any hope for rescue is fading fast.

While Beau and his friends embark on a frantic search for Vivianne, Lucy remains at the Chateau under the care of trusted Dominants, who will once again challenge the high-spirited beautys willingness to submit.

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    The family of a wealthy farmer Kyrylo Cheviuk is stricken by a tragedy. As time passes, nobody dares to talk about it. His young son Dmytryk´s body had been grinded by the local mill and the poor lad spent his last days hardly breathing with his bleeding chest full of pain and ... his secret love. The course of the events to follow reveals the cruel truth of his death: “They jumped about on top of poor Dmytryk, as if they were dancing a wild dance, stopping only after they heard that his bones no longer cracked...” A homecoming war veteran Ivan Varvarchuk beat Dmytryk to death for seducing his young wife Petrunia. But what did actually happen and most importantly – why?
    Several vitally interconnected storylines develop throughout the novel, all fatally converging on the Cheviuk’s family tragedy. Painting a tortured picture of life’s harsh brutality in the region, Maria Matios features traditional topics of Ukrainian literature such as soldiering, brothers’ litigation over land ownership, betrayal and revenge. Against the colourful backdrop of local traditions and highlanders’ rites she weaves her story of love, intertwined with a heart wrenching human tragedy.
    This title has been realised by a team of the following dedicated professionals: 
    Translated from the Ukrainian by Yuri Tkacz, 
    Cover art by Serhiy Ivanov,
    Maxim Hodak - Максим Ходак (Publisher), 
    Max Mendor - Макс Мендор (Director), 
    Yana Kovalskaya.
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    Samantha vowed to slaughter the impulsive rogue...if her father didn't do it first. For there's only one thing Chavez wants more than the Kingley's sprawling Mexican homestead: to ignite in Samantha's breast...and to take the tempestuous beauty in bold, rapturous conquest.
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    Damon, Marta, and AJ are back – naughtier than ever. After effectively losing her to frenemy on the first part of the story, Marta is determined to get Damon back into her side. And she's going to play dirty.
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    The surprise comes when AJ bursts into the door – and the triangle gets much more complicated. S. Cane continues the ride with three delicious characters and explosive hot sex scenes – a skilful build-up of sexual tension.
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