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Following Orders - Gay Military Erotica - cover

Following Orders - Gay Military Erotica

Victor Cox


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Mark was following in his older brother’s footsteps, as well as the rest of the males in his family. While he was not completely content in the Navy, he did like that challenge that came with it. Mark had recently been accepted to try out for the SEALs program and it was the first week in hell that Mark found what he truly desired.Lt. Camp was a much older man. Mark found himself out on an excursion over his head and the Lieutenant came to save him from his potentially fatal mistake. While Mark felt like a failure for needing help, there was something else that he could offer Lt. Camp, something he had never even conceived to give to anyone else. While the Lieutenant tried to deny his need to Mark and himself, he took what the young man offered and then some.Is Mark ready for everything to change and a new desire to grow?Enjoy this 6,000+ word gay Navy SEAL erotica, with steamy naval male on male action right now. Scroll up to find out what happens to these young studs.

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