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Wing!Fic: A Modern Anthology - Tropes #1 - cover

Wing!Fic: A Modern Anthology - Tropes #1

Tropes Publishing House

Publisher: Tropes Publishing House

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This anthology has fast paced action and captivating romances from authors around the world. Whatever you're in the mood for, this collection has something for everyone!  
Aripa by Avery Cole (USA): Slash, Magical Realism, Secret Wings  
"I wish I could fly," he whispers.  
At Ease, Soldier by S.R. Dodsworth (Canada): Slash, Post-War, Military, Friends To Lovers, Slow Burn, Winged Species, Alternate History  
Post-war living isn't exactly stress free, but Jason thinks it's high time they take a little vacation. It doesn't matter that the beach is chilly and foggy, so long as he gets to spend time with Aldin.  
Crow by Caitlyn Davis (Australia): Slash, Wing Colors, Modern!AU, Wings Are Part of Society, Discrimination  
Alexander's wings kept him on the ground, but that doesn't mean he hasn't learned how to fly.  
Feathers by Ayse Cetin (Denmark): Gen, Vignette, One-shot, Wistful  
Lucas refused to explain why he collected them. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”  
Fight Fire with a Flood by H. M. (USA): Slash, Wing!kink, Oil Glands, Urban Fantasy, Angels and Demons, Magic  
Hunting demons isn't for the faint of heart, but Collin is good at it—especially with the help of his unlikely Angel friend, Briathos. When a powerful entity is summoned to Earth, Briathos must enlist Collin’s help to banish the dangerous creature.  
Clipped by Natasha Wilco (USA): Gen, Vignette, One-shot, Hurt/Comfort, Magical Realism  
Once is all it takes.  
Bird Watching by Natasha Wilco (USA): Het, Modern AU, Wings Are Part of Society, Stalking  
Okay, she’ll look for him on Facebook, and if she doesn’t find him, then that’s it. She’s not going to be weird about this.  
The Harpy & The Handmaiden by Screaming Red Zonker (USA): Het, Modern AU, Harpies Are Known  
She’s going to regret this. A blue collar one-woman housekeeping show like her landing a job cleaning a manor? Those sorts of things just don’t happen. Not for any good reason, anyway.  
The Learning Curve by H. M. (USA): Slash, Modern!AU, Wings Are Part of Society, A/B/O  
Their courting and mating are as bright as the flash of a camera lens, and captured like snapshots in an album.  
Where There's a Wing, There's a Way by E.C.M. Rowntree (UK): Slash, College, Enemies to Lovers, Fluff, Engineering  
Jack thought he had a disaster roommate in Valentine...but perhaps his roommate can save him from disaster?  
Wings of Feather and Wax by L.Q. Lattiner (USA): Slash, A/B/O, Kidnapping, Bodyguard, Prosthetics  
Growing up in a life of privilege and being an underdog were not mutually exclusive. Theo was going to make his own path, even if he had to carve it himself.

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    Fun. Exciting. Naughty. The FIRST TIME. Gay encounters they'll never forget! 
    Best friends.  A tough cop on a deserted road.  College roommates.  An innocent twink.  The older straight guy across the street.  The boss at work & so many more... 
    Are you ready to share their first time experiences as their secret gay fantasies turn into raw reality?  Be there the first time they give into their desires, when they succumb to... NEEDING HIS TOUCH. 
    This erotica bundle collection contains 15 HOT GAY STORIES previously published individually. 
    Stories included: 
    G.I. Jack (Gay Military Sex #1) 
    My Hot, Older Neighbor (Gay Sex Confessions #1) 
    Swimsuits Optional (Gay Sex Confessions #2) 
    How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket (Gay Sex Confessions #5) 
    Best Friends Turn Into Lovers (Gay Sex Confessions #6) 
    The Agony of De Feet (Gay Foot Worship #1) 
    Senator Brick Scrotorum & The Intern (Gay Political Sex Scandals #2) 
    A Patrick On A Bear's Knee (12 Gays of X-Mas #1) 
    Two Twinks in Love (12 Gays of X-Mas #2) 
    Gay Vampire Next Door 
    Prince & The Penis Pill (Gay Sex Fairy Tales #1) 
    Naked Emperor's New Clothes (Gay Sex Fairy Tales #2) 
    College Roommate Friends Become Lovers (A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #3) 
    Naked CEO &  Horny Freshmen Interns (A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #5) 
    Merry X-Mas (A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #12)
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    Parts 1-4 of The Babysitter 
    	The Ride Home 
    	The Motel Room 
    	On Her Couch 
    	Her New Client
    	It's Steve's birthday, which means he might actually get to have sex with his wife when they get home from dinner. The only problem is that she's drunk and she insists that he drive Jenny, the babysitter, home.
    	Jenny is eighteen and she just broke up with her boyfriend because she wanted to be with a real man, not a boy.
    	Their worlds collide and they both end up getting exactly what they need. 
    	From there things continue to evolve as they begin to explore their new relationship.
    	WARNING: This 24,000+ word taboo story contains mature adult content, graphic language and descriptions of a middle aged man engaged in sex with a younger woman. If you don't enjoy these types of stories, do NOT read.
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  • His Big Fat Sausage Triple Pack 1 (Gay Erotica) - cover

    His Big Fat Sausage Triple Pack...

    Davie Dix

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    Sex is just that much better when someone is packing some serious heat!
    	Included in this triple pack are the following sexy stories:
    	Man Meat At The Movies: 
    	Jim recounts his lustful encounter with Ben at the local movie theater, where all the sweaty thrills and excitement took place off screen!
    	The Pizza Guy Is Packing: 
    	Ryan, who just found out his boyfriend has been cheating on him for months, decides to give Mike, the lucky pizza delivery guy, the biggest tip of his life!
    	The Well Hung Hitchhiker: 
    	Jeff, who recently divorced his husband, is in desperate need of a distraction from his troubles and finds it, with Kyle, the lucky hitchhiker who is about to be given the ride of his life!
    	For consenting adults only.
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