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Wing!Fic: A Modern Anthology - Tropes #1 - cover

Wing!Fic: A Modern Anthology - Tropes #1

Tropes Publishing House

Publisher: Tropes Publishing House

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This anthology has fast paced action and captivating romances from authors around the world. Whatever you're in the mood for, this collection has something for everyone!  
Aripa by Avery Cole (USA): Slash, Magical Realism, Secret Wings  
"I wish I could fly," he whispers.  
At Ease, Soldier by S.R. Dodsworth (Canada): Slash, Post-War, Military, Friends To Lovers, Slow Burn, Winged Species, Alternate History  
Post-war living isn't exactly stress free, but Jason thinks it's high time they take a little vacation. It doesn't matter that the beach is chilly and foggy, so long as he gets to spend time with Aldin.  
Crow by Caitlyn Davis (Australia): Slash, Wing Colors, Modern!AU, Wings Are Part of Society, Discrimination  
Alexander's wings kept him on the ground, but that doesn't mean he hasn't learned how to fly.  
Feathers by Ayse Cetin (Denmark): Gen, Vignette, One-shot, Wistful  
Lucas refused to explain why he collected them. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”  
Fight Fire with a Flood by H. M. (USA): Slash, Wing!kink, Oil Glands, Urban Fantasy, Angels and Demons, Magic  
Hunting demons isn't for the faint of heart, but Collin is good at it—especially with the help of his unlikely Angel friend, Briathos. When a powerful entity is summoned to Earth, Briathos must enlist Collin’s help to banish the dangerous creature.  
Clipped by Natasha Wilco (USA): Gen, Vignette, One-shot, Hurt/Comfort, Magical Realism  
Once is all it takes.  
Bird Watching by Natasha Wilco (USA): Het, Modern AU, Wings Are Part of Society, Stalking  
Okay, she’ll look for him on Facebook, and if she doesn’t find him, then that’s it. She’s not going to be weird about this.  
The Harpy & The Handmaiden by Screaming Red Zonker (USA): Het, Modern AU, Harpies Are Known  
She’s going to regret this. A blue collar one-woman housekeeping show like her landing a job cleaning a manor? Those sorts of things just don’t happen. Not for any good reason, anyway.  
The Learning Curve by H. M. (USA): Slash, Modern!AU, Wings Are Part of Society, A/B/O  
Their courting and mating are as bright as the flash of a camera lens, and captured like snapshots in an album.  
Where There's a Wing, There's a Way by E.C.M. Rowntree (UK): Slash, College, Enemies to Lovers, Fluff, Engineering  
Jack thought he had a disaster roommate in Valentine...but perhaps his roommate can save him from disaster?  
Wings of Feather and Wax by L.Q. Lattiner (USA): Slash, A/B/O, Kidnapping, Bodyguard, Prosthetics  
Growing up in a life of privilege and being an underdog were not mutually exclusive. Theo was going to make his own path, even if he had to carve it himself.

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    A Taste of Honey is the second novel in the Crime and Passion spy thriller series. It combines the tension and drama of the classic spy thriller novels with a healthy dose of erotica for women to enjoy.
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    What’s a woman to do when her lover has given her permission to embrace all of her most erotic and perverted fantasies? Live them of course. Inside you will find some of my favorite acts of seduction as I invited new lovers to satisfy my insatiable needs. All of my actions were of course approved of and encouraged by my master. He wanted me to make up for the 17 years of celibacy I endured, and in one week, I took more lovers than most women enjoy in a life time. F really is for Fulfillment.
    I walked into the bedroom and found Philip with three sets of clothes on the bed. The first was a beautiful, green evening gown that had a long slit up the center. The second outfit was my new pair of black, latex chaps with an equally shiny corset. The third was my favorite sheer black peignoir set that I wore when I wanted to be very flirty and romantic. He had matching undergarments for each. The three outfits provided very different, erotic looks.
    “Am I to choose?”
    “No, I thought these would be good for you tonight.” Philip said thoughtfully.
    “I can’t possibly wear all three at once. No woman could pull off that look.”
    Philip laughed, “No, you’ll wear all three at different times tonight. These are your stage outfits.”
    “Stage outfits?”
    “Yea, Robert thinks that the pages for the clubs lack sizzle because you’ve never experienced that. So, he wants you to be a stripper in an all nude club.”
    “He wants me to be a stripper!? He’s out of his ever loving mind!! He told me he wanted me to go to a strip club, not be one of the entertainers.” I bellowed as I began marching toward the phone.
    Philip stopped me, “It’s part of the job; besides you like flashing.”
    His words stopped me cold because he was right. I had a beautiful, desirable body and I did enjoy showing it off. There was something truly erotic in the way a stranger would look at me when he saw my fully round breasts or came to the realization that I was a genuine redhead. As much as I wanted to deny it, he was right; I was a tease.
    “I’ve never been to one of those places in my life.”
    “I know, and that’s the point. Until you experience it, you’ll never know how to really make the web sites sizzle.”
    “Ok, but to expect me to do this without warning ...I’m 38 for Christ’s sake. How in the world am I supposed to compare to the teeny bopper hard bodies. This is madness.”
    Philip knelt before me and took my chin in his hand. Holding my face up I looked directly into his eyes and saw a look of wonder and love as Philip said, “You still don’t get it.”
    “Get what?” I asked in a truly perplexed voice.
    “You are the hottest woman any of us know. Robert and Daniel are jealous of me because I have you. Sierra looks at you and wants to be as beautiful.”
    My heart soared with his profession, and I nearly cried from the compliment, but I was determined not to ruin my make up. I looked at him and in a dejected voice, said. “I have stretch marks.”
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  • To Whom It May Concern - The Night Walker - cover

    To Whom It May Concern - The...

    D. F. Les Pierre-Luke

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    Book Description 
    To Whom It May Concern: The Night Walker 
    A Novel
    To Whom It May Concern: The Night Walker is a spin off story about FINN, the main character in the novel; F.I.N.N., which speaks about his traumatic early childhood sexual abuse (molestation) and consequent promiscuous experiences that resulted in psychological scars.  The devastation of losing his parents in the opening of the story, triggered psychotic behaviours in him, causing his past trauma to be manifested in mental instability almost instantly.  FINN sells his parents home and moves into an old house with an annex that is owned by his parents at a different neighbourhood somewhere east of the island of Trinidad.  He opens a small haberdashery-type shop in the annex, which targets the new community of upscale residents and the old residents of the surrounding areas.  His personality captivates everyone in a way that is remarkably caring.  He befriends all of his patrons while interacting with them during the day but experiences memory loss when he falls asleep at night.  He recognizes the need for psychological therapy and visits his doctor but holds fast to the fact that he has to get revenge for the death of his parents. 
    To Whom It May Concern: The Night Walker has bouts of revenge, suspicion, mystery, and psycho-sexual intrigue.  A tall black man who walks the streets of a newly developed neighbourhood (Conservation Heights) during the late hours of the evening and night leaves poster-like flyers or notes with the heading To Whom It May Concern and directions of where he could be found in an abandoned park that is part of the new neighbourhood.  He is observed by three married women (housewives) that are married to three young urban professionals (university buddies) struggling to keep their business successful and highly recognized by the government and a same-gender loving (SGL) man (massage therapist) who is struggling with keeping a steady relationship.  The three women and SGL man are friends within this newly developed neighbourhood, each of them live in very modern design homes.  They became suspicious of the tall black man, particularly his physical structure and attire, which got them curious to know more about who he was, where he lives, where he goes and why he walks through the neighbourhood.  They eventually were lured into a trap that caused their lives to change forever.   
    	The entire story is fictitious and is based in and around this newly developed neighbourhood and the suspicions that surround the tall black man and FINN who have similar attributes but completely different personalities.  The story has been presented to mimic three steps towards achieving justice, according to FINNs psychotic thinking.  These three steps combine is the structure of the novel in parts:  Part 1 - Bills, is primarily setting the stage, planning to lure his victims into a trap that is pegged on sexual intrigue and mystery.  Part 2  Acts, deal with the psycho-sexual interactions with his victims and altering the initial plan to ensure the end result is met, and Part 3  Laws, focuses on carrying out the detrimental and devious plan of action that will gain the revenge he needs for the lost of his parents without being caught.  The story ends with the authorities being misleading, leaving them in total confusion and turmoil as to who committed the homicides.
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  • Making Michael Submit - cover

    Making Michael Submit

    K.C. Cave

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    In this sequel to Making Michael Obey, marital bliss had ended for newlyweds Junie and Michael only six months into their marriage—his interest in lovemaking had waned. Junie discovered her husband is more interested in pleasuring himself than making love to her. Her healthy libido wouldn’t stand for second place, and she delivered an ultimatum. Michael, seeing the error of his ways, submitted—and he agreed to wear a locked acrylic device 24/7. Junie has taken complete control of their love life—and discovers she needs more than what Michael can deliver, even after she unlocks the cage.
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  • Milking & Lactating 1: Drinking My Daughter's Mother's Milk - Milking Erotica Lactation Cream Breast Play Hucow Breeding Erotica XXX Bareback Creampie Daddy Erotica Daddy Daughter Incest Erotica Sex Stories Suckling Lactoslut - cover

    Milking & Lactating 1: Drinking...

    Amber FoxxFire

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    My 18-year-old daughter was frantic. Her large, leaky breasts were so full of warm, creamy mother’s milk that she didn’t know what to do. As a single father, I did the only thing I could think of.
    I leaned forward, grasped one of her large, erasure-sized nipples in my mouth and began suckling.
    What on earth had come over me? This was my daughter!
    But I couldn’t stop myself. It’d been so long…
    "Daddy! Please help me!" I heard my daughter cry out as soon as I stepped in the door from work. I dropped my briefcase and raced through the house, wondering what was wrong.
    "Coming, honey!"
    "Please, daddy, hurry!" She sobbed.
    I frantically searched the house and found her in the restroom.
    "Can I come in?" I asked, gingerly cracking the door open.
    "Yes," She said, her voice hitching from the tears.
    I wondered what was wrong, but then saw my precious daughter topless, her large, lactating breasts leaking into the sink.
    "What's wrong, dear?" I asked, rubbing my 18-year-old daughter's shoulders. Candy had gotten knocked up on her 18th birthday and the guy had run off. She'd decided to keep the baby, which was great, but it was just her and I. Mom had left several years ago and I had to raise my daughter by myself.
    "Look at it all, daddy!" She said, gesturing to her leaking breasts. I had to admit, there was a fuck ton of milk draining endlessly down the sink.
    Candy broke out in huge, wracking sobs, breaking my heart.
    I hugged her close, some of the milk spurting onto my shirt. I had never said anything to her - after all, it's not something daddies do - but I'd always had a bit of a crush on her.
    I know, I know. But...still. She was a tall, willowy girl with wavy blonde hair, green eyes and a cute, dimpled face. Her breasts had always been on the large side, but ever since she'd had the baby, they'd grown tremendously.
    "What's wrong with it, honey?" I asked, inwardly groaning as her breasts pressed up against me. She was getting milk all over my shirt, but I didn't care. My cock tugged unhelpfully in my pants.
    "It's too much! Look at it all!" She pulled back and spread her arms open wide, revealing her naked breasts to my fatherly gaze. I swear I almost had a heart attack right there and then.
    I stared at her spurting milk jugs for several moments before snapping myself out of it.
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