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Twice the pain - cover

Twice the pain

Torie Grace

Publisher: Torie Grace

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This book is a standalone, complete story. No Cliffhangers. HEA. Multiple POV. MFM Ménage.
The Poison Series
The series is set around the Exclusive BDSM Club, Poison. With the Doms being Law Enforcement, Military, and Agents, and subs having a habit of getting themselves in deep trouble, there is never a dull moment. 
Oh, and just like my other books, there is, Kinky, Hot…well… you know.
Kallie had fantasied about the two handsome security operatives that her boss had hired. Cole and Troy. She didn’t see anything wrong with having a few naughty daydreams. That was until she was running for her life and the only way she could survive was to obey them.
Cole and Troy didn’t do commitments. They shared women, had fun and moved on. That was until they met Kallie. As they fight to keep her alive, they find themselves in another fight… A fight to win her heart.
Although it is a standalone, it is Book Two of the Poison Series. Each book within that series is a standalone, with no cliffhangers and can be read in any order. But, it is recommended that you read from ‘One’ onwards as characters in early books are mentioned in later books and knowing their backstories will add to your reading experience and enjoyment.
Due to the content, this book is intended for adults 18 years and older.

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    Phil raised his daughter, Mandy to know that when making a deal, both sides should get something they want. Well, Mandy wants a brand new car, but has nothing to offer her parents to make it a fair deal. That is until she reveals she knows about Phil's stash of father/daughter porn and how he secretly desires her. Now Mandy has a deal he can't refuse, she gets a new car, and her daddy gets her!
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    Mandy came over and leaning over kissed his cheek. Her long hair was down and brushed across his arm and his nose was filled with the scent of her perfume. Phil put his arm around her to give her a brief hug that for a moment pressed her breasts into his chest.
    Even between their clothes that contact gave him a sick thrill. Kate was right he had no trouble being up, it was the cause of it that was the issue.
    “Sorry, dad, you deserve better,” she said softly in his ear, then straightened.
    “Your mom’s a good woman, Mandy.” Phil defended Kate, “We’re just in different places when it comes to things you shouldn’t be discussing with me.”
    “I guess, but you always taught me that when you do everything right you deserve everything you want.”
    “Doesn’t always work in some things.” He shrugged.
    Mandy didn’t respond right away. Instead she stood there, her lips tight and her eyes narrowed as if she were thinking. Her eyes then widened and she smiled.
    “Hey, dad?”
    “What is it, kitten?” With Kate out of the room he couldn’t resist using the nickname Mandy thought was cute, but he saw as being a dirty little thrill.
    “The car. Mom said a deal could be changed if more was brought to the table.”
    “I agree with her, but you said it yourself you can’t offer anything more.”
    “What if I could?” She was still smiling, but it was a mischievous one that had him wondering what she was up to.
    “You can’t.”
    “But let’s say I could.” Mandy’s eyes were on his. “Let’s say I came up with something. Could I get the new car?”
    “Hypothetically speaking if you had something, then we could think about it. But,” he put his finger up when her smile grew bigger. “It would have to be something pretty impressive.”
    “Impressive,” she nodded. “Got it.”
    “Very impressive,” he stressed to her.
    “Oh, no worries, daddy,” she turned away, but spoke over her shoulder as she went over to the table and picked up her purse and keys. “I can be very impressive.”
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