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Echoes - cover


Torie Grace

Publisher: Torie Grace

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This book is a standalone, complete story. No Cliffhangers. HEA. Multiple POV.
The Nevermore Series
This series is set in the mountain town of Nevermore, WY.  The town has an obsession with Hockey and everyone who lives there is Kinky. You would think a small mountain town would be peaceful and drama free. But, it’s not. Love is never easy, and in Nevermore; Kinky love is harder still.
And just like my other books, there is, Kinky, Hot, — well, you know.
Lilly had been running away from a nightmare. She had just escaped a relationship that had gone very wrong. But, when Ryan the big goalie from the Nevermore Wolves had started to show interest in her she had been nervous, but happy. Then, the echoes of her painful past had come roaring back to threaten her new life.
Ryan was never interested in collaring a sub. He played, but never committed. Then Lilly arrived in the town of Nevermore, and his life took an unexpected and painful turn.
Although it is standalone, it is Book One of the Nevermore Series. Each book within that series is standalone, with no cliffhangers and can be read in any order. But, it is recommended that you read from ‘One’ onwards as characters in earlier books are mentioned in later books and knowing their backstories will add to your reading experience and enjoyment. All books are quick love and HEA.
Due to the content, this book is intended for adults 18 years and older.

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