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The Letter of Marque - Willy Lauer Book 2 #2 - cover

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The Letter of Marque - Willy Lauer Book 2 #2

Tom Thowsen

Publisher: Tom Thowsen

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This book series takes place during the days of the Napoleonic Wars. Here you get to join the brave hero Willy Lauer and his gifted heroine Raja Romanova on their new adventures. Willy is a young fisherman from Norway. Raja is a refugee from Moldova. Both wish to become privateers and make a fortune for themselves, which presents some challenges. "All is fair in love and war". 
Willy felt the nerves grow when the majestic Fredriksten Fortress came into view, and the beautiful town stretched along the coast. But his heart truly began to pound when he noticed all the people. The harbour was crawling with them. Most of the citizens had shown up. It was quite the reception. The field musicians were wearing their gorgeous uniforms, and there was smiling and cheering. But when Carsten Tank, the shipowner, opened his mouth to say: "Oh God, Willy. What is this nonsense?" with a horrified expression on his face, Willy Lauer realised that he had misunderstood. This whole scene hadn't been planned by Gustav as he'd initially thought. It had scheduled by Tank. The grand celebration was for The Avenger of Wrath; not Willy's conquest, The Sea Lion ... 
"Nonsense?" Willy said with a crooked smile. "Is that what you call this? Capturing a vessel." 
Tank laughed and shook his head. "Capturing, you say. Do you have a letter of marque?" 
Tom Thowsen (1964) is a Norwegian author who writes suspense literature. He made his breakthrough in 2015 with "The White Lady", a suspense novel about a ghost that is said to haunt Fredriksten fortress in his native town of Halden, and he received excellent publicity in the city newspaper. "Risk sports that work", they wrote. The first edition of the book sold out in two months. Later, "The White Lady" has been translated into English and is now sold on the English-language market, where it has received brilliant reception. 
Thowsen has also received good reception for the suspense novel Kayaweta. "A good mix of the Middle Ages and our time," the local newspaper Halden Arbeiderblad wrote. "The author is bursting with narrative joy and knowledge," wrote the Democrat, a newspaper in Fredrikstad.

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