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The Clumsiest People in Europe - cover

The Clumsiest People in Europe

Todd Pruzan

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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Caustic, cranky, and inadvertently hilarious, the bestselling Victorian author Mrs. Favell Lee Mortimer rarely left the house-but that didn't stop her from writing several successful travel books. With volumes on Europe, Asia, and Africa and America, Mrs. Mortimer had something nasty to say about your ancestors, no matter where they had the misfortune of living. Todd Pruzan has assembled three of Mrs. Mortimer's very forgotten classics into one volume, The Clumsiest People in Europe, a wild tour through the comically and horrifyingly misinformed prejudices of a unique Victorian eccentric.

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    101 Flawless Pick up lines! - Dirty secrets to get inside of her
    Enclosed are some the worlds best kept secrets……….. the worlds greatest pick up lines!
    By mastering the enclosed flirt tips, you’ll become just a flirt and become one with yourself.
    Use these line 
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     - pick up girls (by this we mean women) 
     - pick up single parents 
     - pick up a single mom 
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     - pick up men (wheather you are gay or lesbian, most of these lines are universal)
    If you fall flat on your face flirting with disaster then simply get up, pick up the pieces, and keep flirting fearlessly, if you can’t do it in person,, then pick up the phone , pick up the line, try some flirt texting. These chat up lines will work anywhere in the world.
    Some of these are chat up lines are so powerful and dirty that you’ll become the guru of the following 
     - speed dating 
     - webcam sex 
     - dating a cougar 
     - speed dating with the dead 
     - flirting with fortune
    Your friends will be amazed by your techniques and flock to you for your advice on a range of topics
     - dating advice for men 
     - dating advice for women 
     - dating after divorce 
     - single parenting 
     - flirting with love 
     - Understand the meaning of the universe
    Married friends will beg to join you during your pick up conquests, they will file for divorce, hoping to be single by saturday and join on your speed dating crusade to your new adult romance.
    Note that we do not take responsibility for any of the following as a result of using applying our sage advice - 
     - Broken promises 
     - Broken hearts 
     - Bruised but broken arms 
     - Swollen feet 
     - Falling victim to a ballbuster 
     - Loss of innocence 
     - Loss of control
    Note that these are tried and tested golden chat up lines, but as with any pick up attempt, there is always a very small possibility of rejection.
    Download your copy today 
    Simply scroll up and click on the buy link, the ebook is delivered almost instantly to you for your reading pleasure and calculated verbal attack.
    Were you Satisfied? 
    If any of the following happened to you after you purchased this ebook 
     - Got laid 
     - Were physically abused 
     - Had a laugh 
     - Smiled 
     - Simply enjoyed our book 
    ...then please leave a review behind………
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    Fall under the coloring in spell of these classic Tigers illustrations.
    This marvellous coloring book takes colorists on a journey through time to discover magical, fun and classic Tigers designs. 54 Pages containing images that are waiting to be discovered for all ages and lovers of Tigers, get your artistic creativity going with the intricate and fun classic and detailed drawings that beg to be filled with color.
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  • The Bible in a Nutshell: The Director's Cut - cover

    The Bible in a Nutshell: The...

    Casper Rigsby

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    This is the story of the bible told like you've very likely never heard it told before.  
    The bible is one the most highly regarded literary works of all time. A number one best-seller before there even was such a thing, the bible has long been the most purchased book in history. The problem is however, that most people haven't actually read the book, and those who have don't really understand a very fundamental fact about the bible. That fact being that the bible is in all honesty, simply a very bad work of fiction.  
    In my version I strip away all the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and all the supposedly miraculous nonsense, and tell the story for exactly what it is. The bible is nothing more than a collection of fictional works from the minds of deluded and possibly mentally ill men, which tells the story of the most powerful wizard ever to exist. This wizard just so happens to supposedly live in another dimension, and the bible offers the stories of how this extra-dimensional wizard used to supposedly interact with mankind.  
    Told from the perspective offered here, the absolute ridiculousness of this book becomes painfully transparent. Leaving the reader to wonder how anyone could have ever believed it as fact.  
    *This is an expanded edition of a much shorter work published late in 2014. This edition offers a great deal more story than the previous release, and is especially intended for those people who enjoyed the first work yet found it to be a bit short and lacking in some of the more ridiculous stories from the bible.
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