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Sharks - Fascinating Crazy and Weird Animal Facts - cover

Sharks - Fascinating Crazy and Weird Animal Facts

TJ Rob

Publisher: TJ Rob

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Do you think you know everything about Sharks? 
Can you name the types of Sharks in the Finding Nemo Movie? 
Do you know how old Sharks are? How long have they been around in the oceans? 
This book uncovers more than 51 amazing facts about Sharks. Many of these facts will be things you have never heard about before. 
Facts like…. What is the largest Shark that ever lived? What Shark is known as the “garbage can of the seas”? What is the world’s fastest Shark? What is the laziest Shark? 
Be ready to learn about these amazing animals. 
This book is loaded with facts and full of color images. Easy to read and understand. Perfect for Shark lovers of all ages - from 6 to 100! 
TJ Rob — www.TJRob.com 
For EXTRA CONTENT please visit www.TJRob.com 
Table of Contents: 
#1 Do Sharks have a super sense of smell? 
#2. How do Sharks hear when they have no ears? 
#3. How well do Sharks see underwater? 
#4. Do Sharks have any bones in their skeletons? 
#5. What will happen if Sharks stop moving? 
#6. If they have so many teeth, do Sharks get tooth cavities? 
#7. Why do some Sharks have different shaped teeth? 
#8. How many species of Shark are there today? 
#9. Do you know these Great White Sharks facts? 
#10. What was the biggest Shark that ever lived? 
#11. What is special about the Shark Immune System? 
#12. How often do Sharks attack Humans? 
#13. Do you know these Shark facts? 
#14. Are Whale Sharks dangerous to Humans? 
#15. What is special about Greenland Sharks? 
#16. How long have Sharks been on Earth? 
#17. What determines the size of Sharks? 
#18. Why are Hammerhead Sharks so weird looking? 
#19. Why should Sharks fear us more than we fear them? 
#20. How do Sharks sense that you are in the water? 
#21. Is the stomach the largest organ in a Shark’s body? 
#22. Do Sharks eat in the middle of the day? 
#23. What Shark is called the “garbage can” of the sea? 
#24. Do all Sharks live in the ocean? 
#25. How rare is the Megamouth Shark? 
#26. Why are Sharks important? 
#27. I bet you didn’t know these Shark facts… 
#28. Are all Sharks Man-Eaters? 
#29. How fast can the fastest Shark swim? 
#30. Are Sharks Cold Blooded or Warm Blooded creatures? 
#31. Are all Sharks grey in color? 
#32. Can Sharks eat all Fish? 
#33. Have you ever seen a flat-as-a-pancake Shark? 
#34. Is this one of the ugliest Sharks? 
#35. What is the laziest of all Sharks? 
#36. What Shark has the longest tail in proportion to its body length? 
#37. What is the Shark with the weirdest name? 
#38. And what about these Shark facts? 
#39. How are baby Sharks born? 
#40. How long are mother Sharks pregnant? 
#41. What animal lays the biggest eggs in the ocean? 
#42. Do Sharks swim while asleep? 
#43. How often do Sharks eat? 
#44. Which Sharks live the longest? 
#45. What Shark is also called the Walking Shark? 
#46. What makes the Sevengill Shark different from all other Sharks? 
#47. Can you name the types of Shark in the Finding Nemo movie? 
#48. What Shark leaves a bite-mark shaped like a cookie cutter? 
#49. Why do some Sharks like to get a tan? 
#50. Do you know these weird Shark facts? 
#51. If the Whale Shark is the largest fish. What is the 2nd largest?

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