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Rhinos - Discovering The World Around Us - cover

Rhinos - Discovering The World Around Us

TJ Rob

Publisher: TJ Rob

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Enter the amazing world of these ancient looking creatures. 
Did you know that White Rhinos are not really white in color? 
Discover how heavy Rhinos are, how many types there are and why they are fast disappearing all over the world. 
Learn what substance Rhino horn is made from and what Rhinos use their horns for, and many more interesting facts. 
Filled with full color illustrations and easy to understand text. Perfect for all readers, young and old — from 6 to 100! 
Uncover why Rhinos are such unusual animals. 
TJ Rob — www.TJRob.com 
For EXTRA content visit www.TJRob.com 
Book Contents: 
1. Discovering The World Around Us 
2. What is a Rhino? 
3. How Big is a Rhino? 
4. How many types of Rhino are there? 
5. Africa’s Black and White Rhinos 
6. Black and White Rhinos 
7. Where do Rhino live in the wild today? 
8. How long do Rhinos live? 
9. What do Black Rhinos eat? 
10. The Weird Mouth of a Black Rhino 
11. What do White Rhinos eat? 
12. How many babies do Rhinos have? 
13. What are Rhino horns made from? 
14. What do Rhinos use their horns for? 
15. How thick is a Rhino’s skin? 
16. When does a Rhino sleep? 
17. How well do Rhinos see, hear and smell? 
18. Is a Rhino slow? 
19. Is the Rhino an aggressive and bad tempered animal? 
20. Does a Rhino have enemies? 
21. How bad is poaching? 
22. Do Rhino fight each other? 
23. A Rhino’s best friend? 
24. How does a Rhino mark its territory? 
25. How important is water? 
26. Some Rhino Fun Facts 
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