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Mars Explorer - Exploring Space - cover

Mars Explorer - Exploring Space

TJ Rob

Publisher: TJ Rob

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When are we going to Mars? What would it be like living on Mars? How could we get there? How long would it take? 
On Mars, you can jump 2.5 times higher….it has less gravity than Earth. Mars also has no air, so bring your spacesuit! 
If you love reading about Space, then you will enjoy reading all about our planet neighbor. 
This book answers all kinds of questions you may have about the planet Mars. 
Questions like… How did Mars get its name? Why the Red color? How far is Mars from Earth? Is there water on the planet? And many more… 
This book reveals what Mars is really like and what we humans are doing to get there… Who knows maybe one day there might be a human colony on the Red Planet. 
Let’s go on a voyage of exploration and examine this 4th planet from the Sun. 
This book is filled with color images and interesting Martian facts. Ideal for Space lovers of all ages - from 6 to 100! 
TJ Rob — www.TJRob.com 
For EXTRA CONTENT please visit www.TJRob.com 
Book Contents: 
1. Mars — A Mystery? 
2. Where is Mars? 
3. Who or What is Mars named after? 
4. How far away is Mars? 
5. Why do we want to explore other planets? 
6. Why Mars and not Venus? 
7. What makes Mars the best planet to explore? 
8. How long is the journey to Mars? 
9. How could we get to Mars? 
10. Living in Space 
11. Previous Missions to Mars 
12. Missions to Mars 
13. What did they find on Mars? 
14. Mars VS Earth — Differences? 
15. Communicating with Mars 
16. 7 Interesting Mars Facts 
17. Amazing features on Mars — Mons Olympus 
18. Amazing features on Mars — Valles Marineris 
19. A Future Colony on Mars? 
20. Please leave a review and Other EXCITING books by TJ Rob

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