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Insight Out - Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World - cover

Insight Out - Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World

Tina Seelig

Publisher: HarperOne

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In this revolutionary guide, Stanford University Professor and international bestselling author of inGenius adopts her popular course material to teach everyone how to make imaginative ideas a reality. 
As a leading expert on creativity, Tina Seelig has continually explored what we can each do to unleash our entrepreneurial spirit. In Insight Out, she offers us the tools to make our ideas a reality. She clearly defines the concepts of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurism, showing how they affect each other and how we can unlock the pathway from imagination to implementation, where our ideas then gain the power to inspire the imaginations of others. 
Drawing on more than a decade of experience as a professor at the Stanford University School of Engineering, Seelig shows readers how to work through the steps of imagination, ideation, innovation, and implementation, using each step to build upon the last, to ultimately create something complex, interesting, and powerful. Coping with today’s constant change, everyone needs these skills to conquer challenges and seize the opportunities that arise. Seelig irrefutably demonstrates that these skills can be taught, and shows us how to mobilize our own energy and bring new ideas to life.

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  • Winning Now Winning Later - How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term - cover

    Winning Now Winning Later - How...

    David M. Cote

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    “One of the best guides ever on how to lead a company…the War and Peace of books on corporate leadership.” —Fortune Magazine 
    "Both readable and a practical guide for managers."—The Economist 
    Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award 2020 Longlist 
    From local coffee shops to the largest Fortune 500 companies, everyone is struggling to make the impossible choice between chasing short-term objectives and creating a secure future for their company. 
    David Cote understood this dilemma and rejected it. And in these pages, he shows you how taking the same revolutionary approach might be the smartest business decision you’ll ever make. 
    Upon taking his place as CEO of Honeywell International in 2002, he encountered an organization on the verge of failure thanks to years of untrammeled short-termism. 
    Ultimately, he turned around the rapidly sinking powerhouse plagued with years of in-the-moment decisions, and the outcome was phenomenal. Under Cote’s leadership, Honeywell International’s market cap grew from $20 billion to $120 billion and delivered returns of about 800%, two and a half times greater than the S&P 500. 
    Winning Now, Winning Later reveals the bold the operational reforms and counterintuitive leadership practices you can put into practice that will allow you to do two conflicting things at the same time—pursue strong short- and long-term results. This tested and proven approach can strengthen your business like never before, and even rescue it from the brink of disaster no matter how dire the current circumstances may seem. 
    Offering ten essential principles for winning both today and tomorrow, this book will help you:Spot practices that seem attractive in the short term but will cost the company in the futureDetermine where and how to invest in growth for maximum impactSustain both short-term performance and long-term investments even in challenging times, such as during recessions and leadership transitionsFeel inspired to stand up to investors and other managers who are solely focused on either short- or long-term objectivesStep back, think independently, and foster independent thinking among others around you 
    Presenting a comprehensive solution to a perennial problem, Winning Now, Winning Later is a go-to guide for you and leaders everywhere to finally transcend short-termism’s daily grind and leave an enduring legacy of success.
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  • Lead with Humility - 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis - cover

    Lead with Humility - 12...

    Jeffrey Krames

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    When Fortune announced its list of the World's Greatest Leaders, the top spot was awarded-not to a captain of industry-but to the new pontiff.   In the year since his election, Pope Francis earned that accolade...and more. He has achieved the remarkable: breathed life into an aging institution, reinvigorated a global base, and created real hope for the future.   How did a man who spent his life laboring in slums far from the Vatican manage to do this and so quickly? The answer lies in his humility-and the simple principles that spring from it. Lead with Humility explores 12 of these principles and shows how leaders and managers can adapt them for the workplace with equally impressive results. They include:Don't stand over your employees-sit down with themAvoid insularityDon't judge-assessTake care of people, not lobbieGo where you are neededTemper ideology with pragmatismDon't change-reinvent!The boldest course can be the most prudentAnd more Pope Francis's ability to inspire the world is unprecedented in modern times. Lead with Humility reveals the power of his methods, and helps anyone lead with grace and greater authenticity.
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  • Becoming a Leader Coach: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your People - cover

    Becoming a Leader Coach: A...

    Johan Naude', Florence Plessier

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    As a leader, you have different roles to play with your direct reports. One of them is to manage their day-to-day performance. Another is to support their development so they can continue to deliver top performance. Most leaders are comfortable with and effective in the first role. However, many leaders are less clear about the role of developing their direct reports, particularly coaching for development. This guidebook provides an introduction to leader-coaching, including a structure and a set of guidelines to conduct effective formal and informal coaching conversations with your direct reports.
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  • The New SuperLeadership - Leading Others to Lead Themselves - cover

    The New SuperLeadership -...

    Charles C. Manz, Henry P. Sims

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    The truly effective leader today must be one who leads others to lead themselves. The rapid pace of change demands fast and flexible responses throughout the organization-there's no time to wait for directives from the top. And the highly-skilled workers so vital to organizational success also demand a high degree of independence. Old-fashioned command-and-control leadership is just too slow and stifling.
    Charles Manz and Henry Sims, Jr. pioneered the concept self-leadership in their bestselling book SuperLeadership. In The New SuperLeadership, the authors present new content and examples designed to help leaders develop the kind of autonomous, quick-reacting workforce necessary to thrive in these turbulent times. This enriched and expanded edition takes the concepts in the first edition to another level by emphasizing a pragmatic, how-to approach for developing leaders at every level of the organization.
    Drawing on contemporary examples and profiles, many from the high-tech and information sectors, Manz and Sims shatter the myth of the traditional, aggrandized versions of "heroic" leadership. They show that a leader truly becomes successful by turning followers into extraordinary self-leaders-pillars of strength that will support the organization at every level. They detail a series of action-oriented steps through which the SuperLeader provides an opportunity for followers to express and develop their own leadership skills-and in the process become highly motivated, dynamic contributors.
    The New SuperLeadership critically reviews traditional leadership styles, vividly illustrating the drawbacks of each: the "Strong Man" whose reliance on fear-based compliance smothers initiative; the "Transactor" who promotes a narrow "what's in it for me?" mentality; and the "Visionary Hero" whose powerful personality inspires commitment but inadvertently discourages independent thinking. By bringing out the leader in every employee, SuperLeadership enables leaders to avoid these pitfalls and develop an enthusiastic, innovative and energized workforce.
    The New SuperLeadership is a radically new way of looking at leadership, offering a leadership paradigm ideally suited to the realities of the modern workplace. It reveals that the only way to succeed today is to tap into the innate leadership potential that lies within every employee.
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  • What Product Managers Need to Know About World-Class Product Development - How Product Managers Can Create Successful Products - cover

    What Product Managers Need to...

    Dr. Jim Anderson

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    As product managers it is our responsibility to create products that our customers will want and that will end up being profitable for our companies. It turns out that this is no easy task. Identifying what a customer really wants and then turning that into a feature that can be delivered to a customer is hard work. The key to being successful is to understand exactly what goes into world-class product development. 
    What You'll Find Inside: 
    Every product uses some form of technology no matter if the technology is embedded in the product or if it is used to create the product. Product managers play a key role in selecting the correct technologies to use.  Any product requires the company to make an investment in it. One aspect of this investment that is important to a product manager is the cost of capital. That money will be spent creating a product team. As product managers we need to realize that we'll have team members of different ages and we need to know how best to manage them all. 
    As we look around different industries, we look for examples that we can follow when developing products. The competition between Yahoo and Google in the area of financial reporting provides us with some good examples of what to do and what not to do.  Because creating a new product is such a risky undertaking, we need to look for ways to hedge our bets. One thing that can reduce our risk is to copy something that someone else has already done. We need to keep in mind the amount of risk that will be involved. 
    Innovation is the key to creating new products that your customers will want. Examples from companies like Porsche can provide us with suggestions on how to go about doing this. The plan that we create to deliver a new product is just that – a plan. We need to make sure that we take action despite what the plan says in order to make sure that our product is delivered on time. New technologies, such as the Hadoop database, may play a key role in our ability to accomplish this. 
    For more information on what it takes to be a great product manager, check out my blog, The Accidental Product Manager, at:
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  • The Gamification Toolkit - Dynamics Mechanics and Components for the Win - cover

    The Gamification Toolkit -...

    Kevin Werbach, Dan Hunter

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    Take your gamification efforts to the next level   When The Economist covered Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter's new book For the Win in 2012, they referred to gamification as a "management craze." Since then, gamification has proved to be much more than a fleeting fad: it is a global movement. For the Win has been published globally in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish, and more than a quarter of a million people have taken Werbach's gamification course on Coursera.   Now, in their new ebook The Gamification Toolkit, Werbach and Hunter go deeper into the key game elements and provide you with the tools to take gamification to the next level. This brief but comprehensive ebook is a user's guide to help you build a game-for the win.  Gildan Media is proud to bring you another Wharton Digital Press Audiobook. These notable audiobooks contain the essential tools that can be applied to every facet of your career.
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