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Catherine's Destiny - Catherine in Love Book Three - cover

Catherine's Destiny - Catherine in Love Book Three

Tina Gray

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media

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The sequel Catherine’s Dream and Catherine’s Dilemma…
 and Caitlin are in love with each other as are Cat and Maddie. All four
 live happily together at Sam’s estate where they share the same big 
bed. As Alpha male, Sam has shown the girls the delights of bondage and 
dominance and introduced them to his playroom.
 he and Caitlin are married and Maddie and Cat become engaged, the two 
couples contemplate remodeling the house with the possibility of having 
children. However, when Cat discovers she’s pregnant with Sam’s child, 
their plans change. As the four begin their planning for the child’s 
arrival, the girls delight in the  prospect of raising the child 
 their plans change again when Sam leaves on a business trip around the 
world. The girls meet Diana and Penny in Lover’s Cove, and new 
complications arise as Angelique joins the other girls while Sam is 
away. When the airplane carrying Sam and other personnel of Worldwide 
Alternative Energy crashes in the Middle East, no one knows if Sam 
survived, and they fear the worst, all except Caitlin. She knows that 
Sam is not only still alive but is returning to her.

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