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Change by Design - How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation - cover

Change by Design - How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

Tim Brown

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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In Change by Design, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, the celebrated innovation and design firm, shows how the techniques and strategies of design belong at every level of business. Change by Design is not a book by designers for designers; this is a book for creative leaders who seek to infuse design thinking into every level of an organization, product, or service to drive new alternatives for business and society.  

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  • The Joy of Retirement - Finding Happiness Freedom and the Life You've Always Wanted - cover

    The Joy of Retirement - Finding...

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    Life after work no longer conjures up images of couples wandering the malls, playing golf, and taking endless Caribbean cruises. As baby boomers reach their 50s and 60s, they are redefining what it means to retire. Many of them are still choosing to work or create a whole new life entirely. What they crave is vitality, joy, and meaning in their lives. Author David Borchard has been helping adults rejuvenate their careers and lives for 30 years. In The Joy of Retirement, he shows readers how to reinvent themselves and achieve the kind of fulfillment and meaning in their lives they have always dreamed of. Now, readers can start crafting their future and discovering their passions with advice on topics such as: • finding new interests that make the most of their unique talents • planning their lifestyle at 50+ • assessing what transitions they are ready and willing to make • defining priorities and goals • establishing their criteria for success • mastering the seven steps to maintaining vitality Revealing and hopeful, this book will reshape how people look at the next phase of their lives.
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    You have the ability, right now, to accomplish more than you ever have before. In this powerful, practical audio book, Brian Tracy shows you how to plot your course to greater success and achievement. Life, Tracy writes, is a journey. And as with any other journey, you have to do more than just think happy thoughts about where you want to go. You need clear goals, plans, and schedules to get from wherever you are today to wherever you want to be in the future. Like any good pilot, you need a flight plan that you file before you begin and that you use to guide you on your way.   There are universal principles and timeless truths that have been discovered and rediscovered through the ages and that all successful people learn and practice. In twelve fascinating chapters, you'll learn how to:  Determine exactly who you are and what you want in every area  Select a clear, measurable goal or destination to focus on  Create detailed plans of action that guarantee your success  Develop the unshakable self-confidence you need to take off  Detail exactly what you must do to achieve your goals  Stay on course--persisting through the inevitable setbacks, detours, and turbulence--until you arrive at your destination When you follow Brian Tracy's Flight Plan, the sky is the limit!
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  • Cents and Sensibility - What Economics Can Learn from the Humanities - cover

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    In Cents and Sensibility, an eminent literary critic and a leading economist make the case that the humanities—especially the study of literature—offer economists ways to make their models more realistic, their predictions more accurate, and their policies more effective and just. Arguing that Adam Smith’s heirs include Austen, Chekhov, and Tolstoy as much as Keynes and Friedman, Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro trace the connection between Adam Smith’s great classic, The Wealth of Nations, and his less celebrated book on ethics, The Theory of Moral Sentiments. The authors contend that a few decades later, Jane Austen invented her groundbreaking method of novelistic narration in order to give life to the empathy that Smith believed essential to humanity. More than anyone, the great writers can offer economists something they need—a richer appreciation of behavior, ethics, culture, and narrative. Original, provocative, and inspiring, Cents and Sensibility demonstrates the benefits of a dialogue between economics and the humanities and also shows how looking at real-world problems can revitalize the study of literature itself. Featuring a new preface, this book brings economics back to its place in the human conversation.
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  • Starting a Business - The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Small Business Turning Your Vision into Reality and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dream - cover

    Starting a Business - The...

    MBA Colwell PhD

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    Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business and living life on your terms?
    This book shows you EXACTLY what you need to know to stand out from the crowd!
    Do you have an idea for an amazing product or service but you aren’t sure how to build a business around it?
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!
    Are you a current business owner who struggles to identify your customers and deliver true world-class value?
    Everything you need to know is included in these pages!
    Do you want to build your hobby business into a fully-fledged venture that will help you build the life you deserve?
    Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today!
    The most comprehensive guide ever developed for starting and growing a business in 2019!
    In the highly competitive world of business, what makes or breaks a new entrepreneur?Sourced from over twenty years of firsthand experience working with entrepreneurs, new ventures, and high-growth startups, author Ken Colwell, PHD, MBA has the answers.In his comprehensive Starting a Business QuickStart Guide, Ken Colwell concisely presents the core fundamentals that all new entrepreneurs need to know to get started, find success, and live the life of their dreams.Business and entrepreneurship students, small business owners, managers, and soon-to-be entrepreneurs will all find a wealth of value within the pages of the Starting a Business QuickStart Guide.From the very first steps conceptualizing your venture to winning your first customers, delivering value, and turning a profit, this book acts as an invaluable blueprint for your path to entrepreneurial success. Colwell’s clear voice, extensive experience, and easy-to-understand presentation come together to make this book a must-have resource in the library of every budding entrepreneur!
    Perfect For:
    - Would-Be Entrepreneurs With a Ton of Passion!
    - Entrepreneurial Students of All Ages!
    - Beginners with Zero Prior Experience!
    - Managers, Business Owners, and Decisions Makers Growing into a New Role!
    You'll Discover:
    - The Difference Between an Idea and an Opportunity!
    - What Makes an Entrepreneurial Opportunity Great!
    - The Very First Steps You Need To Take To Get Your Venture Off The Ground!
    - Pricing, Competition, Customer Identification, Marketing, and Distribution Demystified!
    - The REAL Components of an Entrepreneurial Mindset!
    - Exactly How To Craft Your Value Proposition!
    - How to Write a Comprehensive Business Plan!
    Each book comes with free lifetime access to tons of exclusive online resources to help you become a better business owner such as workbooks, cheat sheets and reference guides. You also receive lifetime access to our online coaching community to help you achieve all of your financial goals!.**GIVING BACK: *
    ClydeBank Media proudly supports the non-profit AdoptAClassroom whose mission is to advance equity in K-12 education by supplementing dwindling school funding for vital classroom materials and resources.**CLASSROOM ADOPTION:*
    Teachers and professors are encouraged to contact the publisher for test banks and classroom presentation materials.
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  • Surveying Fundamentals for Business Analysts - cover

    Surveying Fundamentals for...

    Carol Deutschlander

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    An Easy Approach to Using Surveys to Elicit Requirements!Surveying is an excellent way to elicit requirements, but reliable resources that examine survey methods are hard to find — until now. Surveying Fundamentals for Business Analysts presents the basics of developing and executing efficient and effective surveys. It offers detailed descriptions of the different types of surveys and guidance on how to choose the right survey for your task as well as how to identify stakeholders and participants. Surveying Fundamentals also presents specific instructions on writing effective questions and gearing them toward a particular audience.This practical guide provides the fundamentals you need to conduct and present the results of surveys — in one simple source. Follow the author's step-by-step approach to:•     Determine the scope of the survey•     Design questions that will capture specific data•     Analyze the data objectively and effectively•     Report the findings clearlyAdd effective surveying to your list of business analysis skills! 
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  • EASY MONEY and the American Real Estate Ponzi Scheme - From your pocket to theirs the insiders' view of the Great Housing Recession and how it's happening again - cover

    EASY MONEY and the American Real...

    John Agostinelli, Christopher...

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    Politicians, bureaucrats, home buyers and housing activists are at it again. History is repeating itself right in front of us, and if we do nothing to stop the volatility in real estate markets, we risk the impending doom of the next housing collapse. Industry experts John Agostinelli and Chris Michaud had front row seats during the Great Recession. They witnessed the nonsensical lending practices that blew up the bubble and created disastrous consequences for government endorsed loans, and hurt low to moderate income people and the communities they lived in. Not only did government create the problem, their reaction to the crisis made matters worse.
    So what now? How do we prevent this from happening again?
    Easy Money and the American Real Estate Ponzi Scheme reveals:
        • How to determine where prices are heading
        • The whole truth about the causes of the real estate bubble
        • Why the real estate cycle is important to you
        • How to make better real estate decisions that affect your pocketbook
        • What needs to be done to restore the American Dream
    With keen insights and a no-holds-barred style, this in-depth examination of the real estate market is a cry for action because—without change—we are headed towards another calamity. Readers will learn about the need to revamp Dodd-Frank, how to stop incentivizing debt and risk, put an end to our National bailout mentality and return to the days of achieving the American Dream as our forefathers had envisioned. Now is the time to stop the nation’s addiction to “Easy Money,” and blow the whistle on corruption so that our children’s standard of living does not disappear.
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