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How To Play Pool - A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Pool Billiards 8 Ball 9 Ball & Snooker - cover

How To Play Pool - A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Pool Billiards 8 Ball 9 Ball & Snooker

Tim Ander

Publisher: CRB Publishing

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Take Your Pool Skills to the Next Level and Win Big!

Inside How to Play Pool, you’ll discover the rules for many popular variations of the game:

	and Snooker

With this book, you can strengthen your pool game with the right posture, physics, and geometry. You’ll learn to execute many different types of shots, such as straight, angled, and spin shots. For example, you’ll learn to combine top/back with left/right spin and get all kinds of impressive results!
How to Play Pool explains how you can use your cunning to plan ahead and out-strategize your opponents. You’ll find out why to use just the right amount of force to avoid reflections and “own” pockets. By targeting clumps of balls, you can set yourself up for a great endgame layout. If you pay close attention to the cue ball’s trajectory after it hits the target ball, you’ll set yourself up for shot after easy shot. With these simple and powerful pool-playing tips and techniques, you’ll dominate the table – and the competition!
You’ll even learn how to pull off a variety of crowd-pleasing trick shots:

	Pocketing the Eight-Ball on the Break
	Jumping Over Obstacles
	Sinking the 4-in-a-Line Shot

Don’t wait – Take the plunge and become a pool shark today with How to Play Pool!
It’s fast and easy to order – just scroll up and click the BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK button on the right-hand side of your screen.

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  • Ready for Anything - Preparing Your Heart and Home for Any Crisis Big or Small - cover

    Ready for Anything - Preparing...

    Kathi Lipp

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    There are those who've prepared, and those who wish they had. Let Ready for Anything be your go-to guide for facing any unexpected crisis with confidence.  
    Bad stuff happens all the time—big stuff like hurricanes and wildfires, and smaller-scale yet no less devastating disasters like a sudden injury, job loss, or a computer crash. But this doesn't mean we have to live in constant fear. 
    For anyone who falls somewhere between "I'll trust God" and stocking a ten-year supply of canned pinto beans in the pantry, Ready for Anything gives finite simple steps for being proactive rather than reactive—preparing your mind, your heart, and your home for any unfortunate circumstance. Full of stories and humor along with facts, tips, and lists, Kathi offers a down-to-earth guide that will show you how to face the unexpected with confidence, relying on God's strength and plan rather than giving in to our fear and anxiety. Her step-by-step plan is easy to implement and will help any Christian become a better steward of their resources as well as be the neighbor who can help in a crisis rather than needing help themselves. 
    Ready for Anything will show you:Practical strategies for building an emergency fundIndispensable tips for safeguarding your physical and digital valuablesHow to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare your kidsThe power of pre-deciding your actions in response to an unexpected eventHow to create a five-minute plan and why you need itAnd so much more!
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  • The Caddie Was a Reindeer - And Other Tales of Extreme Recreation - cover

    The Caddie Was a Reindeer - And...

    Steve Rushin

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    “A joy ride through the wild world of sports from the best sportswriter in the country.” —St. Paul Pioneer Press   Steve Rushin, a four-time finalist for the National Magazine Award, has been hailed as one of the best sportswriters in America. In The Caddie Was a Reindeer, he circumnavigates the globe in pursuit of extreme recreation. In the Arctic Circle, he meets ice golfers. In Minnesota, he watches the National Amputee Golf Tournament, where one participant tells him, “I literally have one foot in the grave.” Along the way, Rushin meets fellow travelers like Joe Cahn, a professional tailgater who confesses aboard the RV in which he lives: “It’s wonderful to see America from your bathroom.” And even Rushin has logged fewer miles in pursuit of extreme recreation than Rich Rodriguez, a marathon roller-coaster rider who makes endless loops for entire summers on coasters around the world. The Caddie Was a Reindeer is a ride to everywhere: to south London (where Rushin downs pints with the King of Darts), to the Champs-Elysées (where the author indulges in “excessive nightclubbing” with World Cup soccer stars), and to Japan (where Rushin eats soba noodles with the world champion of competitive eating). Enlightening, hilarious, and unexpectedly heartwarming, this collection is not a body of work: it’s a body of play.
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  • Risking the Rapids - How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood - cover

    Risking the Rapids - How My...

    Irene O'Garden

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    A memoir of a dysfunctional, grieving family reuniting for a turbulent rafting trip, from an author with a “captivating talent for wonder and marvel.”?Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love 
    After the sudden death of Irene O’Garden’s older brother, she and her family decide to seek closure together by taking a journey through the remotest spot in Montana. The story of their harrowing trip on the river is intertwined here with the author’s account of growing up with her six siblings in a clashing Catholic family under the shadow of alcoholism. 
    O’Garden’s father, a local TV personality in Minnesota, leaves his cheery public persona behind when he comes home and starts drinking martinis with his undemonstrative, icy-hearted wife. The children vary in their responses to profound anxiety sown in an atmosphere of neglect, psychological abuse, and rigid religiosity: One brother bites his fingers to gangrene. One relentlessly bullies the author, who begins overeating compulsively. One severs all ties with the family. Meanwhile, in the present, danger mounts as well on the raft trip, when unusual river conditions swell and speed the waters. Both stories build with escalating intensity to excruciating climaxes. 
    Some memoirs shock. Some entertain. Some take us places we’re afraid to go. A rare few move us. Once in a blue moon, a book does it all. This is Risking the Rapids. 
    “Enthralling.” —Malachy McCourt, author of A Monk Swimming 
    “A deep and powerful memoir.” —Martha Beck, author of Finding Your Own North Star 
    “Breathtaking . . . O’Garden adds a thoroughly welcome voice to the rich vein of American literature on the singular healing powers of wilderness.”? Florence Williams, award-winning author of The Nature Fix
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  • Wild Camping - Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland - cover

    Wild Camping - Exploring and...

    Stephen Neale

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    Beautiful wildernesses; tiny budgets; environmentally-friendly… What's not to like? And it's all accessible right here, without the need for a flight or a big budget. From getting back to nature with a tent, some matches and a few litres of bottled water, to enjoying a pub dinner and camping out in the garden afterwards, this book shows how to get stuck into wild camping in all its forms.  
    There's an idea that wild camping is illegal in Britain, but it isn't – you just need to know the rules and where to go. This guide opens up this amazing experience for all, covering: 
      -       what is wild camping and why bother? 
      -       different types (biviing, tenting, hammocking, on the water) 
      -       what the law says (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, EU, waterways) 
      -       how many of the largest landowners in the UK are actively encouraging wild camping  
      -       getting started (vital equipment, where to go, when to go, safety) 
      -       drinking water and foraging for food  
      The bulk of the book (80%) features the best places to go in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, along with stories, tips, helpful maps and inspiring photos. This guide will give readers the knowledge and the inspiration to escape the noise, clutter and stress of day to day life and go wild.
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  • Ephphatha - growing up profoundly deaf and not dumb in the hearing world: a basketball player’s transformational journey to the ivy league - cover

    Ephphatha - growing up...

    Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield

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    For two decades a father kept a secret journal documenting the life of his only son, Christopher, who was born profoundly Deaf. He had a simple dream of someday presenting that journal to Christopher as a special gift from father to son. But as each new challenge was surmounted, it became clear Christopher Caulfield’s story had to be shared. 
    Ephphatha, which means “to be opened,” follows Christopher’s transformational journey through the unimaginable obstacles he faced during his young life. Whose right is it to choose the intervention strategies that will help you be your best? How do you keep going when adults and children can be so unkind? Can you make yourself understood when no one around you has experienced what you are facing? 
    Christopher’s support came from those in his life who did open up. His chances for success on and off the basketball court also hinged on hard work, faith, and his own undeniable inner fortitude to never give up. 
    By the time he was nine years old he had already completed 1,500 hours of speech therapy. That same dedication led him to be a Division I college basketball recruit before he reached high school. He may not have set any records being invited to birthday parties growing up, but with Ephphatha, you’ll be rooting for Christopher all the way to the Ivy League!
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  • The Dream Team - The 1988-89 University of Michigan Ncaa Championship Basketball Season - cover

    The Dream Team - The 1988-89...

    Larry Henry

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    During its six-game NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament Championship run, number three-seeded Michigan defeated fourteen-seeded Xavier 92–87,  six-seeded South Alabama 91–82,  two-seeded North Carolina 92–87,  five-seeded Virginia 102–65, one-seeded Illinois 83–81, and three-seeded Seton Hall 80–79 in overtime. The team, coached by Bill Fisher in the tournament, featured the following future NBA players: Glen Rice, Rumeal Robinson, Loy Vaught, Terry Mills, and Sean Higgins.
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