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Dark Skies - A Journey into the Wild Night - cover

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Dark Skies - A Journey into the Wild Night

Tiffany Francis-Baker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Wildlife

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Darkness has shaped the lives of humans for millennia, and in Dark Skies, Tiffany Francis travels around Britain and Europe to learn more about nocturnal landscapes and humanity's connection to the night sky. 
For a year, Tiffany travels through different nightscapes across the UK and beyond. She experiences 24-hour daylight while swimming in the Gulf of Finland and visits Norway to witness the Northern Lights and speak to people who live in darkness for three months each year. She hikes through the haunted yew forests of Kingley Vale and embarks on a nocturnal sail down the River Dart. 
As she travels, Tiffany explores how our relationship with darkness and the night sky has changed over time. In this personal and beautifully written nature memoir, Tiffany Francis investigates how our experiences of the night-time world have permeated our history, folklore, science, geography, art and literature.
Available since: 09/04/2020.
Print length: 272 pages.

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