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Hotwife Brittany: Ravished In The Jungle - cover

Hotwife Brittany: Ravished In The Jungle

Thomas Roberts

Publisher: Boruma Publishing

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Brittany and I were the perfect suburban couple until she took a high-paying engineering job in the jungle. Her rugged black assistant, Amare, already had several wives, but he wanted to add a beautiful sexy blonde to his collection. Now I can only watch her online as she gives herself to another manuntil she needs rescuing from roving gangs.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"How do I know you won't get jealous? Maybe I should  you know, take a bull' here. I mean, you know, play with a black bull but, like, not for real." She giggled.

I was throbbing in her hand. "I think I've handled my jealousy pretty well."

"Yes, you handled an old man and a rich guy, can you handle a big black bull?"

"Oh god," I pulled her hand off me before I exploded. "In fairness, there was a woman in there, too."

"It got you close, didn't it?" Brittany straddled my lap, her mouth close to my ear. "I have a secret." I could feel her lips just touching my ear, along with the brush of her breath when she pronounced s.' "I've been on a dating site looking for a bull, and I think I found one."

My heart was pounding so hard I was sure Brittany would be able to hear. "Brittany?" It was all I could get out.

"I probably won't have sex with him, but I'm curious."

The next Friday I was in our car driving to pick up Tyrone and bring him back to our apartment. He would go upstairs, and I'd stay with the car. When they were done doing, whatever it was, I would drive Tyrone back to his home.

The area he lived in was somewhere between respectable and ghetto. It would go one way or another in the next few years.

I parked the car between a jacked-up Chevrolet from the 1960s and a newer luxury car. Tyrone himself was a good-looking, Ali-type guy. Except his jeans exposed the boxers he wore, and the baseball cap on his head was turned sideways. He looked arrogant, and he walked with a swagger, as if his equipment was so big, he couldn't move normally.

"I understand your wife wants to play with a bull tonight," I might have been wrong about him. He had a big smile and an easy way. He didn't appear to be taking this too seriously. "Well, here I am, your wife's bull. Riiight, that's what I do, I take care of white women."

He laughed so hard I had to join in. "Riiight," I added.

I couldn't help looking at him in the rearview mirror. He had sprawled in the seat, seeming to take up the entire car. When he caught me looking, he grinned.

"You're the husband." It wasn't a question.

I nodded, without saying a word.

"Don't you worry, Tyrone take care your woman," he tried to get into character but ended up laughing again. I liked him, if Brittany was going to let a black man between her legs, this was the black man she'd want.

Still, I felt humiliated, despite his good humor. After all, I had been told to pick up a man to service my wife, and I was doing it. What did he really think of me? As I drove the bull to our apartment, I touched myself through my pants.

It was torture sitting in the car waiting for Tyrone to return. He seemed to be gone for a very long time. I wondered if I could sneak in the front door of our apartment before giving up the plan as unworkable. I understood my wife's sudden interest in black guys and maybe they were actually up there doing it. Would Brittany do that to me?

Hours passed before Tyrone returned. After he was in the backseat, he gave me a huge smile and put on a pair of dark sunglasses. "Man, that wife of yours is something!"

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