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Tesla’s Oscillator and Other Inventions - cover

Tesla’s Oscillator and Other Inventions

Thomas Martin

Publisher: Charles River Editors

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Tesla’s Oscillator and Other Inventions is an illustrated overview of Tesla's fascinating inventions.

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  • Surviving Galeras - cover

    Surviving Galeras

    Stanley Williams, Fen Montaigne

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    This true, up-close account of a volcano’s eruption “artfully blends science writing and history with pure, heart-pounding action” (Mark Bowden, bestselling author of Black Hawk Down).   In 1993, Stanley Williams, an eminent volcanologist, was standing on top of a Colombian volcano called Galeras when it erupted, killing six of his colleagues instantly. As Williams tried to escape the blast, he was pelted with white-hot projectiles traveling faster than bullets. Within seconds he was cut down, his skull fractured, his right leg almost severed, his backpack aflame. Williams lay helpless and near death on Galeras’s flank until two brave women—friends and fellow volcanologists—mounted an astonishing rescue effort to carry him safely off the mountain.  Surviving Galeras is both a harrowing first-person account of an eruption and its aftermath, and a look at the fascinating, high-risk world of volcanology, exploring the profound impact volcanoes have had on the earth’s landscapes and civilizations.   Even with improved, highly-sensitive measuring tools and protective equipment, at least one volcanologist, on average, dies each year. This book reveals how Williams and his fellow scientist-adventurers continue to unveil the enigmatic and miraculous workings of volcanoes and piece together methods to predict their actions—potentially saving many human lives.   “I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent book . . . [A] riveting story.” —Dava Sobel, author of The Glass Universe   “Popular science at its best.” —The New York Times   “[A] page-turner.” —Booklist  
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  • Doing Physics - How Physicists Take Hold of the World - cover

    Doing Physics - How Physicists...

    Martin H. Krieger

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    The author of Doing Mathematics explores the concepts of physics by demonstrating how physicists think and approach their work. 
    Doing Physics makes concepts of physics easier to grasp by relating them to everyday knowledge. Addressing some of the models and metaphors that physicists use to explain the physical world, Martin H. Krieger describes the conceptual world of physics by means of analogies to economics, anthropology, theater, carpentry, mechanical systems, and machine tool design. 
    Krieger explains the interaction of elementary particles by referring to the theory of kinship: who can marry whom is similar to what can interact with what. Likewise, the description of physical situations in terms of interdependent particles and fields is analogous to the design of a factory with its division of labor among specialists. For this new edition, Krieger has revised the text and added a chapter on the role of mathematics and formal models in physics. 
    “Krieger . . . excellently tells those in our human society outside the physics world how physicists think, plan, and go about understanding nature.” —Choice
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  • Uneven Ground - Appalachia Since 1945 - cover

    Uneven Ground - Appalachia Since...

    Ronald D. Eller

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    This award-winning history examines the politics of progress in America through a close look at industrial development in Appalachia since WWII. 
    Appalachia has played a complex role in the unfolding of American history. Early-twentieth-century critics of modernity saw the region as a remnant of frontier life that should be preserved and protected. However, supporters of material production and technology decried what they saw as a the isolation and backwardness of the region and sought to “uplift” its people through education and industrialization. 
    In Uneven Ground, Ronald D. Eller examines the politics of development in Appalachia while exploring the idea of progress as it has evolved in America. “Passionate, clear, concise, and at times profound,” this volume demonstrates that Appalachia's struggle to overcome poverty, to live in harmony with the land, and to respect the value of community is a truly American story (Chad Berry, author of Southern Migrants, Northern Exiles). 
    Winner of the Appalachian Studies Association’s Weatherford Award 
    and the Southern Political Science Association’s V.O. Key Award
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  • MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES Advanced Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis - Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others A step-by-step guide to hypnosis with more than 60 practical exercises - cover


    Tony Gaschler

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    Visualize how you are hypnotizing a person who then with great relish devours yummy apples although they are actually potatoes. 
    Or your subject is convinced that the color "YELLOW" is actual called "RED." 
    You can be assured of an astonished audience admiring your new abilities and skills. 
    As a "byproduct", the hypnotizer slowly becomes aware of his or her private and professional success and the associated limitless confidence and self-efficacy that the new and powerful abilities generate. He or she is admired and held in high esteem – life is good.
    With the self-help method MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE, Tony Gaschler has combined only tried and proven hypnosis techniques used in many highly interesting hypnosis experiments into a method.
    You will learn about modern hypnosis techniques and methods as they are practiced around the globe today – no prior knowledge is required – you will learn everything you need to know to be able to hypnotize others successfully, and you will learn this in a systematic and gradual manner.
    After many years of research and based on the successes of numerous hypnosis techniques from the world over, the specialized author and hypnosis expert Tony Gaschler developed this unique easy method leading to quick success.
    You learn SELF-HYPNOSIS that can serve to improve your life in so many ways: to eliminate bothersome habits and characteristics such as nervousness, listlessness, lack of energy, lack of drive, smoking, excessive weight, tensions, etc. and even some emotional inhibitions. 
    You will also learn ADVANCED SELF-HYPNOSIS techniques used, among others, to increase performance, eliminate pain, or influence others. These advanced techniques are practiced by athletes, politicians, traditional healers, and on radio, TV, at events, etc. 
    Nonmedical practitioners and physicians can also benefit from the Modern Hypnosis Technique.
    Of course, you can also use your acquired skills to astonish and surprise your family, friends, and acquaintances as the excerpts from the following three experiments shows: 
    Hand the test subject a piece of paper listing a very long number. For example, something similar to this: 164839244312673, 778241983711893. Tell the subject: "Please read and memorize this number. Once I take the piece of paper away after a few seconds, you will have memorized the entire number and can write it down." Then take the piece of paper away from the test subject and say: "And now you are able to write down the entire number without errors just from memory." Remember: Each suggestion must be canceled by a counter-suggestion.
    Tell the VP the following while handing him or her a peeled onion: "I am giving you here a nice, juicy apple! Eat it, you will love its taste and it's good for you!" The subject will think of the onion as an apple and actually eat it like an apple. A counter-suggestion is here not required since no effect continues after the action has been completed.
    You can also use a subject and post-hypnosis, an action that is to be carried out at a later time. Example: "Call me at 8 in the evening to tell me that you cannot visit me tomorrow. When I ask you why you cannot come, you tell me you don't have time!" Remember: All these experiments must have a clearly defined effective start and end of a suggestion. Never allow an effect to continue after the hypnosis without first canceling with a counter-suggestion.
    The listed experiments were just a small excerpt from the many possible hypnosis techniques. 
    Moreover, you can also use your own creative ideas to develop and carry out new and interesting experiments. The number of fantastic possibilities is endless once your have learned the methods provided by the Modern Hypnosis Technique instructions.
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  • What You Don't Know - AI's Unseen Influence on Your Life and How to Take Back Control - cover

    What You Don't Know - AI's...

    Cortnie Abercrombie

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    You are probably not aware, because of their hidden nature, but artificial intelligence systems are all around you affecting some of the biggest areas of your life—jobs, loans, kids, mental health, relationships, freedoms, and even healthcare decisions that can determine if you live or die. As an executive working in AI at one of the largest, most sophisticated tech companies on the planet, Cortnie Abercrombie saw firsthand how the corporate executives and data science teams of the Fortune 500 think about and develop AI systems. In this book she makes it easy to understand how AI works and unveils what companies are doing with AI that can impact you the most. Most importantly, she offers practical advice on what you can do about it today and the change you should demand for the future.This book addresses the pressing questions that non-insiders want answered, including: how does AI work (in words you don't need a PhD to understand)?; how can AI affect my job, replace me, or prevent my hire?; is AI involved in life-or-death decisions in healthcare?; could my digital accounts or home network be hacked because of my AI-based smart TV, coffeemaker, or robot vacuum?; how does AI know so much about me, what does it know, and can it be used against me?; can it manipulate people to do things they wouldn't normally?; and much more.
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  • Beekeeping - Understanding the Opportunities and Dangers of Keeping Bees - cover

    Beekeeping - Understanding the...

    Sarah Jacobs

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    This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles: 
    Book 1: Beekeeping can be a great hobby and/or business. Many people have made it work for them, either as a side activity or as a fulltime job. 
    In order for you to make beekeeping a regular pastime, you have to know what you’re doing. Guides like these are especially designed to help you along the way. In this book, for example, you will hear about: 
    - Honey tips and tricks. 
    - How to harvest honey more effectively. 
    - How to prevent bee stings. 
    - Why bumblebees are so much different from other bee races. 
    - How to control and manage the bees. 
    - The overall pros and cons of a beekeeping business. 
    And so much more! You’d be surprised how much information you can find in only a small number of pages. Go ahead and check it out. 
    Book 2: Are you interested in beekeeping? 
    Are you wondering how you can make a beekeeping business profitable? 
    These are just two of the many questions that will be answered in this book. Along with an extensive business plan, this guide offers information about bee stings and diseases, the anatomy of bees, pollinators, swarms, packaged bees, honey business, and so much more. You cannot mis this essential gem of a book. Get it now!
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