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Eat Clean Stay Lean: The Diet - Real Foods for Real Weight Loss - cover

Eat Clean Stay Lean: The Diet - Real Foods for Real Weight Loss

The Prevention, Wendy Bazilian

Publisher: Rodale

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The easiest way to get slim, healthy, and happy: clean eating
You've seen it in magazines and all over the Internet: clean eating, the super easy and delicious way to slim down and achieve better health. Clean eating offers you a more sustainable and nourishing way to eat--without skimping on flavor or leaving you hungry. And now, you can take clean eating to a new level with the next book in Prevention magazine's Eat Clean series: Eat Clean, Stay Lean: The Diet.
This book will teach you to leverage clean eating--instead of counting calories, going carb-free, or adopting restrictive habits--to help you lose weight while still enjoying life. Choose the easy 3-week plan or stick with the program longer, as Eat Clean, Stay Lean: The Diet helps you customize clean eating to fit your individual needs, deliciously.
The 70 clean and tasty recipes will keep you satisfied and on track with your weight-loss goals. These meals, combined with exercise tips and advice on removing everyday, metabolism-messing toxins from your home and personal care products, will help you adopt a cleaner overall lifestyle. Now, clean eating and losing weight are easier--and more rewarding--than ever before.

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    Want to eat like the locals? D. G. Martin has spent years traveling the major roadways of North Carolina, on the lookout for community, local history, and, of course, a good home-cooked meal. Here D. G. is your personal tour guide to more than 100 notable local roadway haunts that serve not only as places to eat but also as fixtures of their communities. 
    *Features locally owned and time-tested community favorites 
    *Covers a range of food tastes from BBQ joints and country kitchens to Mexican restaurants and Greek diners 
    *Introduces diners to the restaurant owners and locals who make these places unique 
    *Includes current contact information, hours, directions 
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    This handy reference to good food just off North Carolina's interstates should find a spot in every Tar Heel traveler's glove compartment.
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    This book is all about the natural ways of treating bacterial and viral infections. The body is always at war with these pathogens. Bacteria and viruses abound in the environment. One way to protect the body is by strengthening the immune system. However, there are times when the immune system can only do so much and the body still gets sick.
    Chemical drugs are available to treat these various infections. However, their use also means experiencing side effects, which can also be bad for health. These side effects can cause other health problems. Antibacterial drugs also kill the natural bacteria in the body and cause imbalance and health problems. Antiviral drugs are so potent that these can cause damage to normal and healthy tissue in the body.
    To avoid these, use what nature has against these infections. There are many foods that have potent antibacterial and antiviral properties. They are also effective in curing infections .
    In this book, learn what different foods, spices and herbs can be used to combat the common infections. Colds, sore throat, cough, flu and bladder infections are common and can be treated using natural foods. Read about the following in this book:
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    	Learn the antibacterial and antiviral foods to treat colds and flu and the recipes on how to use them.
    	Learn the antibacterial and antiviral foods to treat bladder infections (Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs)  and the recipes on how to use them.
    Read this book and learn how you can heal infections the natural, effective and safe way.
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    The 2 Day Diet Bible is an easy to follow and clinically tested diet process. This revolutionary diet allows you to lose weight by eating reduced calorie meals for only two days each week. It is so simple that you only have to go for a diet for two days and enjoy the rest of the week. It is quick, simple and healthy way to lose weight without having to starve throughout the program. Shed those pounds without a struggle with this book.
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  • Bowls! - Recipes and Inspirations for Healthful One-Dish Meals - cover

    Bowls! - Recipes and...

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    Bowls are the new plates, featuring flavorsome combinations of nutritious grains, proteins, vegetables, a sauce, and something crunchy. It's a casual, comforting, satisfying way to eat lunch or dinner, and a delicious way to serve up healthy superfoods and probiotics. What makes Bowls! different is that it offers a comprehensive strategy for tackling this fun new way to eat, including 26 full recipes perfect for bowls plus 90 recipes for mix-and-match components. And it leads with visual inspiration in the form of a photographic matrix of ideas, making this handy volume an ideal go-to for weeknight cooks and healthy eaters.
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  • The Detox Kitchen Bible - cover

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    Lily Simpson runs The Detox Kitchen, whose boutique delis and specially designed health menus have won thousands of customers – including international celebrities. She and consultant nutritionist Rob Hobson are devoted to their philosophy of great health through great food. 
    Inside this book are 200 of Lily's exquisite recipes – brightly delicious and packed full of flavour thanks to her clever combinations of herbs, spices and oils. All wheat-, dairy- and refined sugar-free, you'll find recipes for invigorating breakfasts, zingy raw salads, delicious snacks and dips, vibrant fish and meat dishes, and scrumptious sweet treats. 
    But this is not just a recipe book. Rob explains how to use these dishes to target your health needs, whether that's losing weight, gaining energy, getting clearer skin – or just having a weekend detox after a few days of indulgence.  
    Eat your way to glowing health with this smart new guide to daily wellbeing.
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