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Walking the Trail with Jesus - Book One: Galilee and Coastal Areas - cover

Walking the Trail with Jesus - Book One: Galilee and Coastal Areas

Teresa Craig

Publisher: Armida Publications

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Walking the Trail with Jesus is an eye-appealing and heart-impacting, three-part book series about journeying through the Holy Land of Israel – Yet this time, not on your own, but with Jesus, through His Word, as your fellow-sojourner in the adventure.
Exploring through beautiful photographs and personal stories by the author, you will experience events that occurred in the Desert of Ein Gedi, on the Jordan River, in Nazareth and Capernaum, then along the Mediterranean coastal cities of Caesarea and Jaffa, then returning to Jerusalem, as the completion of Jesus’ life here on earth.
This is the Biblical tour you’ve been wanting to take into Israel, but because of worldwide or personal limitations have held you back. Only on this tour you can linger for a while at the sites and consider the event that occurred at that location. You can complete the recommended meditations at the end of each story as well as studying additional Bible references and Internet sites making this journey life-changing and personally relevant.
What can one say when it comes to the land of Israel? The biblical connection, the natural history, archaeology, the prophetic connections between the land, the prophets and the people; the wars, the kings and kingdoms and their rise and fall, the diversity of the land itself – the beauty in winter and spring, the dry barren places in the summer and the early autumn. And most of all, Jesus!
From the first breath into man by God until today, there is a continuous yearning inside the soul to find the answers to life. This yearning is an evidence that we are created by and for something greater than ourselves, and no person in this world can satisfy this deep longing. So, until we find the One by which we are created, we will never be fulfilled. There will always be a longing. We were created for longing, because we were created for love and that love can only be fulfilled in God, since God is love.
Story after story and photograph after photograph this series points to the existence of Jesus, His disciples, their journey with Him, and ultimately what He would do to redeem mankind, which was spoken of through the prophetic words in Isaiah 53.
Hope is abundant through these stories. Faith is increased because of miracles that Jesus performed to raise the dead and heal the sick and broken-hearted. This book series offers you a journey of seeking and of restoration. Seeking to find answers and hopefully a deeper more intimate relationship with God, as it was intended to be.
Come, let’s see what Jesus will do in your life on these Trails.

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    So you want to be funny...or funnier?
    Let's face it, funny people are fun people. The more funny you are, the more fun you have. And who doesn't want to have fun? Not just girls, but everybody. (Sorry Cyndi Lauper.)
    Goes without saying, people love to be around funny fun people who know how to have a good time and make others laugh. Why?
    - Laughter is the best medicine in the world that can make worries go away.
    - Laughter is the ultimate euphoric feeling that can lift the human spirit.
    - Laughter is the positive viral effect that can contagiously spread happiness.
    - Laughter is the lubricant that can ease tensions and solve problems.
    - Laughter is the universal glue that can unite people to all come together.
    Simply put, if you can make people laugh, they'll love you for it! That can open many doors for you in relationships, jobs, and even getting out of trouble. :)
    We are constantly told you're either born with a funny bone or not. After all, being funny is utilizing your creativity with your own view of the world of what's widely accepted notion of the truth, or challenging those beliefs disguised in humor. It's all a personalized creative-involved endeavor; it's not like there is a technical step-by-step blueprint to follow into the working madness of the mind of the funniest man in the world, unlike fixing a car, right?
    Not so fast grasshopper! Comedy is more formulaic than you may think (i.e., buildup, anticipation, tension, and release). There are structural elements to guide the creative process to being funny. Most people who are funny already have some forms of subconscious structures they follow without realizing, to generate jokes and come up with their materials, after using them for so long. It's called "a sense of humor" for a reason, meaning you need to develop your senses for it.
    Being funny is all about being able to find the humorous side of things, and there are structures and ways for that. In other words, you can be funny! Like all things, it's a skill, and skills can be learned.
    Within "Instant Humor":
    * How to make people laugh and tell jokes using the TOTB Equation.
    * How to train yourself to see the humor in everyday situations and objects.
    * How to become funnier overnight by understanding this one style of humor.
    * How to easily come up with something funny to say at the exact moment.
    * How to maintain your sense of humor in tough situations when most needed.
    * Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to develop your sense of humor.
    ...and much more.
    Here's to your new funny self now with "Instant Humor"!
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    In a world...where your voice totally matters - what do you do if you don't have the sexiest voice, the most commanding voice, the most articulate voice...or are simply not happy with the voice you have?
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    * You want to have a better voice to attract the ladies or gentlemen and make more friends for a thriving dating and social life.
    * You want to overcome speech impairments that are causing you to stutter or mispronounce your words and creating all sorts of problems for you.
    * You want to always feel confident knowing you can walk into any room and command attention with a voice that conveys power and is music to people's ears.
    Are you familiar with the proverbial saying "it's not what you say, but how you say it" and how your actual words only make up "7% of communication"? Well, your voice makes up a remaining majority of that.
    Thus, how you come across to those around you is determined by your voice, even more so than appearance. Have you ever witnessed a person who didn't' have the polished look, but the second they started talking you became in "awe" by the spellbinding sound effect they had...while the opposite could be said for somebody who looked like a million bucks but didn't have the million-bucks voice to go with that appearance.
    You certainly can retrain your voice to give it more control in how you want it to sound from tone, pitch, volume, and even accent by doing a series of vocal training exercises.
    Within "Instant Voice Training":
    * How to bring your voice forward via doing "mouth pull-ups" to unleash your dynamic, vibrant powerful voice.
    * How to determine the type of voice you have and the best approach to calibrate it for best utilization.
    * How to apply singing techniques to your speaking voice to propel your vocal projection to a whole new level.
    * How to practice sustaining sound control when speaking for long periods of time so you don't damage your vocal cords.
    * How to perform the breathing muscle "push up/release out" technique to allow more air intake for clearer articulation with resonance.
    * Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises on how to improve your voice.
    ...and much more.
    Imagine being able to go anywhere knowing that you can speak up whenever you want with a voice that people will listen to and accept what you have to say because you're so eloquently articulate. That's what having a golden voice will do for you.
    Your voice is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. It can move mountains.
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    The long-awaited illustration collection by nekosuke
    nekosuke is one of the most popular illustrators on social media in Japan. The atmosphere of corrupt beauty and the sense of decadence in nekosuke’s artworks have made the illustrator an instant internet sensation with more than 60,000 followers on Twitter. Following this success online, nekosuke released four original doujinshi , which sold out immediately: Exotica, Exotica -2, Kaiki-to-jou, Yume ni Utsutsu. nekosuke now draws illustrations for book covers and magazines.This book contains illustrations from nekosuke’s first four doujinshi AND features original artworks, as well. Cute original characters such as “small Alice” and “cat” are also included in this book.- Exotica: an illustration collection featuring large animals and girls.- Exotica -2-: an illustration collection featuring large animals and boys.- Kaiki-to-jou: an illustration collection featuring Japanese folk tales along with original stories of monstrous creatures- Yume ni Utsutsu ni: an illustration collection featuring European folk tales.
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  • Supraconscious—The Genius Within You - How to Experience Your Infinite Potential and Master Ultimate Performances Every Single Moment on Stage and in Life - cover

    Supraconscious—The Genius Within...

    Maria Olon Tsaroucha

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    This book is the core textbook of a quantum science of acting on stage and in life.
    At a time when the arts and sciences converge more than ever, PAD speaks about a contemporary, tangible meta-physics, fusing theories of quantum physics with mindfulness and the famous Method of the Actors' Studio, in a new harmony. Konstantin Stanislavski had said that the actor of the future, a new actor in the new life, is the one for whom art springs from spiritual intuition. He used the word SupraConscious, indicating to the actor the levels of consciousness he needed to attain. He considered the art of theater as the spiritual path to wholeness. PAD is the new system of translating  and  decoding, frame by frame the experience,  bringing us in touch with the Higher Self, by reference to Nietzsche's Super-human and the transcendental Kazantzakis, creating a new transitional space where everything is in motion and evolves in the face of inertia, continuously actualizing that Alma-Quantum Leap of being.
    Maria Olon has written SupraConscious, The Genius Within You, a very important book. Cultivation of witnessing awareness in method acting can awaken us to the fundamental reality of existence beyond the roles we play. 
    This is meditation in action. 
     -Deepak Chopra MD
    SupraConscious, The Genius Within You is the first acting metatheatre text. Maria Olon not only goes beyond art to find the source of art, she ultimately shines light on the essence of the human soul.
     -Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger, Playwright, Librettist, Director 
    PAD is the foundation on which every acting method needs to rest in order to flourish.
     -Menas Kafatos, Astrophysicist, Dhapman University, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Researches such as Maria Olon  through PAD learning process, aim to bring a significant change in the education of the artist and ultimately the viewer, all of us indeed, shaping the man of the new 21st century’s culture that humanity is so much in need nowadays.
     -Rania Lampou, STEM instructor
    Humanity’s greatest story ever told is the “Story of Immortality.”  This story explains that every human being is an actor in the collective drama of life.  Each one’s script is   unique to the part he/she plays.  Maria Olon captures this concept beautifully in her work. The foundation of life is about flourishing at all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and physical.  This book is a life’s manual on how to achieve this through our unique script, unique parts, and unique roles. The world needs a new story and humanity needs a new script.
     -Gayatri Naraine, Brahma Kumaris Representative to the United Nations
    Maria Olon’s work upholds a Socratic attitude in life: fall as little as you can in the black holes of your high certainties, accepting the selfishness and vulgarity of human existence, not demanding, begging, accepting, condescending and ultimately be sympathetic, with healthy kindness and intelligence, with brilliant honesty, integrity, respect, gratitude. Maria Olon is not a common human being. 
     -Angel Biri, Actor
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  • Mind's Eye: How One Ancient Latin Invented Our Way to Visualize Stories - cover

    Mind's Eye: How One Ancient...

    Jean-Baptiste Piggin

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    When were family-tree diagrams invented? Mind's Eye discovers the progenitor of today's graphic timelines and trees in an ancient three-meter chart of history. Hidden in plain sight, this Roman masterpiece has never been honored at book length before. 
    The Great Stemma was not only a vast visual abstraction of the march of time from Creation as far as the birth of Jesus Christ, but also marked a swerve in civilization towards exploiting our visual perception as an extra tool for thinking. 
    Mind's Eye can be read rapidly, by skimming the 117 illustrations and checking out the QR links. Or it can be savored as an 88,000-word narrative in which historian Piggin narrates how he brought this neglected graphic to light. 
    Medieval Latin copies convey only imperfectly the brilliance of the lost original, which represented the colorful characters of the Tanakh as if they were competing pieces on a game-board. Its ageless design led on to a 16th-century craze for genealogy, a bold remake by artists in China and the graphic principles which we use today to interpret events and stories visually.
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