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Fast Guide to the Rules of Golf - A Handy Fast Guide to Golf Rules - cover

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Fast Guide to the Rules of Golf - A Handy Fast Guide to Golf Rules

Team Golfwell

Publisher: Pacific Trust Holdings NZ Ltd.

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The most major changes in 30 years to the Rules of Golf went into effect last year  This Guide is the mobile edition to the Rules of Golf to keep on your phone and gives you a clear and quick overview of the Rules and the recent changes which most commonly come into play when you need a fast answer.  Available in 6" x 9" edition - ISBN 9780473478735. Also available in 4" x 6" edition 9780473514075 and hardcover edition 9780473534936. 
This book covers stroke and match play and is divided into 7 sections: Before Starting Play, Tee Area, General Area (Fairway & Rough, etc.), Relief in the General Area, Penalty Areas, Bunkers, and Greens. Some rules are repeated in several of the 7 sections for easy reference. 
It begins with a "QUICK RULES SUMMARY" which will answer most rule questions in seconds with more information shown in the page reference. 
You don't have to remember all the rules if you keep this guide handy or on your phone for fast answers to rule questions. Happy golfing! 
Current for 2022. 
Available in 4" x 6" Spanish edition ISBN 9780473494919 paperback 
Available in 4" x 6" German edition ISBN 9780473501877 paperback and ISBN 9780473501884 eBook

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