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Simone (Lesbian Erotica) - SapphiConnection #1 - cover

Simone (Lesbian Erotica) - SapphiConnection #1

Taryn Taylor

Publisher: Taryn Taylor

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The SapphiConnection exists to bring like-minded women together for fun and sexual stimulation. Find your hot date for the night and fulfill all your mutual desires: no kink is forbidden, no attractions laughable, and most of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

	Simone (6,500 Words)

	Curvy Simone is used to everyone loving her large, luscious derriere. But while out clubbing with a couple of online friends, she meets Faye, a woman who takes an exceptional interest in what Simone is packing behind her. By appealing to her sense of adventure, Faye convinces Simone to come over to her place and partake in the kind of debauchery that will leave her walking funny for a while!

	This work depicts graphic lesbian sex and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.

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    Ambitious but innocent Jessica Landry is desperate to move on from being just an intern. She wants  a taste of real success! 
    When her sexy and wildly successful boss learns that she's a virgin, he offers her a way to make all of her dreams come true... But the price is steeper than she ever imagined. 
    Does Jessica have it in her to exchange her virginity to advance her career in a secret society's gangbang ritual? 
    WARNING! This 6400 word erotic story contains: one virgin, a coven of powerful men and women, sex rituals, public masturbation, bondage, restraints, a virgin chained to an X frame, deflowering, rough sex, oral sex, a demonic force, and nine explosive orgasms that will leave you quivering and begging for more... 
    "My brothers and sisters," He began, his deep voice filling the grand parlor. "I present to you, our fair maiden. Tonight, we offer her, body and soul, to the Ancient One. Her purity will be exchanged for our continued wealth, success, power." 
    I looked at the black robed figures from under the hood of my heavy cloak. Their faces were obscured by their own dark hoods, but I could tell that all of their gazes were fixed on the platform, fixed on me. 
    "We will violate this virgin, taking nine orgasms from her for the Ancient One. And in return, we will be blessed with ninety days of the Ancient One’s glorious gifts." The leader continued, his hand tightening around my wrist. 
    The fear began to creep over me again. A voice my head was screaming that this was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. 
    But I ignored it. I was doing this. There was absolutely no turning back. 
    "Brothers. Sisters. Let us begin." He said. "Ancient One, we do this in your name." 
    "In your name!" The hooded figures replied, their collective voices strong, bouncing off of the stone walls. The flames of the candles flickered, casting golden shadows. 
    The leader moved, stood in front of me. His hands went to the ties at my neck and unfastened them. With a flourish, he pulled the robe from me. I gasped as the robe fell to the floor and the chill of the room washed over my naked body...
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    	His current assignment is to the Shuhan of Mochizuki who deems that training unsuitable and launches Yoshi into the world of women, of the fabled Geisha, to learn the grace and skills his master desires. Pain Yoshi understood, humiliation was something else entirely.
    	And his keeper, Zenshiro, decides that while Geisha training is all well and good, the matter of seduction would be handled in a different fashion.
    	Keeping up the masquerade might be the biggest challenge Yoshi has ever faced.
    	Geisha is transgressive M/M literary fiction. It utilizes adult language and adult situations. It depicts violence, explicit sex and disturbing scenes/images. If you are offended by male/male eroticism, sexual situations, depiction of BDSM elements, and strong language you might not enjoy this work.
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    When I go home tomorrow and tell my husband I've made a cuckold out of him, maybe that will teach him not to make bets he can't pay out!
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    I have never met a women like her before, one who said she was a submissive. And once I’d been with her, I’d never want to be without a woman like her again. This is the story of our meeting and first time together. A short story for adults only! 
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    - BIG Girl 
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    - My boyfriend WON'T do my A$$! Will YOU? 
    - The Stranger Gave Great HEAD! 
    - Married Conference CHEATER! 
    - Summer Afternoon Encounter 
    Check back for more titles, soon.
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  • Enthrall Him (Book 3) - Enthrall Sessions #3 - cover

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    This is the reward of the forbidden. This is the ecstasy of Enthrall.  
    Billionaire Cameron Cole is the one in control. He makes the decisions of both pleasures and punishments. He is the ultimate master. Owner of L.A.’s preeminent BDSM clubs, Cameron has yet to relinquish the all encompassing control of his submissive, twenty-one year old Mia Lauren. 
    Mia’s training unlocks a maelstrom of passion. A powerful connection. An unpredictable result. Her uninhibited journey intensifies by the day, but there are new complications on the horizon.  
    A powerful rival of Cameron’s has emerged with a relentless desire to make Mia his own. Lance Merrill has the means and the will to take what he believes is his and bring down an empire in the process. Mia is taken by Cameron to London for her protection. Her obedience will be tested in ways she could not have foreseen. Richard Sheppard, her former master, has decided it’s time to take her back. Will Cameron give her over?  
    Or will the choice be hers?  
    In the rousing third novel of the renowned Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings guides her readers through the uncharted territories of raw passion into the most heated corners of the human heart.  
    This is true obsession. This is the time for Mia to Enthrall Him.
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