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Simone (Lesbian Erotica) - SapphiConnection #1 - cover

Simone (Lesbian Erotica) - SapphiConnection #1

Taryn Taylor

Publisher: Taryn Taylor

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The SapphiConnection exists to bring like-minded women together for fun and sexual stimulation. Find your hot date for the night and fulfill all your mutual desires: no kink is forbidden, no attractions laughable, and most of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

	Simone (6,500 Words)

	Curvy Simone is used to everyone loving her large, luscious derriere. But while out clubbing with a couple of online friends, she meets Faye, a woman who takes an exceptional interest in what Simone is packing behind her. By appealing to her sense of adventure, Faye convinces Simone to come over to her place and partake in the kind of debauchery that will leave her walking funny for a while!

	This work depicts graphic lesbian sex and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.

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    4 inked men. 
    1 is very, very bad. 
    He made me an offer. 
    One I accepted. 
    His friends made me another. 
    One I shouldn’t. 
    I really, really shouldn’t. 
    But I’m not that girl anymore. The one I left behind, the one who does what’s expected, the one who has no choice. The one with secrets. I ran away from that life, and hope it never finds me. 
    I can choose to do what I want, with who I want. Now. Finally. 
    I've heard the talk, the whispers, and all of the innuendos. I know what they do. All of them. Together. 
    Then I accepted his offer. He did things to me, he awakened things inside of me. He's made me into something I never, ever thought I'd be. He’s the filthiest man I know, but he worships me with his lust. 
    How can I say no? 
    I was going to stay away from her. 
    Then they made me claim her. 
    If I didn't, then they all would. 
    At the same time. 
    She's mine. 
    I've got a past, secrets of my own. I'm not a man who does commitment, my life doesn't allow it. 
    But then she appeared out of nowhere. She's a mystery, a beautiful, innocent enigma, one I want to mark. Literally. 
    The problem is, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop. 
    *18+ strong language and sexual content. A bit of a RomCom, a bit of suspense, it's a bit dark, and, yeah, maybe a hint twisted. 
    The boys have got it all.*
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