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Takashi Sato

Publisher: Arttrav Inc.

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This travel guide doubles as a beautiful photo album, featuring truly hidden gems in the less traveled countryside of Japan. The author, Takashi Sato, is a landscape photographer who has traveled to all 47 prefectures to capture the many faces of Japan on film. Page after page, the author guides you to some of the most special places. This book is full of useful information for planning your visit to Japan, with detailed information on getting around on trains, buses, cars and domestic flights. There is also a companion website for updated information, easily accessible by QR codes included in the book.  
Northeast of Tokyo  
Boso Peninsula, Chiba / Okutama, Tokyo / Hydrangea Haven, Kanagawa / Numazu, Shizuoka / Minuma Tanbo, Saitama / Mt. Akagi, Gunma / Lake Hibara, Fukushima / Izunuma, Miyagi / Tono, Iwate  
Hokkaido to Honshu 
Kushiro, Hokkaido / Lake Toya, Hokkaido / Hagurosan, Yamagata / Akiyamago, Niigata / Nagaoka, Niigata  
/ Azumino, Nagano / Northern Alps, Nagano / Southern Alps, Yamanashi / Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa / Gokayama, Toyama / Kazura Bridge, Fukui / Korankei, Aichi  
Honshu to Western Japan
Fuden Pass, Mie / Kumano Kodo, Wakayama / Mt.Yoshino, Nara / Lake Biwa, Shiga / Miyama, Kyoto / Nose, Osaka    / Mushiake Bay, Okayama / Mt. Daisen, Tottori / Ini Rice Terraces, Hiroshima 
Shikoku & Kyushu
Sanuki Fuji, Kagawa / Shimanto River, Kochi / Ochiai Village, Tokushima / Hakata Island, Ehime / Yame Tea Fields, Fukuoka / Hiraodai, Fukuoka / Chikugo River Drawbridge, Saga / Kujuku Islands, Nagasaki /  Mt. Aso, Kumamoto / Nagasakibana, Oita / Takachiho, Miyazaki / Sakurajima, Kagoshima 
Good To Know
In the countryside / References Online / Modes of transportation / Favorite Itineraries / Things to do 
Festivals / Hokkaido's Local Foods / Travel Routes / Rice Terraces / About satoyama / Zekkei 
Landscape photographer Takashi Sato majored in photography at the Tokyo Visual Arts College. Upon graduating in 1984, he studied under Takehide Kazami, whose artistic interpretations of mountain photography are renown. In 1990, Mr. Sato launched his independent career, capturing some of the most stunning images of Japanese landscapes since. In recent years, Mr. Sato has focused on subjects and vistas that are classically Japanese. His work has been published in several collections, and his exhibits include "In the Heart of Japan" at the Montreal Botanical Garden (2015) and other venues held in Japan.

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