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Romancing Death - a tale of blood and love - cover

Romancing Death - a tale of blood and love

Taiwo Adediji

Publisher: Empire books.

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Kyle, a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) patient is in love with Hannah.
Doctor Radius’ therapy finds it difficult to identify Kyle’s second personality but determines that in six months, the disorder might vanish and Kyle might live with no DID anymore. 
Martins, an assassin in a black mask is after Hannah’s family and will do everything to annihilate them.
Martins is Kyle in his second personality.
Kyle’s first personality is attempting to win the woman’s heart and marry her forever while Martin - Kyle in his second personality rampages to kill the lady and her family. Who will win? Why is the second personality after Hannah’s family? Will Kyle be able to suppress Martins before the six months that Dr Radius has stated? Will Hannah know about the second personality? Find out in this thrilling novel. 
"Romancing Death is a heart-rending story. Taiwo is a writer to watch out for", Indy press, university of Ibadan.
"Poignant. I cried after finishing this story. Why? why? that's what I could say. Grab your copy and read", Comrade Omololu. Secretary, Commission for Defense of Human Right (CDHR), Oyo state chapter.
"Great! This can attract wide readership. The story is unputdownable!" Alicia lynn, united states.

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